Thursday, May 14, 2020

Back To School-Sweet (chocolate) Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Office Staff etc..

Are your kids going back to school soon? Ours are….the 15th of August to be
 exact…..which seems kind of early to me! But it occurred to me that I needed 
to get my teacher appreciation kits available to those of you with kids. 
This is our newest design and the teachers are going to love them!

We've designed three different tags for this candy bar wrap. All 3 are perfect for 
the teachers at your school.  One is perfect for the school office staff and even the 
schools district office, the PTA or teachers other than school teachers.
 (Think music teachers, sports coaches, speech, drama or any other kind of teachers)

Who do you know that is #1 in your book? These sweet treats are a good way 
to get on the good side of your kids teachers and administrators.
  They will REMEMBER you!

This one is my favorite. Do you think teacher will like this one?

These candy bar wraps are so easy to assemble.  The apples are
 pre-assembled for you. All you do is tie the "To-From: tags around the stem. 
We can even personalize the tags for you. The perfect gift from the principal
 to their teachers for the beginning and end of the school year.

The kit contains everything you need except for 2 things.  You supply either 
double-sided tape or liquid craft glue which you would use to glue the wrap
 together on the right side and  the 1.55 oz, regular size Hershey Bars. You can
 get a box of 36 solid chocolate Hershey bar at Sam's Club  and Sam's
 online for $20.00. (55 cents a piece) Costco has 36 bars for $21.99. 
May also be available on  

The side view shows you how the apple pops off the candy bar wrap.
 It's applied with a sticky foam dot (in kit).  The white tag is glued onto the
 front of the green backer tag and then adhered to the wrap with sticky foam dots. 
Bottom line this is a super easy candy bar wrap to assemble!

We have MORE gifts for Teachers, School Staff, PTA, School Administration and
 more in our Etsy shop. CLICK HERE to view all! Be sure to scroll all the 
way down so you don't miss a thing.

CLICK HERE to get more INFO about these fun
Teacher Appreciation candy bar wraps.


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Teacher Appreciation Apple Treat Box / Paper Pencil Box and Hershey Kiss Stickers-What a Fun Gift!

It's that time again, time to tell the teachers and the school staff how much they 
are appreciated and what better way than this cute treat box with paper pencils? 
 It's a kit where we supply EVERYTHING except the double-sided tape and the
 Hershey Kisses. All you do is assemble. Super Simple to assemble, 
you might even have fun doing it!!!

Hershey Kiss stickers, Green Polkadot Treat Box, 2 Apples, 2 Pencil Treat boxes
 and two tags to choose from! Teacher is going to love this one!!!  

With each treat box ordered you get 18 Hershey Kiss stickers for the pencil boxes
 (9 in each pencil box)  Just put the Kiss stickers on the bottom of a 
Hershey Kiss and put them inside the pencil boxes. You can get a bag of
 Hershey Kisses at Sam's Club, 330 pieces for only $11.98. That makes
 each Kiss only about 4 Cents each. How cheap! In Store and online.

Think teacher gifts, office staff, principals, secretaries, janitors....really anyone 
at the school would love getting this treat box with 2 pencils filled with
 Hershey Kisses. Not pictured, but included, is a "To-From" tag you 
tie around one of the handles with yellow twine.

The apples come assembled with the stem/leaf piece. There's a score line 
down the middle of the leaves that if you fold on that line it gives the leaves a 3D look.

This is the "Thanks for all you do!" tag and below is the "Thanks Teacher" tag. 
You can choose one or the other or half of each tag.  One tag for the teacher and
 the other tag for the school office staff.


The paper pencils measure 5.5" long and 1.5" square.

 There are 9 different Kiss stickers. 18 Kiss stickers come with each
 treat box ordered-9 Kisses in each pencil box. So if you purchase a 
kit of 5 you will get 90 kiss stickers etc.


With everything supplied you won't have to purchase anything
 else for this gift except or the Hershey Kisses. How sweet is that?

of this cute Apple Treat Box. There are several different sizes available 
in our Etsy shop. Come on over and take a look!


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Monday, February 24, 2020

You're a LIFESAVER—Thanks For All You Do! Employee Appreciation, Co-Worker Gifts and More


It's Getting to be that the time of the year when
 Employees Appreciation, School Office Staff Appreciation, 
Professional Assistants Day, Nurses Appreciation Week and
 Office Staff Appreciation is happening! 
 ( don't forget your friends and neighbors)

What a fun way to tell someone "THANKS" for al they do for you!
 Place one on the desk of your employees, give them to your co-workers 
and friends. It's the perfect message for nurses and doctors too, or even 
the hospital staff.  How about the firemen/first responders in your community.
 The teachers and staff at your children's school would love this too. 
 It's a gift that won't break the bank but will convey your thoughts thankfulness.  

CLICK HERE for these PREMADE tags

People THRIVE on positive words! Oh yes they do!

Each 1" Lifesaver tag comes with an orange, green or red scalloped backer.
  The twine is attached to the backer and ready to be tied around
 a package of lifesavers.  Super simple. (Lifesaver candy is not included)

Tag comes completely assembled for you. 
You just wrap it around a Lifesaver roll. So Easy!

CLICK HERE for these PREMADE tags


National Nurses Day
First Responders
Doctors and Staff
Nurse Recognition 
Administrative Professionals Day
Staff Appreciation
Volunteer Recognition
School Administrators
Co-workers, secretary etc
Board Members
Best friends
Church Teachers, Secretaries
Pediatric Nurse Appreciation
Random Acts of Kindness
Volunteer Appreciation 

We also have a great design for Christmas.  It takes it to another level.
This would be a great addition to your office staff, employees
and co-workers.  So festive!!

Pick up a package of 20 lifesaver rolls at Sam's Club for $9.98 or order on line
Order a package of 20 Lifesaver rolls at Amazon for $9.98

CLICK HERE for these PREMADE tags


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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day-It's a Candy Card and a Sweet Hershey & KitKat Treat for your Special People!

Happy St.Patrick's Day to you! Here's a fun way to wish others a 
Happy St. Patrick's day and in a "sweet" way.  Don't just give
 a card this year.....Give something that is a card AND a treat 
to your favorite people.  Inside this decorated wrap is a 
Hershey chocolate bar. (regular size) and who doesn't like chocolate? 
We call it a "Candy Card"

They would be a "Sweet" party favor for your St. Patrick's Day celebration 
 and the kid's  classroom party favors/treats!

Our wraps come in two versions.  This one is the gingham version and 
below is the plaid version.  You can get an order in one version or
 you can get half and half-it's completely up to you.

Which version do you like the best? 

DEALS ON HERSHEY BARS:  You can buy a package of 36 Hershey bars 
(1.55 oz size) at Sam's Club for only $20. They are priced around that 
at Costco too. So the bars end up being about 58 cents a piece which 
is something that won't break the bank! 

 The "Happy St. Patrick's Day tag is adhered to the plaid piece 
using a foam dot and then the entire piece is just glued to the
 front of the wrap. Everything is cut out of premium cardstock. 

The leprechauns hat is designed, cut out and assembled by us. 
Even the shamrock with the brad center is included. 
 All you have to do is attach the hat to the wrap with 
the foam dot that is provided. How easy is that!
 Definitely a unique item your friends, co-workers, 
employees,  and family have never seen or received.

 I can just see the faces of your employees, co-workers, 
family and friends  when they receive this fun 
St. Patrick's Day gift from you.  Be sure to order early!  If you wait 
you may have to spend more on shipping because now you now need
  it sent by priority mail.  If you don't see the kit size you need just message 
us and we'll take care of it of you. 

And we couldn't leave out the KitKat candy bar lovers! 
 Same design, different candy bar. You can find both these "Candy Card"
 kits in our Etsy shop. Link below

•Employees Appreciation
Party Favors
•Family and friends
•School Staff
•Office Staff
•Best friends and neighbors
and don't forget the kid's (perfect lunchbox treat) 

CLICK HERE to get these for the special people in your life


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St. Patrick's Day-Have You Seen Our Brand New St. Patrick's Day Candy Bar Wrappers and Hershey Nugget Wraps?

One of our favorite holidays will be arriving soon so we wanted to design
 a new candy bar wrap that just screams "St Patrick's Day"  They make great 
party favors, classroom treats, lunchbox treats, and more. 
 They were designed specifically for the regular sized chocolate 
Hershey bars.....that makes them a SWEET treat.  It's a kit where 
everything you need is supplied, except the Hershey bar and your favorite glue.

The center of the shamrock consists of a green flower with a brad. Multiple
 colors of Shamrock green brads are included in the kit.  Super simple to put
 together.  There is even a green candy dot for the "i" in Irish.  
The tag "Luck of the Irish is elevated with two foam dots.

These candy Irish candy bar wraps would be so much fun to take to
 the office and give your employees or co-workers. Sure to bring a smile to their faces. 

Our next newest addition are these cute Lucky Clover nugget wraps.  
Each one comes with a double shamrock and a sparkly green candy
 dot on top.  Before topping the Hershey chocolate Nugget with shamrocks
 you wrap a piece of ribbon around it.  They are also a kit. 

A tray and clear cellophane bag are also included so you can "Gift Wrap" 
the chocolate. Just add the 'Luck of the Irish" tag and twine and you've got 
something sweet AND fun!  Four chocolate nuggets per set, just enough
 chocolate for their sweet tooth. 

Sets of 6, 8 or 12 are many friends,
 co-workers or employees
 do you have? Give out the
 "Luck of the Irish" this St. Patrick's Day.....

All these and MORE St. Patrick's Day items available in our Etsy shop


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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tutorial for St. Patrick's Day Garland / Banner-Super Simple!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and time to think about decorations.
  This St. Patrick's Day banner is sooooo simple to put together.  The hardest thing
 might be choosing the colors to make it out of! As it says above, banners aren't 
meant just to hang on the wall.  Use it in other ways, perhaps draping around 
some of your other decor.  Hang it on the wall vertically or horizontally.

Choose at least 2 different colors for your banner. You can use as many as you like though. 
 We used 4 different pieces of cardstock....light green, dark green, gold, and one with
 a design. Be sure to select colors that compliment one another. A good Irish red 
would have been fun to add into my banner. 

After cutting out your shamrocks,  put them in pairs. Then place your shamrock pairs
 in the order that you want them to appear in the banner. Then you can start sewing. 

We are offering the SHAMROCKS to make this banner in our 
Etsy shop...... Just in case you don't want to cut them out 
yourself ......  Click HERE

Use a scrap piece of cardstock to sew lines until you get the stitch to look the way
 you want....not too tight, not too loose. I have a Bernina sewing machine and the
 straight stitch length is set on 2.  The zigzag stitch length is set at 0. Now stitch down
 through the middle of each shamrock and through the stem. I always let the machine
 run for 5 to 8 stitches in-between each piece. This will provide a little space between
 the shamrock.  Be sure to use a thread color that matches your 
main colors.  We used green here. 

Here is the beginning of our banner, three shamrocks down 15 more to go.

The length of this stitch is good. As I said before, not too tight, not too loose. 
Our shamrocks measured 2.5" wide and 3" tall.

You could also make your banner one dimensional  by sewing just one
 shamrock at a time instead of putting 2 shamrocks together.
  It would basically look like this photo. 

Scatter the shamrocks down the center of your buffet or dining table
Put the shamrocks on a skewer or a lollipop stick and top your cupcakes
Use them as a food pick for breads, desserts etc
Put them on the front of a treat bag
Hang the banner vertically instead of horizontally
Pin the shamrocks on the kids so they don't get pinched on St. Patrick's Day
Include them on your St. Patrick's Day wreath
Write notes to the kids on them and put in their lunchbox

Now all that's left to do is fold each shamrock in towards itself. 
 The stitching line makes it easy to bend.  Now just hang your wall quote
 on the wall, the fireplace mantel or around your other decorations. 
This one can also be hung horizontally as we faced the shamrocks going
 all the same way. Have fun making one for yourself! 

We have some really cute St Patrick's Day printables and Candy Card kits that 
would be perfect for your St. Patrick's Day celebration in our Etsy shop.
  Click HERE to see everything in our Etsy shop  INCLUDING a kit for
 all the cut out shamrocks you would need for this banner. 


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