Saturday, September 26, 2020

35 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party

It's time to start thinking about
what kind of fun games you'll want for your Halloween Party or 
school Halloween party?  Well we've gathered up some fun ideas for 
maybe your job just got a little easier.

Boo Bowling Game
To start off, how about an inexpensive game of Halloween 
"Boo" Bowling?   It's a game the kids are going to love to do more than once.  
Get more Details HERE

Halloween Matching Game
What's a Halloween party without a Halloween matching game?  
This one has all your favorite characters and is good for all ages. 
 Just print on white cardstock and cut out with 2 ¼" round punch.  

Fun Halloween Bingo Game. 
 Fun for school or home Halloween parties. 
 There are several different sizes of this Bingo game 
plus a number calling sheet (2)  
Get more details HERE

Have a Spook-Tacular Halloween
What a fun favor for your Halloween party!  Your co-Workers and 
Employees will love one of these sweet treats too.
  Click HERE for this and more fun Halloween Treats

Halloween Boo & Eek Nugget Wraps
Hand out a fun Halloween Treat.....Our Halloween candy wraps are
 good for party favors, for trick or treaters or neighbors when you do
 "You've Been Booed"  There are 32 different wraps and 12 different tags.
  CLICK HERE for more information and more treats and sweets.

Something WICKED this way comes!
 A solid chocolate regular size Hershey candy bar all wrapped up
 in Halloween fun!  Click HERE

Pin the bow tie on the Mr Bones
What a fun party game.  Find this game HERE

Have Dracula and Frankenstein
at your Halloween Party whether it is at home or at the office. 
 Choose one of both.  Click here

Make a backyard bowling alley
 Add a few drops of food coloring to ten clear plastic bottles of water. 
Stand them up on flat ground, use party streamers as lane margins, 
and score a strike for saving cash

 Halloween Treat
Here's something fun for your children's teacher as a gift for Halloween.
 Very easy and inexpensive. Tag attached says
 "You are doing a Boo-ti-ful Job, thanks!"
 Find out how they made it HERE

Monsterous Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers
will be a hit at your party or with your 
family and friends AND trick or treaters. Click HERE

This Witch Hat Ring Toss 
looks like a lot of fun and easy to make!  
Click HERE to get more information

Pop goes the Pumpkin
We did this cute balloon game last year and it was so much fun.
 We slipped candy into the balloons and then blew them up and 
attached to a large piece of cardboard.  The kids love this game and we have 
made it a family tradition.   Find all the directions HERE

Bean Bag Toss Game
Kids love this game. Use a refrigerator box and cut out a candy corn,
 or make it out of wood for something you could use every year.  
Easy! Get more info here  HERE

Or make  a Pumpkin Bean Toss Game
Get more information  HERE

You use pinatas at birthday parties
why not at a Halloween party-The kids are going to
 love this!   Click  HERE

Halloween Smores would be so much fun! 
Use Halloween colored sprinkles and you're set! Click  HERE

Make individual treat containers 
or one large pumpkin/bat treat container. You can get the larger
 sized buckets at the dollar stores for, you guessed it, $1.00 
 Click  HERE

It's the awesome Mystery Box! 
Put party favors inside or freaky Halloween surprises
either way it will definitely be a mystery. Click  HERE

A candy a day keeps the Monsters Away.
The perfect party favor. All packaged and ready for your guests to take home.
 In the meantime it can be part of your Halloween 
decorations or centerpiece. Click Here

Awesome Halloween Masks
Get the kids to help you make these awesome 
Halloween Masks-Get all the info  HERE

These darling treat bags are super easy
to make and will make your Halloween prize/treats all that
 more special! Get all the details HERE

October 31st! Our favorite day of the year
 A fun way to hand out Halloween treats. 10" x 3" bag can hold a lot
of candy or a little with crinkle paper in the bottom. 

I love to bowl, how about you?
These decorated cans (look like baby formula cans)  make a fun 
bowling game. Use a real pumpkin for the bowling ball or a real ball.
 Have fun decorating the cans with your Halloween scrapbook paper. Looks like fun! 
 (Find that size pumpkins at the dollar stores) See lots of photos plus the tutorial-


This looks like another bowling game
I like how they wrapped up the basketball with gauze and added 
googly eyes. What's under the ghosts?  Find out HERE 

 Mystery Bowls
This is an oldie but goodie but still a very fun game for the kids. 
See what they suggest you put in the "mystery Bowls" by clicking  HERE

Bone-a-fied Scavenger Hunt
This is a sweet game that the kids will really like. 
Read all about it HERE

"Halloween is a Real Treat" treat bags
Stash some of your favorite Halloween candy in these treat bags. 
They will hold as little or as much as you want. 
The recipients will be thrilled! Click Here

Halloween Balancing Act
Be sure to have Spiders....The kids wouldn't want to
 fall off into the spiders!.  Read more about this fun game HERE

Not a game but a really cute 
and easy centerpiece. Sooooo Simple, I'm telling you. 
Read all about it HERE

Use your wonderful imagination! 
How do you want to play it? Let the kids throw things into the buckets…
 (Spiders, bats, bones etc. get them at the dollar store)  then add up the
 numbers on the buckets that he actually got something in. 
The one with the highest numbers wins the game? 
 Find out how this game was put together  CLICK HERE

Doesn't this look like fun.  Could put treats and toys inside….
could also make it a matching game with Halloween pictures or cards 
inside the cups.  Get more details about it  over at Project Deneler

Need Halloween Treat inspiration?  
We've found 18 different Halloween treats that look so Yummy and Fun.  


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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

15 New Halloween Treat Boxes & Candy Bar Wraps/Candy Cards -Gotta See ALL!!!!

It's the best time of the year again! I live for the second half of the year
 with my favorite holidays. Halloween is number 1, Christmas number 2 and 
Thanksgiving number 3.  We've gone a little crazy this year designing 
new kits for Halloween!  With so many to choose from 
you may find it difficult to  choose. So make it easy on yourself  and 
some of multiple kits.  

Here's our Happy Monster candy bar wrappers. 
 "Wishing you a Monster of a Halloween"  
Perfect  Halloween treat for anyone on your list. 

Party Favors
Trick or Treaters
CoWorker Treats
Employee Gifts
Office Staff treats
School Office Staff Gifts
Volunteers Treats
Teacher Appreciation
Classroom Treats
and much more!

Happy Boo Day!  You're Friends/CoWorkers 
will love this Halloween candy card!  
Easy to assemble but so cute.
 If you can glue and use sticky foam dots then
 you've got this. People will
think you're sooooo CREATIVE!  

If you're into Skeletons then this is the treat box for you!  The skeletons are
 backed by two different fall colors of cardstock. The treat box is made of
glitter cardstock and boy does it sparkle!  Super easy to
assemble. Everything you need is supplied except for glue
and the treats you put inside the box. Crinkle paper is optional
and isn't included but you can get nice crinkle paper
at The Dollar Store for $1

No Tricks, Just Treats have a orange
 rosette/medallion as the star of the show.  It comes already  
assembled for you  and all you do is glue the pieces  together. Super easy!  All our  
candy bar wrappers are made for a regular sized Hershey bar 
1.55 oz (solid chocolate) 




Cost of each bar around 55 cents!

Place this festive Pumpkin Place Card Holder
 on your Halloween party table and you'e got an instant decoration with 
little effort. We will personalize each tag with the name of your guests.

"Halloween Treats for You" make thisHalloween treat box so much fun!
The tag and the bat come preassembled  for you.  All you do is glue
 the front piece on the treat box and adhere the "drippy Goo" with two foam 
dots.  The cellophane bag can hold a lot of treats or a little.  It's up to you. 
(10" x 3") If you put some crinkle paper in the bottom of the 
bag then you can put less treats inside but it will still be impressive. We put 15
Hershey Kisses in the display treat box in photo without any crinkle paper. 
We've included a "to-from" tag but that's optional.  

Trick or Treat!  A fun way to hand out candy for Halloween this year.
A little glue and some sticky foam dots and you've got this!For beginners and 
pro crafters! You've just wrapped up a yummy Hershey chocolate bar.

"Have a Spooktacular Halloween"  candy bar wrappers will be a hit at your 
Halloween party or even if you give them out on Halloween to 
your trick or treats. What about your neighbors and friends? 
 Everything comes in the kit precut and individually packaged. All you supply
 is the glue and the 1.55 oz Hershey candy bars.

"Itsy Bitsy Spider" treat boxes are perfect
 for any of your favorite people.  All you do is 
assemble the tag and adhere it and the two spiders to the treat box with 
sticky foam dots and you're done!Your friends will love them!  Just
put your favorite treats in the 10" x 3" cellophane bag or you can just put in 
some crinkle paper in the treat box and add treats to the box. Either
 way works fine.Snack size candy will fit nicely inside too, 
The box measures 4.5" tall to the top of the handles  and 2.5" wide

We used this design for a candy bar wrapper and thought we needed
 a treat box too, sohere it is.  Just glue the "Have a spooktacular
 Halloween" tagto the front of the treat box, add the drippy goo piece and
 spider and you're done. Love the orange check cardstock!
The box measures 4.5" tall to the top of the handles and 2.5" wide

This "Eat if you dare" treat box also comes with a
10" x 3" cellophane bag so you have that  option or you can just use 
crinkle paper inside  the box  and add candy. The cellophane bag
 measures  10" x 3". Crinkle paper is not included in the kit.  The cute bottles come
 pre-assembled.All you do is attach each piece to the treat box with the supplied
 sticky foam dots. The box measures 4.5" tall to the top of the handles 
and 2.5" wide How fun!

We redesigned our "Something Wicked 
This Way Comes"candy bar wrapper to make it easier to assemble
and with less pieces but just as cute!Super simple! Wrap is designed for 
1.55 oz Regular Size Hershey chocolate bars.

We decided we needed  a treat box featuring 
our "Spooky Treats" candy corn cutouts this year too.  The candy corn 
 pieces come pre-assembled.All you do is adhere them to the front of the treat
 box with the supplied foam dots. I think this is one of the easiest to assemble
 kits we have! The box measures 4.5" tall to the top of the 
handles and 2.5" wide

This "Happy Halloween, You're Awesome" 
candy bar wrap/candy card is the perfect Halloween treat for your 
employees, coworkers, office staff, volunteers, teachers and staff. 
 It's a treat and a card!  It's a Candy Card that you can give out to your 
favorite peeps!The pumpkin comes pre-assembled. 
You just adhere it  and the speech bubble to the wrap using supplied
sticky foam dots. The bottom accent piece is glued to the wrap.

Here's a happy little pumpkin with a "Happy Halloween" tag. 
Love the black and white check with the orange accents. The pumpkin comes
 partially assembled, just glue the two accent pieces on and adhere 
the pumpkin and the tag with supplied sticky foam dots. The  cellophane
 bag measures 10" x 3" and can hold a lot of treats depending on what you select. 
 The box measures 4.5" tall to the top of the handles and 2.5" wide



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