Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Back To School-Sweet (chocolate) Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Office Staff etc..

Are your kids going back to school soon? Ours are….the 15th of August to be exact…..which seems kind of early to me! But it occurred to me that I needed to get my teacher appreciation kits available to those of you with kids. This is our newest design and the teachers are going to love them!

We've designed three different tags for this candy bar wrap. All 3 are perfect for the teachers at your school.  One is perfect for the school office staff and even the schools district office, the PTA or teachers other than school teachers. (Think music teachers, sports coaches, speech, drama or any other kind of teachers)

Who do you know that is #1 in your book? These sweet treats are a good way to get on the good side of your kids teachers and administrators.  They will REMEMBER you!

This one is my favorite. Do you think teacher will like this one?

These candy bar wraps are so easy to assemble.  The apples are pre-assembled for you. All you do is tie the "To-From: tags around the stem. We can even personalize the tags for you. The perfect gift from the principal to their teachers for the beginning and end of the school year.

The kit contains everything you need except for 2 things.  You supply either double-sided tape or liquid craft glue which you would use to glue the wrap together on the right side and  the 1.55 oz, regular size Hershey Bars. You can get a box of 36 solid chocolate Hershey bar at Sam's Club  and Sam's online for $20.00. (55 cents a piece) Costco has 36 bars for $21.99. May also be available on  

The side view shows you how the apple pops off the candy bar wrap. It's applied with a sticky foam dot (in kit).  The white tag is glued onto the front of the green backer tag and then adhered to the wrap with sticky foam dots. Bottom line this is a super easy candy bar wrap to assemble!

We have MORE gifts for Teachers, School Staff, PTA, School Administration and more in our Etsy shop. CLICK HERE to view all! Be sure to scroll all the way down so you don't miss a thing.

CLICK HERE to get more INFO about these fun Teacher Appreciation candy bar wraps.


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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fathers Day Gift Ideas -You're One Smart Cookie, Kisses for Dad Instant Download!

Here's a easy and fun gift for the kids to give Dad on Father's Day.  Just all an empty soda bottle with Hershey Kisses and give dad a bunch kisses on his special day.  Instructions on how to put it together will be included in the download link.  After filling just put the label on the bottle and add a bow. If you add crinkle paper in the bottom you won't need to add as many kisses.

You can get a bag of 330 Hershey Kisses at Sam's Club for only $11.99
What a fun way to celebrate dad this year. It's a simple gift for the kids to give dad. All four of the labels are included. All you add are the Hershey kisses and crinkle paper (or you can leave out the crinkle paper)  Super simple to do!

The color scheme here is red, navy blue, light blue and grey. with red kisses and red crinkle paper but silver wrapped Hershey Kisses would look great with this tag too. 

Click HERE to see all these fun Father's Day items 
in our Etsy shop.

This color scheme is light green, medium green, light blue and medium blue with blue and green kisses and blue crinkle paper. 

The color scheme for this label is orange, light orange, brown and green. The crinkle paper is the natural color paper. 

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies.... What's Dad's favorite cookie?  Any size or shaped cookie can be placed inside an empty soda bottle.  A complete tutorial is included. The kids will love putting this together and Dad will love getting his favorite cookie, whether it is store bought such as an Oreo or one of your fabulous home baked cookies.  Included with the label is a hammer, screwdriver and wrench for you to cut out and add to the the decoration of the bottle.

The color scheme for this navy blue, red and medium blue. Since the cookies aren't wrapped up like the Hershey kisses we left out the crinkle paper.

Place your cookies in a glass container too. You can find these glass containers at Hobby Lobby.  They are very inexpensive and you can tell Dad it is his own personal cookie jar filled with his favorite cookies.

CLICK HERE to find these Tags 

These cute "Tie" themed gift cards can be used for any type of gift. We found these food boxes at Joann's and just added a bow and the tag. Super Easy!

Click HERE to see all these fun Father's Day items 
in our Etsy shop.


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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summer Drinks-Watermelon Lemonade & The Only Way To Cut a Watermelon!

It's time to eat watermelon……a lot of watermelon. You will never cut watermelon any other way after learning how we cut this one-PROMISE!!!  It makes it sooooo easy to eat, especially for the little ones. No messy wedges here. Now you just made eating watermelon fun to eat!!!

Cut a watermelon in half and then place the melon cut side down and slice 1" to 1.5" wide.  Then turn the water melon 90 degrees  and slice again. Super Simple but it makes the watermelon just all that more fun and easy to eat. Loved the look of it too. 

Now with the second half of your watermelon make a fabulously delicious Watermelon Drink or Slushy.  We made this for the Camping themed birthday party for my son-in-law. It was absolutely delicious and refreshing and simple to make!

Put a watermelon wedge in the drink along with a mint leaf for color. People will be impressed!

 HERE are some of the steps in the recipe.

Slice up your watermelon into chunks. You'll need 8 cups.

 Juice lemons to get 1 cup of lemon juice. 

 Blend up half the watermelon chunks with 1 cup of water. 
Then blend up the other half with another cup of water.

Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer and discard the pulp.

CLICK HERE for complete RECIPE-Super Easy and SUPER DELICIOUS!!!

The perfect drink for summer parties and celebrations! We used this drink for our camping themed birthday party-So many pieces, so much fun!

To see all the other fun ideas for our Camping Birthday Party including
party favors, Hershey Nugget wraps, cupcake toppers, drink wraps, treat bags, party decor and more
  click HERE


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How to Make Summer Reading More Fun Plus Bookmarks for Boys and Girls

Summer is the perfect time for the kids to catch up on their reading. There's nothing like a summer afternoon and a good book.  When I was a kid I had health problems and I wasn't that active physically but what was active was my IMAGINATION!  I loved reading and I would let my imagination run wild in choosing what the characters in my books looked like and everything else in the book.  I would sit for literally hours reading my favorite books. It didn't matter if I was inside or outside. I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED going to my public library. The children's section was in the basement and it was such a fabulous place.  To me the idea of the library letting me go in and come out with as many books as I wanted was so great!

When my children got old enough we would hang out at the library together and bring home armfuls of books. Now that my children have children of their own they are keeping up the tradition of visiting the library. The love of reading is such a great family tradition.

Now how do we make summer reading fun for the kids? How do we get them to read?

Take the kids to the library and help them to discover what type of books speak to them. It may be mysteries (which was what I loved) or  books about sports, dinosaurs, flowers, coding, flower arranging, jewelry making and other fun things.  Make the trip to the library a reward for completing their chores etc. There's a place in the library for everyone in your family, even you.

Ask the librarian what books are popular with the kids in their age group and what their peers are checking out. Librarians can be sooooo helpful and they are there to assist you in any way.

Select a wide variety of reading material every time you go to the library to expose them to more things. Even magazines and comic books. Books about building, art and crafts, astronomy or cooking would definitely be a great way to go. They may have a hidden talent that could be developed this summer.

Find fun places for the kids to read. A designated reading corner with a pillow and blanket would work nicely. Reading to your preschoolers is the perfect way to develop a love for reading and it's great quality time together.  Your kids will always have a great memory of reading with you.

Reading Teepees are cool too. It defines a special place for the kids to read, whether it is inside or outside the house. Great reading memories can be made inside a fun reading teepee.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE DETAILS on making this  No Sew Teepee

Now that you have the kids reading and enjoying it, how about giving them a fun reading reward? We have bookmarks for girls (above) and for boys (below) Kids LOVE bookmarks and how else are they going to mark their place in the books?    

 CLICK HERE  for bookmarks for girls.

We designed these bookmarks in colors that the boys would like.  Who knows…..they might just make reading even more fun! 

CLICK HERE for bookmarks for boys


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Saturday, June 1, 2019

You're Awesome, Thanks For All You Do, Hershey Candy Bar Wraps-Gifts for Employees, Co-Workers, Volunteers and More


You found it! The perfect gift for your employees, co-workers, teachers, volunteers, friends and more!  A sweet 1.55 oz Hershey bar is inside this great message "You're Awesome, thanks for all you do!  It's a pat on the back, it's a message of thanks and admiration to those who deserve it. (see DEALS on Hershey bars below)

CLICK HERE to get this kit (some pieces are pre-made)


They are easy to assemble but really pack a "WOW" factor. People will think you are so talented to be able to put these together and that you think enough of them to give such a nice gift. The flowers come pre-assembled complete with the green centers that pop off of the flower by a sticky foam square.


Everything you need to put these candy bar wrappers comes in the kit, all separately packaged and nicely organized for you. Easy-to-follow instructions are always included.Available in our Etsy shop


Wouldn't these be great to hand out to your employees after their employee evaluations?

DEALS ON HERSHEY SOLID  CHOCOLATE BARS:  36 box of Hershey Solid Chocolate 1.55 oz bars for $19.98–55 cents each 36 box of Hershey Solid Chocolate 1.55 oz bars for $19.98–55 cents each
Sam's Club inside store  36 box of Hershey Solid Chocolate 1.55 oz bars $19.98–55 cents each

We also have 100 great ideas for Birthday gifts 
for the office staff, employees, co-workers, volunteers and more in our Etsy shop.

AWESOME candy bar wrap kits are available HERE


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Friday, May 31, 2019

Fathers Day Candy Card w/Message from the Kids-Candy Bar Wrappers, Dad & Grandpa-Gotta See

We've designed a gift for Dad that the kids can get involved with.  It is actually a love note from the kids to Dad. It will definitely be a keepsake that you will want to put in the kid's treasures for them to remember the day and Dad too. 

The tag is glued to the front of the candy bar wrap after the kids write their love note to dad.

They can write as little or as much as they want on the tag. Whatever they write Dad will love it!

Be sure to get one for each child to give out this Father's Day. 

Package of 36 for $19.98 at Sam's Club (in store), and (55 cents a bar)

It would be fun to make up some of these for Grandpa too

Kids fill out the tag, you fold it in half and glue to the front of the candy bar wrapper.  Then use the supplied puffy heart stickers to see it closed until Dad read it.

We'll put the "Happy Father's Day, what I love about you" tag together for you!

CLICK HERE to get some sweet treats and a love note to Dad for this Father's Day. He's going to love it!


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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Teacher Appreciation & Office Staff Gifts -So Many Gift Ideas--Gotta see these!

It's that time again.....Time to come up with a unique and fun gift to thank your children's teachers. Well we have a LOT of really great things for you to purchase as a digital file or as a kit.  The kits come with the supplies you need to create something memorable for teacher. They are super simple and easy to put together.  Our digital files are something you just download and print.  Take a look at all the things we've got going this year.

(KIT) These candy bar wrappers are brand new this year. You can choose from a black polkadot wrap or a red polkadot wrap or you can get some of each one.  Fill a container full of these Hershey candy bars or top a present with one. Since we include a cellophane bag, you can consider it already "Gift Wrapped"  Sooooo easy.

And now it is gift wrapped, complete with a To-From Tag. If you can glue then you can put these Teacher Appreciation gifts together. You can purchase the 1.55 oz Hershey bars at Costco

You can opt to have all red polkadot wraps, all black polkadot wraps or a mixture of the two. We bought our Hershey bars at Costco-36 for around $22.00.  You can also find them in your local grocery store or Walmart in packs of 6 for around $3.99.

CLICK HERE for "Thanks Teacher, You're the Best" candy bar wraps

The perfect gift for Teachers and the school office staff!  It's a kit where we supply everything and you supply the Hershey Kisses.  The green polkadot box is adorned with two apples and the tag of your choice (Thanks Teacher and/or Thanks for all you do)  The only assembly is the cute pencil box which you put the Hershey Kisses inside. It's an great gift for everyone at the school, even the lunch ladies, the bus driver the janitor and even the principal. 

 18 Hershey kiss stickers are included with each treat box ordered (9 for each  pencil box)

Easy to assemble and fun to give!

(KIT) This design is also new this year.  There are five candy bar wraps in 5 different colors with 5 different messages. We filled a container we bought at Hobby Lobby and I think it looks so great. The container reminded me of a kids locker. They cab be purchased online or at the store.  

Now it's Gift Wrapped!!!

CLICK HERE for these candy bar wrapers

(KIT) All teachers LOVE getting gift cards and we have a gift card holder here that makes it even more special. It's a great way to gift wrap a gift card.  You can put who it is from on the white round tag if you like. Ships same or next day! (all our kits ship same or next day) 

CLICK HERE for these gift card holders

(KIT) Do you know a teacher that is AWESOME!  Then this Hershey candy bar wrapper is the one for them.  You could also give this to others who do a lot of nice things for you, not just for teacher.  It is so cute and so easy to put together. Everything is provided except for glue and the 1.55 oz Hershey bar.  Definitely a unique gift! 


Here's a close-up so you can see how pretty it is and how easy.  The tag comes with the daisy already attached. All you do is tie the twine for the stems, adhere the flowers to the wrap.  Super easy instructions are always included.

How about giving the teacher a report card for Teacher Appreciation. The report card is wrapped around a Hershey chocolate bar.  She will LOVE it! One for each of the kid's teachers  Even the jr high and senior high school kids could give these to their teachers.

How do your teachers stack up? 

The #1 Teacher medal comes pre-made.  All you do is glue and you're done!  Slip it inside the clear cellophane bag that is included in kit, add the tag and now it's "gift wrapped" for the teacher.  Easy for the kids to take to school. Such a simple but fun gift for teacher.

Click HERE for this candy bar wrap

Brand new this year is our "You're Awesome, Thanks for all you do" gift card holders. What a great gift for Teacher Appreciation. Teachers LOVE getting gift cards and now you can wrap one up in something that already looks like a gift. It's a kit that is soooooo simple to assemble.

If you can glue, tie a bow and use scissors, you're in!

This gift card holder would also be great for the following purposes:

Employee Recognition
Co-Workers gifts
Corporate Gifts
Teacher Appreciation
Recognition awards
Incentive awards
Office party gifts
Incentives for kids

Click HERE for this AWESOME gift card holder


Click HERE to see ALL of our Teacher Appreciation Designs including the ones above.

All our Kits Ship out Same or Next Day! 


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