Friday, November 27, 2020

Oh Christmas Tree-Candy Card, Candy Bar Wrap Party Favors, Gifts and Treats

How fun is this new Candy Card for Christmas? Why just give a card 
to your favorite people when you could give a card with a TREAT inside? 
(A regular size, solid chocolate Hershey bar)
The Christmas plaid is so popular in decor so we decided
to include it in our Christmas designs this year.

The gifts under the tree are cut out of no-shed glitter cardstock. 
The pine tree is cut out of 2 different papers. The snowdrift under the
tree is a solid white paper. So easy to assemble.

The Christmas tree comes pre-assembled. All you add is the banner. 
Some things need glue and other things are attached
using sticky foam squares.

There are two different banners to choose from. You can get half of each 
message or all of one message. It's totally up to you.

Merry Christmas 
Make Merry

The perfect Party Favor for your Holiday parties. Great to hand out to
people in your life who have done things for you all year long…..
like your hair stylist, newspaper carrier, mail carrier 
and what about your kids bus driver, the janitor at the school,
their teacher and principal?

CLICK here to get these
Candy Cards for your favorite people


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Santa & Mrs. Claus Candy Bar Wraps and Utensil Holders-Ho Ho Ho!

Time to dress up a Hershey chocolate bar in a Santa Claus theme!  Sant's coat and mittens are a fun way to give a sweet treat this Christmas.  Perfect for stocking stuffers, co-workers, employees, teachers, family and friends and more. (Who would you give these to?)   You would definitely be the talk of the office if you handed out these little gifts.  It's a kit that is super easy to put together. We even make one piece of your order up so you have  a ready made sample to look at as you assemble the rest. We also put the double-sided tape on the wraps so you don't have to purchase double-sided tape for this project. Yea!  Now doesn't that sound fun!  

CLICK HERE to get more info on our Merry Santa Candy Bar Wrappers

Now introducing the newest Christmas candy bar wrapper-Mrs. Claus!
The two are quite a match. Just perfect for your
 Holiday tablescape and giving to your family and friends!

How fun do these two look? Mrs. Claus apron is 
pre-assembled and so are Santa's Mittens. 
CLICK HERE to see both these cute holiday candy bar wrappers

She's the chief cookie baker so it's only appropriate
 that she is sporting a holiday apron!

We've even got the same design for a utensil holder. They make your Christmas table festive just like that!  Perfect for kids and adults.  It's a simple way of bringing the holiday spirit to your table in a very easy way. 

The close-up photo shows that the design is 3D. The collar and fur piece going down the coat is elevated using foam dots.  The mittens are hanging from Sant's belt and the two are separated with another foam dot to give it dimension.  Super simple! 

Whether you use plastic utensils or the real thing, either one will look great inside our Merry Santa silverware holders.

CLICK HERE to see both the utensil holder and the candy bar wrappers


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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Oh What Fun! Gobble Till You Wobble Thanksgiving Place Card Holder and Treat Box-Turkey

Welcome to the month of THANKSGIVING!!! I love this month,  love Thanksgiving.  
We've got a way to make your Thanksgiving table more fun and special,
 but in a very easy way. 

Our Thanksgiving turkey place cards/ treat boxes can be for the kid's table 
and even the adult table.  They would also be great to take to the office
 for your co-workers and/or employees.
 You can personalize it with a name tag or leave it off. 
It's totally up to you.

It's a kit that includes everything you need to put these together. 
 Just fill with your favorite loose candy like M&M's, Hershey Kisses, 
Hershey Nuggets etc, or wrapped mini or snack size candy or even your
 favorite cookies.  Candy corns would be a great treat too.  I plan on using these
 for both the kid's and the adult tables.  Now's the time to start gathering
 the treats you want for them.  You could even put some crinkle paper
 in the bottom before adding treats if you like.  TIME to jazz up the table.

The box measures 4" tall x 2.5" wide and 2" deep
CLICK HERE to see the companion pieces to this treat box. 
We have 2 different Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers, utensil holders, 
Turkey Toes treat bag and more!

 Side view---The crinkle paper is an optional step but you can get a
 nice size bag at The Dollar Store for $1 and Zurchers 
has inexpensive crinkle paper in larger bags.

We have companion pieces to this treat box.   

CLICK HERE to See ALL our fun Thanksgiving kits and digitals!


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Gotta See Thanksgiving 3D Pumpkin Place Cards and Thanksgiving Tablescape & Decor

We Love Thanksgiving around here and what a fun way to decorate 
your Thanksgiving dinner table than with these cute Personalized Place cards. 
It's a beautiful way to start your table decor. With the earth tones they are sure to 
fit right in with any of your other decorations. 

Here is our second double design for a Thanksgiving place card. They are companion pieces of cardstock with matching and complimentary colors.  Still easy to assemble.

We've searched the internet to find photos of beautiful 
Thanksgiving table settings that would suit our 
Thanksgiving place cards. Find them below and Enjoy! 

Yes, we will personalize all the place cards you purchase.

This Pumpkin Centerpiece would be perfect for the table with our 
pumpkin place cards!  There's even a tutorial for you to see HERE

We gather all the supplies needed to make these Thanksgiving place cards.
All you do is assemble. Everything is included, organized and individually
 packaged to make a smooth and easy assembly. Click HERE to see both the
  polkadot and the check place cards

Get all the details on how this tablescape was put together and how
she did it HERE Love the simplicity of the design. Looks super easy.

These place cards are so easy to assemble and come with a
printed tutorial to make it a breeze.

I think this one just might be my favorite one. It's simple but very pretty.
See more photos HERE

Here's a simple tables cape using a burlap runner, greenery, pinecones and
clementines.  You could substitute the clementines for the
small pumpkins and this would look great with our
place cards!  Get more information and see
more photos HERE

 You'll love the textured paper that we used for these pumpkin.
(This pumpkin is a different shade than the polkadot and
check design-still beautiful!

If you can glue and use foam dots then this will be a breeze for you!

Heirloom pumpkins just make this Thanksgiving table. It seems that the 
white pumpkins are VERY popular now.  See more photos and get 
more information HERE

Guaranteed to make your Thanksgiving dinner table look gorgeous!
CLICK HERE to see all Designs and get some for your holiday dinner table.


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Happy Thanksgiving Candy Cards/Candy Bar Wrappers-Chocolate for Everyone!

I love the colors of fall and so we incorporated three of our favorite colors into these 
Thanksgiving candy bar wraps. Wouldn't these be so fun sitting in the middle 
of your Thanksgiving dinner plates or off to the side, or even in the 
middle of your dinner napkin? It's a very affordable treat 
as the candy bars are available at Costco and Sam's club
 at only around 55 cents each.

We decided Mr. Turkey was getting far too much attention so 
Miss Turkey is the focal point of this design along with my favorite.....polkadots.
 I'm not sure when I decided that was my favorite but it has stuck with me 
and you can see them sprinkled throughout our other designs. 

The color "mustard yellow" is so popular now with the farmhouse look that I 
definitely had to include this one. When I started designing it was for one 
candy bar wrap and as you see we ended
up being three different designs.

This is my new favorite orange, I call it "yam" orange. So rich in color, so earthy 
and the perfect color for a Thanksgiving design!

I'm also a huge fan of green....Lime Green, Grass Green, Cricket green,
but this one is an earthy green and had to be included too.

This is a kit where we gather everything to together so all you have to do is assemble.
 No shopping and trying to match colors to complete the design, 
no designing or cutting---just assembling and this one is super easy. 
Only 5 pieces for each wrap.

These candy bar wraps make it super easy for you to decorate your Thanksgiving table.
 You could even make up an arrangement of them and use as a centerpiece. 
But don't forget to let your dinner guests know that they 
need to take one home with them.

Miss Turkey pops off the page with a foam dot and so does the message tag.
  If you can glue and apply foam dots then you've got this one.
 So easy the kids could even help with the assembly.

These make great "Friend Gifts"

Who are you grateful for?

We supply everything you need in the kit for assembling 
these cute candy bar wrappers or as we call them,
"Candy Cards". All you supply is glue 
and the Hershey bars.

So yes, this is our newest design, Our Thanksgiving candy bar wrapper for 2019. 
It's a Must Have for your holiday table and dinner guest.

CLICK HERE to get these for the Thanksgiving Holiday

While you are there checking this out be sure to see our
other fun Thanksgiving Designs, They are companion pieces
to this wrapper.


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Saturday, September 26, 2020

35 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party

It's time to start thinking about
what kind of fun games you'll want for your Halloween Party or 
school Halloween party?  Well we've gathered up some fun ideas for 
maybe your job just got a little easier.

Boo Bowling Game
To start off, how about an inexpensive game of Halloween 
"Boo" Bowling?   It's a game the kids are going to love to do more than once.  
Get more Details HERE

Halloween Matching Game
What's a Halloween party without a Halloween matching game?  
This one has all your favorite characters and is good for all ages. 
 Just print on white cardstock and cut out with 2 ¼" round punch.  

Fun Halloween Bingo Game. 
 Fun for school or home Halloween parties. 
 There are several different sizes of this Bingo game 
plus a number calling sheet (2)  
Get more details HERE

Have a Spook-Tacular Halloween
What a fun favor for your Halloween party!  Your co-Workers and 
Employees will love one of these sweet treats too.
  Click HERE for this and more fun Halloween Treats

Halloween Boo & Eek Nugget Wraps
Hand out a fun Halloween Treat.....Our Halloween candy wraps are
 good for party favors, for trick or treaters or neighbors when you do
 "You've Been Booed"  There are 32 different wraps and 12 different tags.
  CLICK HERE for more information and more treats and sweets.

Something WICKED this way comes!
 A solid chocolate regular size Hershey candy bar all wrapped up
 in Halloween fun!  Click HERE

Pin the bow tie on the Mr Bones
What a fun party game.  Find this game HERE

Have Dracula and Frankenstein
at your Halloween Party whether it is at home or at the office. 
 Choose one of both.  Click here

Make a backyard bowling alley
 Add a few drops of food coloring to ten clear plastic bottles of water. 
Stand them up on flat ground, use party streamers as lane margins, 
and score a strike for saving cash

 Halloween Treat
Here's something fun for your children's teacher as a gift for Halloween.
 Very easy and inexpensive. Tag attached says
 "You are doing a Boo-ti-ful Job, thanks!"
 Find out how they made it HERE

Monsterous Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers
will be a hit at your party or with your 
family and friends AND trick or treaters. Click HERE

This Witch Hat Ring Toss 
looks like a lot of fun and easy to make!  
Click HERE to get more information

Pop goes the Pumpkin
We did this cute balloon game last year and it was so much fun.
 We slipped candy into the balloons and then blew them up and 
attached to a large piece of cardboard.  The kids love this game and we have 
made it a family tradition.   Find all the directions HERE

Bean Bag Toss Game
Kids love this game. Use a refrigerator box and cut out a candy corn,
 or make it out of wood for something you could use every year.  
Easy! Get more info here  HERE

Or make  a Pumpkin Bean Toss Game
Get more information  HERE

You use pinatas at birthday parties
why not at a Halloween party-The kids are going to
 love this!   Click  HERE

Halloween Smores would be so much fun! 
Use Halloween colored sprinkles and you're set! Click  HERE

Make individual treat containers 
or one large pumpkin/bat treat container. You can get the larger
 sized buckets at the dollar stores for, you guessed it, $1.00 
 Click  HERE

It's the awesome Mystery Box! 
Put party favors inside or freaky Halloween surprises
either way it will definitely be a mystery. Click  HERE

A candy a day keeps the Monsters Away.
The perfect party favor. All packaged and ready for your guests to take home.
 In the meantime it can be part of your Halloween 
decorations or centerpiece. Click Here

Awesome Halloween Masks
Get the kids to help you make these awesome 
Halloween Masks-Get all the info  HERE

These darling treat bags are super easy
to make and will make your Halloween prize/treats all that
 more special! Get all the details HERE

October 31st! Our favorite day of the year
 A fun way to hand out Halloween treats. 10" x 3" bag can hold a lot
of candy or a little with crinkle paper in the bottom. 

I love to bowl, how about you?
These decorated cans (look like baby formula cans)  make a fun 
bowling game. Use a real pumpkin for the bowling ball or a real ball.
 Have fun decorating the cans with your Halloween scrapbook paper. Looks like fun! 
 (Find that size pumpkins at the dollar stores) See lots of photos plus the tutorial-


This looks like another bowling game
I like how they wrapped up the basketball with gauze and added 
googly eyes. What's under the ghosts?  Find out HERE 

 Mystery Bowls
This is an oldie but goodie but still a very fun game for the kids. 
See what they suggest you put in the "mystery Bowls" by clicking  HERE

Bone-a-fied Scavenger Hunt
This is a sweet game that the kids will really like. 
Read all about it HERE

"Halloween is a Real Treat" treat bags
Stash some of your favorite Halloween candy in these treat bags. 
They will hold as little or as much as you want. 
The recipients will be thrilled! Click Here

Halloween Balancing Act
Be sure to have Spiders....The kids wouldn't want to
 fall off into the spiders!.  Read more about this fun game HERE

Not a game but a really cute 
and easy centerpiece. Sooooo Simple, I'm telling you. 
Read all about it HERE

Use your wonderful imagination! 
How do you want to play it? Let the kids throw things into the buckets…
 (Spiders, bats, bones etc. get them at the dollar store)  then add up the
 numbers on the buckets that he actually got something in. 
The one with the highest numbers wins the game? 
 Find out how this game was put together  CLICK HERE

Doesn't this look like fun.  Could put treats and toys inside….
could also make it a matching game with Halloween pictures or cards 
inside the cups.  Get more details about it  over at Project Deneler

Need Halloween Treat inspiration?  
We've found 18 different Halloween treats that look so Yummy and Fun.  


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