Monday, January 21, 2019

Shabby Chic Valentine Hearts-Gift Card Holder for Valentine's Day Gifts

You'll love these Shabby Chic hearts that we put on our Valentine's Day gift card holders. No two hearts are alike. Here's what we did: Each heart has several pieces of Valentine themed cardstock with distressed edges.  The pink bow is made out of one of the pieces of cardstock that we used for the hearts. Then we backed each heart with one of the cardstock pieces used on the hearts (Vanilla color) and attached the two together with foam dots to give it dimension. They come already put together and ready to be adhered to the front of the gift card holder. Had so much fun doing it!

Check out this close-up to see how we aged and distressed some of the pieces of the heart.

Slip a fun gift card into the pocket on the back of the gift card holder and then put into the provided envelopes. The gift card holder is cut out of premium cardstock (black). I just love putting black, pink and red together for Valentine's Day!

So many different textures are included on each of these hearts. 

The perfect party favor for your guests. Perhaps a gift card to great restaurants around town, coffee stores, bakeries, Walmart, Amazon, Apple and more. It's so easy to pick up gift cards.

Like I said before, no two hearts are alike. Each gift card holder is as unique as the people you give them to. This design is a brand new one for this Valentine's Day.

Did I mention that they are so easy to assemble. All you do is glue the flaps on the on the holder, glue the finished heart and tag to the front of the holder and insert the gift cards.  SUPER easy but a special gift for special people!

CLICK HERE to get some of these to give away during the month of February.  People will think you are so creative!!!


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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BEE Mine - Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers-Sweet Hershey Candy Bar Treat for Everyone

Yes, Valentine's Day is on it's way and you want something really special to give the people in your life. We've got just the thing.  Our "BEE Mine" candy bar wrappers are made from Premium cardstock. We design it and cut out all the parts and neatly organize them in individual cellophane bags to make it sooooo easy to assemble. We always include easy instructions too. Even if you have never put together a kit like this "YOU CAN DO IT"  Both the bee and the beehive are pre-assembled for you. 

These are new to our shop. Just finished designing them today. The beehive is glued to the candy bar wrap. The tag, Bee Mine,  is adhered with foam dot and also the bumblebee. The wings are delicate, cut out of vellum and then there's a glitter heart on top of the wings.   Click on photo to get a close-up look of the wrap.

Here's the beehive we designed. We will pre-assemble it for you. All you do is glue it to the top of the candy bar wrappers. Then adhere the heart with a foam dot.

We are even including a cellophane bag, twine and a "from" tag so you can gift wrap it before giving it away. We only put "from" on the tag since most schools instruct the children to only write their name on the tag to make it easy to hand out their Valentines.

I find that being creative and crafting just make me happy. I have to be creating.  When you put something together and then look at what you've gives you a great feeling. Then you take that great creation and give it to your favorite people and see the smile on their faces.  You know what I'm taking about!

These would also make a sweet treat to take to the office for co-workers or employees. Your Teacher Appreciation gifts have just been taken care of too.  Be sure to order early to make sure you get what you want and it arrives in plenty of time before Valentine's Day!

CLICK HERE to get these for this Valentines' Day


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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Valentine Hershey Kiss Treat Box for Friends, Co-Workers-Employees and Classroom, Hershey Kisses

What a fun way to give treats this Valentine's Day. It's designed for Hershey Kisses but you can put any treats inside the box.  The perfect little package for handing out to your co-workers. employees and teachers. Send them with the kids on Valentine's Day for their classmates-much better than a plain paper valentine (and they will be remembered) 

Choose from 4 different messages
1  Be my Valentine
2. You Rock
4. Be Mine

The box measures 3.5" tall,2 ¼" across and1.75" deep. 

The hearts are cut out of the kraft paper with a red backer behind. Super easy to do! 

Add a small puffy heart on the front bow and a large puffy heart on the back to secure the box.  Who would you give these to this year? People at the Senior Center, The Retirement Center, the school administration and teachers? Endless possibilities.  Show people you care with a sweet treat.

CLICK HERE to get these sweet Valentine's day treat boxes for yourself


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Valentine's Day Heart-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers- Treats/Gifts for Everyone!

We just finished designing this Valentine's Day candy bar wrap. It's fashioned after our Valentine treat box. Both have the cut out hearts. You can find the treat box HERE.  The black is very dramatic and the red cut out hearts ad bow make it even more festive! Perfect to give to anyone. Send these with your kids on Valentine's Day and they will have the "BEST" Valentine in class (I had a customer tell me that was exactly what her son said after she sent him to school with one of our designs)  

We designed 3 different tags to make sure we covered all the bases for you. You might like one or you might want to get all three.  The choice is all yours.

This design is so easy to put together.  The bow comes pre-assembled.  All you have to do is a little glueing and you're good to go.  You can get a box of 36 Hershey milk chocolate candy bars (1.55 oz Regular size) for $20 at Sams and Costco.  That makes them about 55 cents each! 

Your Co-Workers and/or Employees would love to see one of these on their desk too. What about the school Staff or the Teachers? All very deserving of a sweet treat.  We have A LOT of Valentine's Day Candy and Treat kits plus digitals in our Etsy shop—Come on by! 

CLICK HERE to get more information about this Sweet Treat


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Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas You've Been Jingled + Cute Way to Package Treats for Neighbor Gifts, Family & Friends

 We wanted to make something special for you to put your treats into. What's more appropriate than a Christmas ornament, filled with Christmas treats.  Use your favorite double-sided Christmas paper. Embellishments them with whatever you have on hand an you've got something special to put your treats into. Since the ornament is round and wouldn't stand upright on their own we designed a easy-to-make box to put them into.  We were able to fit an entire bag of Hershey Kisses into a ornament so you know you could fit several treats inside.

  Our "You've been jingled" printables can be used whether you drop off treats, knock and run or simply ring the doorbell and give the treats to your favorite people.

There are two printable sheets, a fun instruction sheet with a poem that you include with the treat and one for the recipient to put on their door or in their window.

Click HERE to get the printables and a complete photo tutorial for both the ornament and box.


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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Neighbor, Family, Friends and Co-Workers Christmas Gifts-Orange You Glad We're friends, We Are!

Giving oranges for Christmas has been a tradition for many many years. Kids used to get oranges in their stockings, in fact I'm pretty sure they still are. Here's a fun way to give your family, friends and co-workers a delicious Christmas basket of clementines all dressed up in a festive Christmas design.

It such a easy kit to assemble. The photo above has brown crinkle paper in the bottom of the bag but that is certainly optional (crinkle paper isn't included in the kit but you can purchase a good sized bag at The Dollar Store for $1) We used the "Cutie' brand clementines for our samples and they are super sweet and delicious and fit perfectly in the cellophane bag with supply.

We filled a Christmas tin from Hobby Lobby with the brown crinkle paper and the placed the cellophane bags of clementines inside the tin leaving space for small pine cones, and holly leaves. We tied the green stripe ribbon around the tin and used green twine to tie on the "Merry Christmas" tag. Such a festive gift to give family, neighbors and friends.  Hobby Lobby has a HUGE assortment of tins this time of year…..small, large, tall, round, square and more. Currently all Christmas is 50% off at Hobby Lobby (I get nothing for this endorsement, just helping you find the best price on tins)

A little gluing and tying required to assemble tag. "Orange you glad we're friends? We are!  

You can put the crinkle paper in the bag or leave it out, it's totally optional

The size of the tin you purchase will dictate how many clementines you put in it, of course. We got the green stripe ribbon at Joann's and you can get a roll of for 40% off any day of the week at Joanns's if you show them the coupon from Hobby Lobby app on your cell phone. They will honor that discount.

CLICK HERE to go to our Etsy shop and get more information on this fun Christmas kit and get one for yourself. There are many different sizes available. If you can glue and tie a bow you're got this!   We ship same or next day too. Be sure to order early!!!


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Friday, November 23, 2018

The Cutest Christmas Candy Cane Treat Box-It's got GLITTER~Nice until Proven Naughty

Merry Christmas!  It's the best time of the year and we're celebrating with our Candy Cane treat boxes with the tag "NICE until proven Naughty!  Let's just say everyone is nice, especially this time of year when people go out of their way to do great things for others.  If you're a "Scrooge" then this could  brighten up your day!

Our brand new design for this year includes two candy canes cut out of red glitter paper and then assembled and backed with premium white cardstock. We then added a whimsical green and white stripe bow to add texture and dimension.  If you bend out the top of the bow on each side it really pops!

You can add crinkle paper if you like. We get ours at The Dollar Store where a package is guessed it, $1. They have a lot of colors. You can also get the crinkle paper at any craft store.  Zurchers Party Store has the best price on crinkle paper. 

Without crinkle paper you can fit in up to 17 Hershey Christmas Kisses (Currently Costco has a  3 lb 4 oz package which ends up being half price compared to buying that many packages from other stores. They are all dressed up in Santa's cap and Sweater designs. Solid chocolate, no nuts or anything else inside.   I've been eating them today and I'm embarrassed to tell you how many I've had...Okay I'm a chocoholic, I admit it, and I LOVE Hershey chocolate.

Showing the back of the treat box in this photo. I love the scalloped edge on the flap. The box measures 2.5" wide, 2" deep and 4" tall. Just the right size for a Christmas party favor, Neighbor gifts or to take to the office to share with Co-Workers and Employees.  

Now  here's the tag that says "Nice until proven Naughty" The candy cane clip just finishes off the design.  I think it's appropriate for everyone as we are all a little nicer at this time of year.  

CLICK HERE to get some for your Christmas event and check out all our other Christmas designs.
So many fun things! 


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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Gotta See our Newest Design for Christmas-Merry Snowman Treat Bags-Party Favors, Gifts and More

Our newest design for Christmas is a fun "Merry Snowman" treat bag. If you follow us you know that it's all about the "CANDY" for us. Almost everything we create has to do with treats.  So for Christmas we present this fun way to give treats. It's our favorite snowman all dressed up with a red or green scarf.  We have this same snowman in a candy bar wrap and a treat box (You'll definitely want to see these designs) 

The "North Pole" piece comes fully assembled. All you do is glue it to the front of the tag. The 2 snowmen just need their scarf glued on.  After you have attached all 3 pieces on the tag you fill the cellophane bag with your favorite treat and staple the bag to the tag.  Then, with foam dots, you adhere the snow drift to the front of the tag,  and it covers up the staples. (I don't like seeing the staples! ) Doesn't that sound easy? It is!  The cellophane bag measures 4" tall x 3" wide. The tag is also 3" wide. 

I know some of you out there are great crafters and some are beginners and out kits are great for both of you.....What's so great about what we create?  We make all the decisions about what colors to use, what cardstock to purchase, what embellishments to purchase and we cut out everything for you. All you do is assemble. Leave all the headaches to us. Everything comes cut out and individually organized and packaged. So much easier to buy our kits than try to put it together for yourself....not to mention that all of our kits are copyrighted.  Do the easy thing.......make a purchase by clicking HERE   You will be so glad you did.

One MORE fun idea.......We LOVE friends that purchase early.  By doing this you make sure you do get the kit you want.....You can put it together at your leisure and be more than ready for the holiday.   You'll be so glad you did.

So COME ON OVER and visit our ETSY SHOP 
So many fun designs for the holidays!


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Thursday, November 8, 2018

THANKSGIVING TREAT: Acorn Cookies, Hershey Kisses & Nutter Butter Cookies

Have you made these cute little acorn cookies yet? They are super easy to make. The perfect treat for Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving.  Also an excellent treat to put in the kid's lunchbox When we made these yummy cookies, the children helping that day were 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 years old. Fun was had by all! 

 We made our acorn cookies with the a Caramel Hershey Kiss. They were amazing!  You could also use the new Pumpkin Spice Kiss or a Chocolate Kiss.

Here are your ingredients. (1) Mini Nutter Butter cookies (2) Caramel Hershey Kiss and (3) Mini chocolate chips. Using just the top of a Nutter Butter cookie looks great and you can get more acorn cookies per bag. The creamy center of the cookie comes right off.

We wanted to use regular sized chocolate chips (because that's what we always have on hand)  I think they looked nice too.  The butterscotch mini chocolate chips are another choice. Melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler or in a microwave and use as glue for the kiss and chocolate chip on top.  You know, it might be easier to put your melted chocolate in an icing bag and just put a drop of glue (chocolate) on the top and bottom of the cookie and then add the Hershey kiss and the chocolate chips. That way there would be no excess. I found I had to do all the tops (mini chocolate chips) first and let them set and then do it again with the Hershey Kiss.

Then there is this fun recipe from Hershey  called Kisses Acorn Cookies, that looks super easy to do too.  The perfect Thanksgiving activity for the kids.  Find the recipe HERE


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