Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gotta See! "You've Been Booed" Printables and Treat Ideas for this Halloween plus Tutorials

Do you "Boo" your neighbors and friends with treats every Halloween? This cute Halloween treat cone is so much fun to do and very easy. All you need is scrapbook paper, wire and glue and our tags. 
Just pick your favorite cardstock for the cone and a matching paper for the ruffle an you've got something fun to give out this year.  Our "You've been booed" tags will make it even cuter. 

Be sure to place both of these printables inside the cone. Just roll them up and tie with ribbon and slip inside next to the treats.  One prints tells them that they have been "Booed" and the other is for them to put on their door or front window to let others that they have already been "Booed"  You can either fill the entire cone with treats or just the top part.

Don't forget to put the "You've been booed" printable sheets inside the cone when you leave it for your neighbors. 

We've designed 8 different tags to put on the treat cone.  Which one is your favorite? Can't choose? Just use one for each treat you make up.  We backed them with a black circle measuring 3.25"  but that is totally optional too.

You can either fold the paper to make a ruffle or you can fold AND stitch it as we have done above.  Then just adhere the ruffle to the cone and add the tag.  We inked the ruffle to distress it. (optional)   

This is a smaller version. We cut a 8" x 8" piece of Halloween cardstock to make the cone. Then we cut three pieces for the ruffle.  Just glue all three pieces together so you have one piece.  We folded and stitched this one too.  Fill the cone with crinkle paper and your treats sit atop it.

Be sure to use a sturdy piece of wire for the handle so it won't bend when you put it on the door knob of your neighbors and friends.  Our Halloween Hershey Nugget wraps are available HERE.

I like the looks of a stitched ruffle over one that is just folded but both options work.  

You can fill the entire cone with treats or just on the top as shown. We added the "You've been booed" tag on the handle of this one instead of putting it on the front.  They are very quick to make and make such a great gift for neighbors, friends and family....even co-workers and others.

This one shows the ruffle that is only folded. It looks nice too. We filled it with Hershey Kisses with our Halloween Pumpkin tags.  They are available HERE

Our Square Pumpkin Halloween Kiss Tags are available HERE


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