Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tutorial for St. Patrick's Day Garland / Banner-Super Simple!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and time to think about decorations.
  This St. Patrick's Day banner is sooooo simple to put together.  The hardest thing
 might be choosing the colors to make it out of! As it says above, banners aren't 
meant just to hang on the wall.  Use it in other ways, perhaps draping around 
some of your other decor.  Hang it on the wall vertically or horizontally.

Choose at least 2 different colors for your banner. You can use as many as you like though. 
 We used 4 different pieces of cardstock....light green, dark green, gold, and one with
 a design. Be sure to select colors that compliment one another. A good Irish red 
would have been fun to add into my banner. 

After cutting out your shamrocks,  put them in pairs. Then place your shamrock pairs
 in the order that you want them to appear in the banner. Then you can start sewing. 

We are offering the SHAMROCKS to make this banner in our 
Etsy shop...... Just in case you don't want to cut them out 
yourself ......  Click HERE

Use a scrap piece of cardstock to sew lines until you get the stitch to look the way
 you want....not too tight, not too loose. I have a Bernina sewing machine and the
 straight stitch length is set on 2.  The zigzag stitch length is set at 0. Now stitch down
 through the middle of each shamrock and through the stem. I always let the machine
 run for 5 to 8 stitches in-between each piece. This will provide a little space between
 the shamrock.  Be sure to use a thread color that matches your 
main colors.  We used green here. 

Here is the beginning of our banner, three shamrocks down 15 more to go.

The length of this stitch is good. As I said before, not too tight, not too loose. 
Our shamrocks measured 2.5" wide and 3" tall.

You could also make your banner one dimensional  by sewing just one
 shamrock at a time instead of putting 2 shamrocks together.
  It would basically look like this photo. 

Scatter the shamrocks down the center of your buffet or dining table
Put the shamrocks on a skewer or a lollipop stick and top your cupcakes
Use them as a food pick for breads, desserts etc
Put them on the front of a treat bag
Hang the banner vertically instead of horizontally
Pin the shamrocks on the kids so they don't get pinched on St. Patrick's Day
Include them on your St. Patrick's Day wreath
Write notes to the kids on them and put in their lunchbox

Now all that's left to do is fold each shamrock in towards itself. 
 The stitching line makes it easy to bend.  Now just hang your wall quote
 on the wall, the fireplace mantel or around your other decorations. 
This one can also be hung horizontally as we faced the shamrocks going
 all the same way. Have fun making one for yourself! 

We have some really cute St Patrick's Day printables and Candy Card kits that 
would be perfect for your St. Patrick's Day celebration in our Etsy shop.
  Click HERE to see everything in our Etsy shop  INCLUDING a kit for
 all the cut out shamrocks you would need for this banner. 


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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

NEW! Handmade Gift Tags for All Occasions "Love You" For that Special Gift

You've got a fabulous gift and you've wrapped it up in your favorite gift all you need is a fabulous tag to complete the look......We can help! Our new line of handmade gift tags are available now. Our first designs are these "Love You" gift tags.  They aren't just for Valentine's Day gifts (although they would be perfect for that type of gift)   Tell the special people in your life that you 
Love them any day of the year. 

Who wouldn't love to see a tag with this message on a gift. You can order either the kraft tags or the black tags. You could even order both.

The tags measure 4.5" long x 2.5" tall and have 2 dimensional hearts attached. The black tag comes with white twine and the kraft tag has black twine.

CLICK HERE to get more details about our Handmade Gift Tags


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Adorable Valentine's Day Heart Cookie/Treat Box Plus Swig Copycat Sugar Cookie Recipe

It's the perfect way to package a yummy sugar cookie for Valentine's day!  Our heart boxes will hold a cookie as big as 3.25" or smaller.  It's a kit that includes everything you see above plus a cellophane bag and twine to put your treats inside. Would make a great treat for your co-workers, employees, teachers or a fun party favor. If you buy pre-packaged treats you could even take them to school for the kid's classmate treats on Valentine's Day.

You could also fill the Valentine heart box with Hershey Kisses, (very appropriate) Hershey Nuggets,  mini candy bars, loose candies like M&M's  nuts, chocolate covered cinnamon bears or lots of other treats. You could even buy the Little Debbie cakes to go inside.  

If you can glue and adhere foam dots then you can do this.  The pleated heart comes that way, you don't have to create or ssemble it.  Let us gather up everything you need. All you do is assemble the box. Couldn't be any easier!

There's even a scalloped edge in a matching paper on the top of the heart.

CLICK HERE to get these cute Valentine's Day Heart Treat Boxes. Everyone will love them

CHECK out the Swig Sugar Cookie Copycat recipe below. They would be perfect in our Valentine's Day Heart Boxes. 

I love these cookies and here is a fabulous copycat recipe you can make at home.  Head over to Jamiecooksitup to get all the details.  The pink frosting is the PERFECT color of pink.  Makes them look so delicious.  What a great cookie to make for Valentine's Day parties and treats.

Yum Yum Yum!  CLICK HERE to get the recipe for these cookies and make some up for Valentine's Day or any day. They would be the perfect treat to put in our Valentine's Day Cookie holders above.


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

LOTS of Valentine's Day Treats and Gift Ideas and a Heart Banner-Gotta See!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you ready to see our NEWEST Valentine's Day designs?  Well, let's get to it!  
All our holiday kits are easy to assemble. Some kits have pieces
 already assembled for you. Easy instructions and
 a kit photo are always include to refer to.  
Beginning Makers and Expert Makers are welcome! 

We just finished this design yesterday. The hardest thing about it was matching
 the colors for each piece. I am very particular about what colors we put together
 in our kits. This one looks like a present and has a Valentine's Day theme.  
It's all wrapped up in a regular size Hershey candy bar which is a  
perfect treat/gift to take to the office for your coworkers or employees. 
You can pick the traditional tag that says "Happy Valentine's Day" or the 
"You're Awesome " tag or a mix of both tags

Our Valentine's Day Kiss stickers got a new look this year. 
We opted for more  intense colors for the sticker.  Each sticker sheet has 80 stickers.
  8 of each of the    10 different design. Place them out on your favorite Valentine 
       treat bow or include  in some of the Valentine treat boxes you see below. 

These two design go hand in hand. The treat box tag say 
 "A treat for someone sweet"  So naturally you fill the included cellophane bag
 with Hershey Kisses with our Kiss stickers on the bottom Lots of fun 
Valentine messages! 
(they add a lot to the chocolate kisses) 

Another fun way to tell your family, friends, coworkers, employees, volunteers
 and others "You're Awesome, thanks for all you do" One of our easiest kits. 
Just glue the wrap, the message on the front and add the glitter bow and 
you've got something special for your special people!

If it is a cute little treat box you need for your Valentine's Day dinner or buffet 
then this is the perfect one.  The box measures 4" tall, 2.5" wide and 2" deep 
and will hold up 15-18 Hershey kisses but you can put your favorite treat inside.
 The crinkle paper is optional and not included nor is the candy. Once again, 
very simple to put together with easy instructions. Would also be a sweet treat
 to take to the school or the kid's classmates. There is even a rectangular tag on the
 back that we will personalize with someones name.

This is my new favorite candy card. Instead of a Hershey chocolate bar
 you fill the provided cellophane bag with your favorite treats and insert in the bag. 
We'll even personalize the round tag that is tied around the treat bag for you.
 It measures 6:" tall and just takes glue to assemble. We'll provide everything else
 including foam dots and the cute puffy hearts on front.

For a smaller treat and a fun gift we've assembled this treat bag that you can
 fill with other sweets beside Hershey Kisses.  The hearts on the front are cut
 out of the cardstock. Then all you do is assemble the scalloped pieces above. 
(glue (not included) and  foam dots (which is provided) 
Choose your favorite Valentine message for the round tag.

Sweets are great but what if you want to give a gift card out this Valentine's Day?
 Well, we've got you covered.  This unique gift card holder features a heart on
 each one that was designed and assembled by us. Each one is unique and different 
from the others and can have 4 to 5 different pieces of cardstock
adhered to the heart shape and then a cute little paper bow.
 The gift card is inserted in the back of the card.

This kit isn't brand new but still a popular one in our Etsy shop. Choose the polkadot
 wrap or the check wrap or get half of each.  The upper heart is cut out of thicker 
holographic cardstock. When assembled insert a 1.55 oz (regular size) 
solid chocolate Hershey bar. You can get great deals on boxes of 36
 at Sams, Sam's on line, Costco and

Here's the same design for the people who love RED for Valentine's Day. 
Once again you can choose the "love" paper of the check paper. 
We supply everything but the glue and the chocolate bar.

This design got a facelift too.  Paper is full of paste hearts an zigzag stitching 
with circles, scallops and another heart on top. 
Just glue and adhere with foam dots….you've got this! 

Our "framed" heart piece is cut out of cardstock that matches the
 candy bar wrap which has lots of different Valentine words on it in the 
lighter pink. We assemble this piece for you. Then you just adhere
 the tag with a foam dot and tie the red twine on it.  Can't get any easier than that,
 but how impressive it will be to the people you give them to.
  Did I mention that any of our candy cards and treat boxes make 
GREAT Party Favors?

And now you're wondering if we have MORE Valentine's day kits? 
 And the answer is


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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Oh Christmas Tree-Candy Card, Candy Bar Wrap Party Favors, Gifts and Treats

How fun is this new Candy Card for Christmas? Why just give a card 
to your favorite people when you could give a card with a TREAT inside? 
(A regular size, solid chocolate Hershey bar)
The Christmas plaid is so popular in decor so we decided
to include it in our Christmas designs this year.

The gifts under the tree are cut out of no-shed glitter cardstock. 
The pine tree is cut out of 2 different papers. The snowdrift under the
tree is a solid white paper. So easy to assemble.

The Christmas tree comes pre-assembled. All you add is the banner. 
Some things need glue and other things are attached
using sticky foam squares.

There are two different banners to choose from. You can get half of each 
message or all of one message. It's totally up to you.

Merry Christmas 
Make Merry

The perfect Party Favor for your Holiday parties. Great to hand out to
people in your life who have done things for you all year long…..
like your hair stylist, newspaper carrier, mail carrier 
and what about your kids bus driver, the janitor at the school,
their teacher and principal?

CLICK here to get these
Candy Cards for your favorite people


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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Perfect Party Favor for your Holiday Parties! Treat Boxes Full of Sweet Treats

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year......A time of goodwill, hope and love. 
Friends and families gather together at this time of year to celebrate the season. 
We LOVE Christmas and all it brings and designed this treat box for the 
holiday parties you are planning!

What kind of party are you having? With a choice of 3 messages we are sure to have 
designed one just for you.  Whether your theme will be 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or We Believe, we've got you covered.

White on white is just perfect for a winter treat box. But we wanted to add 
a little sparkle to the snow, he way fresh fallen snow looks as the snow shines upon it.
 So we cut the snow out of a beautiful grey glittered cardstock.

Here's a closeup of the snow and the wreath.  Both pop off the paper by using sticky foam dots. 

The treat box measures 4" tall x 2.5" wide and 2" deep. Without the crinkle paper 
(which is optional and not included) you can fit 14-15 Hershey Kisses inside.
You can get great deals on Kisses at Sam's Club and Sam's online.
Amazon might be a good source too.

Each treat box has glittered snow, a holly leaf and a 3D Banner and 3D Wreath
put together with only glue and foam dots.

Super simple to assemble. We recommend using 
double-sided tape or a tacky glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue 
to put the treat box together. Only takes a minute! 

CLICK HERE to pick up some for your party, family and friends 
and even those at the Office or School


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Friday, November 8, 2019

Oh What Fun! Gobble Till You Wobble Thanksgiving Place Card Holder and Treat Box-Turkey

Welcome to the month of THANKSGIVING!!! I love this month,  love Thanksgiving.  
We've got a way to make your Thanksgiving table more fun and special,
 but in a very easy way. 

Our Thanksgiving turkey place cards/ treat boxes can be for the kid's table 
and even the adult table.  They would also be great to take to the office
 for your co-workers and/or employees.
 You can personalize it with a name tag or leave it off. 
It's totally up to you.

It's a kit that includes everything you need to put these together. 
 Just fill with your favorite loose candy like M&M's, Hershey Kisses, 
Hershey Nuggets etc, or wrapped mini or snack size candy or even your
 favorite cookies.  Candy corns would be a great treat too.  I plan on using these
 for both the kid's and the adult tables.  Now's the time to start gathering
 the treats you want for them.  You could even put some crinkle paper
 in the bottom before adding treats if you like.  TIME to jazz up the table.

The box measures 4" tall x 2.5" wide and 2" deep
CLICK HERE to see the companion pieces to this treat box. 
We have 2 different Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers, utensil holders, 
Turkey Toes treat bag and more!

 Side view---The crinkle paper is an optional step but you can get a
 nice size bag at The Dollar Store for $1 and Zurchers 
has inexpensive crinkle paper in larger bags.

We have companion pieces to this treat box.   

CLICK HERE to See ALL our fun Thanksgiving kits and digitals!


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