Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Halloween Treat Boxes All Dressed Up As A Candy Corn-Gotta See! Candy, Cookies, Chocolate and More

While working one day I looked over at these two popcorn boxes that I had stacked together to get them out of the way. One was yellow and one was orange. At that moment I said to myself..... "Hey, that looks like a candy corn"  And that was the beginning moment of this design. A candy corn treat box. (measures 3" wide x 3" deep x 4" tall)

What kind of treats do you need during the month of Halloween? Do you give special treats to your favorite trick or treaters?  How about your friends at work? Wouldn't your employees appreciate one of these? Are you hosting a Halloween party........Need a party favor? We can help! 

chocolate covered popcorn
candy corn
full sized candy bars
Halloween cookies
gift card and candy
Hershey kisses
Hershey nuggets
cinnamon bears
Halloween candy
peanut brittle
and most any kind of candy or treat

I love this saying because, quite frankly, I am a chocoholic and will always be.  Although I do like other candy but chocolate, nuts, and caramel is the best!  Have you ever tried the turtles or cavaliers from Mrs. Cavanaughs? They are absolutely the best. Now that would be a special treat for someone extra special. Imagine them in individual cellophane bags inside this cute treat box.  I would LOVE to receive that treat box.  

We've taken two medium sized popcorn boxes (3" wide x 3" deep x 4" tall) and nestled the together, partly to make it a stronger box but mostly to make the boxes look like a candy corn....but the result is a stronger box that is MORE festive. The tag is aged on the edges to give it that "aged" Halloween look. The candy corns are layered with premium cardstock to give it a 3D look. And finally you add your favorite treat/candy. It doesn't have to be a candy corn. You could put your favorite recipe for chocolate covered popcorn inside, your favorite full-sized candy bars or even your much sought after Halloween cookies. Use the crinkle paper to fill the box to the proper level for the treat you are going to put inside. A lot of crinkle paper means a smaller treat while a little crinkle paper allows for more treats. I guess it depends on who you are giving them to. A lot for the co-workers at your office and a little for the kids in your child's classroom? 

We gather the supplies you need to assemble each box. You only adhere the tags and candy corn cutouts and put your treat in the cellophane bag and you're done. Super Simple! Kit contains what you see above plus foam dots, and of course, easy-to-follow-instructions though with this all you need to do is look at the package photo. The crinkle paper isn't included but you can get a nice sized bag at The Dollar Store for $1.  We used white to make the 3 colors of the candy corn complete but you could use orange, black or yellow.  

You can get MORE details in our Etsy shop. Don't wait too long to purchase because we have a limited amount of popcorn boxes for the kits (no, really)  

CLICK HERE to go to our Etsy shop and see 64 Halloween kits and digitals plus this one here. You're bound to find something you just have to have for this Halloween! 


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Friday, September 7, 2018

NEW Halloween Treats & Party Favors-Drac & Frank Candy Bar Wrappers (Frankenstein and Dracula)

And here's Drac and Frank!  Everyone's favorite Halloween characters are now wrapped around a Hershey chocolate bar. They were so much fun to design this summer…..I couldn't wait to show them to you but hey, September is free game for Halloween things especially for those of you who think ahead when it comes to the holidays.  I can think of so many fun ways to use these. (game prizes, party favors, place settings, gifts, trick or treaters, co-workers, employees and so much more)

Frank is all decked out in his best orange bow tie complete with bolts on each side of his head. (The bow tie comes pre-assembled)  Love his fun eyes. It's a kit that is super easy to put together. We always include easy-to-follow instructions and there is also a package photo for you to refer to for assembling. Frank's wrap is a key lime green.

Frank is decked out in his signature black cape with red collar. A orange polkadot bow finishes off his ensemble.  His ears were designed to extend out past the candy bar wrap, which makes him look so grand! The cape comes already assembled.  Just adhere the "Happy Halloween" tag on his head and you're done with a fun treat.

Need some prizes for your Halloween games? This will work!  Whoever you give these to will absolutely love them.  They are sure to be a hit at your party. 

You can get a box of 1.55 oz Hershey chocolate bars at Costco- 36 bars for $22.00 which makes them about 60 cents each.

You could even put one of these at the side of each plate or in the center of your place settings. They will definitely help decorate your Halloween table or buffet. 

We want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and hope that you click on over to our Etsy shop to see these candy bar wrappers and all our other Halloween kits and digitals. We currently have 54 different Halloween items. You're Halloween party just became something everyone will be talking about.

CLICK HERE to see 54 Halloween kits and digitals plus these Drac and Frank candy bar wrappers.


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Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Halloween Treat and Candy Box Everyone Will Love-I'm a Little Batty

The day after tomorrow is September and I LOVE September, mostly because it is when we bring out all our Halloween designs (I might have cheated a little and started at the end of August)  This time of year is the best and it all starts with Halloween.  We have so many fun designs for Halloween that we just can't wait to show you!  To see more  click  over to our 
We are always adding new things. 

And yes, you've just found the perfect treat box/party favor for your Halloween party. They would be such a fun party favor. We put Hershey Kisses in our boxes, mostly because that is our favorite treat. You can put up to 18 Kisses in these treat boxes if you like. If you want to put less just put crinkle paper in the bottom of the box as shown in the photo.

You can put one at each of your guests place settings too. A cake plate would make a nice display for them too, especially if they are a "Thanks for coming" treat for your party guests.  They can just grab them on their way out the door. 

Let's not forget your friends at work.  Wouldn't it be a nice surprise for them all to find this at their desk when they came into work!  But beware, once you give them a treat like this they will expect another one at the next holiday (so guess what.......we have designed fun treat boxes for all the holidays so we got you covered) 

Which one is your favorite? The green or the orange? You can choose to get the green boxes or the orange boxes or you can get a half of each color. It's totally up to you.  Small toys will also fit. 

 It's a kit!  We cut out all the parts and they come in individual bags ready to be assembled. Easy-to-follow instructions are always included.  If you can glue or adhere parts with foam dots then you've got this! It's a design unique to us so it's not going to be something everyone has already seen.

To see this kit and lots of other fun Halloween things  CLICK HERE and have FUN!!!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

50+ Homemade Popsicle Recipes-Treat for the Heat!

Here's to a summer full of Delicious Cold Treats....We're talking about POPSICLES!  And to celebrate that thought, below are just a few of the recipes from a list of 50+ Homemade Popsicles  (Look for the Link below) Photos and recipes are included with each one.  Make a new popsicle (recipe) each day..... Bring on the summer heat!

This is your link to the list that will make summer delicious! 


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Sunday, July 22, 2018

16 Pies That Will Feed a Crowd-Slab Pies-Banana Cream-Strawberry-Apple-Peach and More

Believe it or not I was not aware that there were recipes out there for pies that you make in a big huge pan——big enough to feed a large crowd. Everyone gets a large square of pie and THEN……there are leftovers! (or maybe not depending on your crowd/family)   I was also happy to find recipes for some of MY favorite pies like banana cream pie and apple pie. Try some of the recipes below and then let me know how they turned out… YOU'RE WELCOME!!!  

I'm not too crazy  about the name "Slab Pie"   Maybe we should come up with a different name. What do you think it should be? Leave your thoughts below and let's give  this delicious and amazing dessert a better name that "Slab Pie"  The Peach Slab Pie has refrigerated sugar cookie dough broken into coarse crumbs and sprinkled over the filling. YUM!!  

I believe this Oreo slab pie is going to be a hit with everyone.  Who doesn't like Oreos. They may be the most popular store bought cookie ever!  The blueberry slab pie with the lattice crust is so beautiful that you might hate to cut into it.  Just take a photo before you do! 

I'm thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas for the chocolate pecan pie.  I have a son-in-law who absolutely LOVES pecan pie. Oh Yum! 

These two pies are just perfect for a summertime dessert.

Anything apple is my favorite. I love all the crumbly goodness on top of this Apple streusel pie.  Are you a fan of cherry pie?

There's just something about a creamy banana cream pie that is so yummy.  At Thanksgiving time that's the first choice for pie for my family. I think I'm going to make this "slab pie" first.  I also have a daughter who is "CRAZY" for nectarines. This might be her new favorite. 

Here's another peach pie only this one has a lattice top (for those of you who prefer those).  The  Apricot cherry slab pie looks amazing and I love lemon meringue pie. I haven't tried the buttermilk slab pie yet.....have you? Is it yummy! 

OUR FIRST name change is in....  Sheet Pie has been suggested. What do you think?


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Friday, July 20, 2018

See our BEFORE and AFTER Photos of a Cute House we Totally Remodeled-It's for SALE too!

As promised we are continuing the Before and After photos of the house that we recently remodeled. We're talking about the Master Bathroom now. We are showing the "AFTER" photo first so you can see all the great things we did to this bathroom first and then the "BEFORE" photos below.  

We moved the north wall out to make more room in this master bath and I'm so glad we did!

We took this soaker tub out to make room for the walk in shower.

This 3' x 3' shower was the next thing to go.  The toilet was originally on the right side of this shower.

The vanity and mirrors/cabinet above it went out the door too.  The tile floor had to be broken up and then removed (a labor intensive job that Builder Chad did- thank goodness- I'm just not all that strong) We had to redo the plumbing for the toilet as we moved it on the opposite wall.  We brought the north wall of the bathroom out almost 2 feet, we had the space so we did it!  That meant we had to move the plumbing for the shower too.

The walls were painted a beautiful light grey with the base and trim white.  The floor tiles had brown and grey in them and looked like wood plans. We used the same tile for the accent pieces in the shower.  The shower floor is a pebble tile that I absolutely loved. I've been trying to get Builder Chad to use the pebble tile in our other showers, and this time, I'm happy to say, I got my wish.  It has pebbles in brown, light brown, light and dark grey. 

The white cabinets have a granite top, new faucets, mirrors and lights. Two sinks mean you can both get ready at the same time in the morning.  The toilet is on the south side of the shower. We made sure there was plenty of room on each side of the toilet, it's new too! 

As I said earlier, this great tile had browns and grey in them. We used a light grey grout to bring out even more of the grey in the tile and we love it!  Tile used to be so boring compared to what they make now. 
Come to our Open House this Saturday July 21st 11:00 to 2:00 to see all-AND it is for Sale-You could have this Brand New, Totally Remodeled house!   358 West 3950 North Provo, Utah  (River Bottoms)  

CLICK THIS LINK to see more Before and After Photos 


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Monday, July 16, 2018

A Totally Remodeled Home and It's Available Now! A Dream Home Once Again….

We had a grand adventure the last few months. We did a total remodel of a cute house in a kid friendly cul-de-sac in the city of Provo (Utah).  The house was in good solid condition but it needed a total update.  In fact Builder Chad changed, remodeled, gutted and rebuilt everything in the home except for the upstairs bath tub.  So basically it is a brand new house in a beautifully established neighborhood. A Dream Home!


The kitchen was built in a U-Shape and was basically closed off to the dining/family room that was just to the north.  We gutted the entire kitchen including the pantry and the laminate flooring. We removed the out-dated soffit around the ceiling, the cabinets and appliances and took down the wall the separated the two rooms.

With the wall gone you now have an open view from both rooms and the kitchen is so much larger. You cold get a lot of people in this kitchen cooking and helping with the preparation now.  The white cabinets lightened up the area too. Everything in this Kitchen is brand new including the subway tile back splash.

View from the family room/dining room. There was a wall where the bar now sits. 

Here's the view of the side of the kitchen and the pantry.  We painted the walls a beautiful light grey with the base and trim a fresh white paint.

The countertops are granite and we purchased new stainless steel appliances. (Whirlpool)  We installed wood flooring from the front door to the back of the house. The pantry shelves were replaced with adjustable shelves so you could store big and small items. The large opening is for the refrigerator, of course. What a difference!  We are very happy with this transformation! 

The fireplace was basically a wood burning stove that needed to go along with the rock. The mantle is on the floor in front of the fireplace.  Builder Chad had a time getting the rock off of the wall but he did prevail. Everything had to go. We put new rock on it and converted it to a gas fireplace.  

We love this grey stone and it was, I wouldn't say easy, but it was a good project and we were pleased with it when we were finished.  The mantle was purchased at Euclid in Heber. There is plenty or room above the mantle for a good sized TV. There are also two large windows so you have plenty of north facing light. A warm fire and a great movie would make a nice evening for the family.

I love that we live so close to this to Euclid!  They do amazing work at this place ! We get all our wood/mantles at Euclid Timber. 

Here is the lovely piece of wood that we turn it into a lovely mantle. 

This house is currently for sale and we would love for you to come by and see it.  It's in Provo in the Riverbottoms. If you have access to the MLS then look up this number to see more photos and get more information about the house—1534696 (Agent Scott Murray-Rock Canyon Real Estate) or email us and we'll arrange it for you.  You've gotta see the entire house! 

Check back soon as we are showing more Before and After photos including a totally gutted and enlarged master bedroom and bath.

Come to our Open House this Saturday July 21st 11:00 to 2:00 to see all-AND it is for Sale-You could have this Brand New, Totally Remodeled house!   358 West 3950 North Provo, Utah  (River Bottoms)  


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