Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Apple Treat Box / Paper Pencil Box and Hershey Kiss Stickers-What a Fun Gift!

It's that time again, time to tell the teachers and the school staff how much they are appreciated and what better way than this cute treat box with paper pencils?  It's a kit where we supply EVERYTHING except the double-sided tape and the Hershey Kisses. All you do is assemble. Super Simple to assemble, you might even have fun doing it!!!

Hershey Kiss stickers, Treat Box, 2 Apples, Pencil Treat box and two tags to choose from!

With each treat box ordered you get 12 Hershey Kiss stickers. Up to 12 will fit inside the pencil box. Just stick them on the bottom of the Hershey Kisses and put them inside the pencil boxes. You can get a bag of Hershey Kisses at Sam's Club, 330 pieces for only $11.98. That makes each Kiss only about 4 Cents each. How cheap! In Store and online.

Think teacher gifts, office staff, principals, secretaries, janitors....really anyone at the school would love getting this treat box with 2 pencils filled with Hershey Kisses. Not pictured, but included, is a "To-From" tag you tie around one of the handles with red twine.

The apples come assembled with the stem/leaf piece. There's a score line down the middle of the leaves that if you fold on that line it gives the leaves a 3D look.

This is the "Thanks for all you do!" tag and below is the "Thanks Teacher" tag. You can choose one or the other or half of each tag.  One tag for the teacher and the other tag for the school office staff.

The paper pencils measure 5.5" long and 1.5" square. 12 Hershey Kisses fit inside.

 There are 9 messages so you will have some duplicate messages inside each pencil. 12 Kiss stickers come with each treat box. So if you purchase a kit of 5 you will get 60 kiss stickers etc.


With everything supplied you won't have to purchase anything else for this gift except or the Hershey Kisses. How sweet is that?

CLICK HERE TO GET A KIT of this cute Apple Treat Box. There are several different sizes available in our Etsy shop. Come on over and take a look!


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You're a LIFESAVER—Thanks For All You Do! Employee Appreciation, Co-Worker Gifts and More

What a fun way to tell someone "THANKS" for al they do for you! Place one on the desk of your employees, give them to your co-workers and friends. It's the perfect message for nurses and doctors too, or even the hospital staff.  How about the firemen/first responders in your community. The teachers and staff at your children's school would love this too.  It's a gift that won't break the bank but will convey your thoughts thankfulness.  (Available in the scalloped tag only) 

Each 1" Lifesaver tag comes with an orange, green or red scalloped backer that measure 1.5" in diameter. The twine is attached to the backer and ready to be tied around a package of lifesavers.  Super simple. (Lifesaver candy is not included)

Pick up a package of 20 lifesaver rolls at Sam's Club for $9.98 or order on line
Order a package of 20 Lifesaver rolls at Amazon for $9.98

Tag comes completely assembled for you. You just wrap it around a Lifesaver roll. So Easy!


National Nurses Day
First Responders
Doctors and Staff
Nurse Recognition 
Administrative Professionals Day
Staff Appreciation
Employee Recognition 
Teacher Appreciation
Volunteer Recognition
School Administrators
Co-workers, secretary etc
Board Members
Best friends
Church Teachers, Secretaries
Pediatric Nurse Appreciation
Random Acts of Kindness
Volunteer Appreciation 

Choose First Class mail or Priority Mail

CLICK HERE for these PREMADE tags


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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ladybug Baby Shower Party Favors, Gifts, Treat Boxes & Straws PLUS Baby Shower Desserts

So you're hosting a baby shower, How FUN! You're trying to decide what to serve that would be so delicious and fun that everyone would be talking about it afterwards. We are here to help! I love the idea of having bite-size food for baby showers. We've found some desserts below that we love and we're sure your party guests would too. Each dessert has the link to the original source where you can get the recipes. 

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies 
You can pick up tart shells at the grocery store so that makes this even easier. Lemon Meringue is so refreshing.  My Baking Addiction

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakes 
These mini bundt cakes looks so festive and perfect for a party. Put sprinkles on top that match your party theme.  Cooking on the Front Burner

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Cups  
Strawberries are in season now and everyone loves strawberries. They make such a yummy dessert. Creations by Kara 

Oreo Cheesecake Bites 
Oh my Goodness!  Oreos are a favorite of so many people, I don't know how you could go wrong with this party dessert.  Mels Kitchen Cafe 

Red Velvet Cake Minis  
Red velvet cake is a favorite of so many people. I LOVE the red color, don't you? It's a crowd pleaser!   Sprinkle Bakes   

Mini Banana Cream Cookie Pies 
Cookie cups filled with banana cream pudding with a banana on top and whip cream. What could be better. Bet you can't eat just one.  Girl Verses Dough 

Texas Sheet Cake Bites 
At our house we LOVE Texas Sheet Cake and so I'm certain these little sweet bites would be just as delicious.  Love the bite-size and the chocolate frosting drizzled over the top!  Life in the Lofthouse  

Mini Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas  
This dessert is also pretty easy. A sugar cookie with a cream cheese frosting? Oh Yum.  The fruit on top is so colorful too.  Iowa Girl Eats  

Have you ever thought about having a ladybug theme for the little lady that will soon arrive?  I love the red and the green theme.  These party favors will be the hit of the party.  You can choose from 4 different tags (see below)

You  can purchase Hershey bars for about 50 cents each from Amazon, Sam's Club  and Costco. (box of 36 for about $20)

You can also use these candy bar wrapper favors as a center piece by placing them in a container, adding crinkle paper and whatever else you desire. Then place it on your buffet table for a sweet decoration for your party.

FOUR TAGS TO CHOOSE FROM: It's a girl! |  Sweet little lady |  Thanks for celebrating with us! | Oh Baby

We also have ladybug treat boxes.  Each box can hold up to 15 Hershey Kisses (or less if you add crinkle paper)  Hershey Nuggets fit nicely too. They would also be great scattered around your buffet table as a decoration. Then the party guests take one as they are leaving.

330 piece Hershey Kisses-Sam's Club $12.74
145 pieces (52 oz) of Hershey Nuggets-Sam's Club $11.98
Check out the prices on too

The ladybug comes pre-assembled in the kit. Just adhere with a foam dot to the box. The grass is adhered with foam dots too and the flowers are glued on. We cut small holes for placement of the flowers on the treat box so you don't have to guess where to put them.

It's a sweet little ladybug.  Box measurements: 4" tall, 2.5" wide, 1.75" deep  

The side view shows how wide the box is. You adhere a foam dot on the back flap to close it. The crinkle paper is optional an isn't included in the kit. You can buy a bag of this colored crinkle paper at The Dollar store for $1 or at any craft store.

We also have pre-made straws available. They come complete assembled, you don't have to do a thing here. They will definitely dress up your party drinks.

CLICK HERE to get one or all of these pieces for your baby shower. 
This is the party your guests will be talking about long after it's over!


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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Easter Bunnies, Carrots & Treat Boxes, Easter Gifts & Party Favors

We're all BUNNIES this Easter! (unlike last year) This treat box has a happy little bunny front of the box. It's just a really fun way to give Easter treats to everyone whether it's used as a party favor, a centerpiece/decor or a gift to your favorite people. Everyone will love it!

This one is super easy to assemble. The double carrot on the front comes already assembled and all you do is attach the bunny and the carrots with a foam dot.  We just had to include a pink textured cardstock for the inside of the ears. 

We've included a "To-From" tag with pink twine in case you need one. The green ribbon that doubles as the leaves of the carrot is a beautiful soft grosgrain ribbon.

There are two paper carrots in each box. They measure 5" long, not including the ribbon. All you do to close the carrot is use strong ¼" double sided tape.  Then you put in your favorite small treats. You could fit up to 7 Hershey Kisses in each carrot and more candy if it is smaller like M&M's etc. The ribbon is taped to the inside of the carrot and threaded through two holes. Tie 1 or 2 knots in the ribbon at the base of the carrot to finish it off. Super easy! 

The dimensions of the green polkadot box are 6.25" tall to the top of the handles. 3.75" wide and 1.5" deep.  The carrots fit nicely inside the box. We used brown crinkle paper in the bottom of the box and coming out the sides. This is an optional step. (Crinkle paper isn't included in the kit. You can get it at The Dollar Store for $1) You could put tissue paper on the inside of the box to save your crinkle paper for the top of the box if you like.

Easter baskets
Co-worker Easter gifts
Employee Easter gifts
Party favors
Neighbor gifts
Easter Egg Hunts
Office Staff gifts
Teacher Appreciation and Staff gifts
and much more

CLICK HERE to get this Easter treat box


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Chocolate Easter Treats, Easter Bunnies, Easter Gifts for Employees and Co-Workers, Party Favors

The Easter Bunny Always delivers and this time he's on the front of the treat!  Last year we did Easter chicks and this year we are all Bunnies!  Wrap up a Hershey chocolate bar (1.55 oz-regular size)  in a Easter wrap. Perfect for the Easter basket, Easter egg hunts, family, friends and even for the people at the office.  

 It's a kit that is so simple to put together.  Al l you have to do is adhere things with foam dots.
 (you can do that!)

The boy bunny gets a bowtie. The inside of his ears are a textured blue cardstock that we put on for you.  His feet come fully assembled and all you do is place on the bunny in any way you want.  The grass is, once again, just attached with foam dots. We like giving our wraps a 3D look.

Here's a side view so you can see how the bunny pops off the wrap.

If you couldn't tell we LOVE polkadots and especially pink.  

Another side view of the finished wrap.  Even the "Happy Easter" tag is attached with a foam dot.

The girl bunny comes with a "hare" bow (ha ha)  It will come in various designs.  Just glue to her ear.

If you've been trying to top last years "special" Easter treat then these Easter wraps are just the thing. Perfect gift for co-workers and your employees too. An unexpected gift for neighbors?

CLICK HERE to get more details and see more photos


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Baby Onesie Banners for Baby Girls and Baby Boys-Cute Baby Shower Decor - Gotta See!

Do you have a baby shower in your future?  One for yourself or one you're hosting for a friend or family member? We've got the perfect decoration for the party.  Whether it's for a boy or a girl we've got you covered.  Each banner has 8 different onesies. It's definitely fun!  Here are baby onesies 1-4 showing you how to attach the twine with two flowers in-between each one.

Here are baby onesies 5-8. It's a variety of pinks.

These cute baby onesies measure  5" tall and 4" wide  

Here's a closeup of the 1" mini clothespins and the twine and flowers.

All 8 of the onesies can be pre-made for you with all the embellishments already adhered or you could purchase the kit and do it yourself. 

People are sure to comment about your cute banner!  You could also lay it on your food (buffet) table amongst the trays and plates of food if you like. 

Let's not forget the boys!  We used a lot of different shades of blue for these onesies as well.  My personal favorite is the one with the little burlap bow tie!  Which one is yours?

Zig Zags, Polkadots, hearts, checks, plaids, stripes and solids were used. We loved them all.

Embellishments for onesies just stick right on. (If you get the kit but both of these banners can be purchased pre-made)   Then just string the flowers in-between each onesie and clip the twine to the onesie using the mini clothespins that are included. Told you it was easy! 

Pin US to your Baby Shower Party Ideas Board on Pinterest and/or share with your friends!
CLICK HERE to get one for a baby girl or a baby boy pre-made or in a kit that you assemble yourself.


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