Friday, March 15, 2019

Chocolate Easter Treats, Easter Bunnies, Easter Gifts for Employees and Co-Workers, Kids and Teachers

The Easter Bunny Always delivers and this time he's on the front of the treat!  Last year we did Easter chicks and this year we are all Bunnies!  Wrap up a Hershey chocolate bar (1.55 oz-regular size)  in a Easter wrap. Perfect for the Easter basket, Easter egg hunts, family, friends and even for the people at the office.  

 It's a kit that is so simple to put together.  Al l you have to do is adhere things with foam dots.
 (you can do that!)

The boy bunny gets a bowtie. The inside of his ears are a textured blue cardstock that we put on for you.  His feet come fully assembled and all you do is place on the bunny in any way you want.  The grass is, once again, just attached with foam dots. We like giving our wraps a 3D look.

Here's a side view so you can see how the bunny pops off the wrap.

If you couldn't tell we LOVE polkadots and especially pink.  

Another side view of the finished wrap.  Even the "Happy Easter" tag is attached with a foam dot.

The girl bunny comes with a "hare" bow (ha ha)  It will come in various designs.  Just glue to her ear.

If you've been trying to top last years "special" Easter treat then these Easter wraps are just the thing. Perfect gift for co-workers and your employees too. An unexpected gift for neighbors?

CLICK HERE to get more details and see more photos


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Baby Onesie Banners for Baby Girls and Baby Boys-Cute Baby Shower Decor - Gotta See!

Do you have a baby shower in your future?  One for yourself or one you're hosting for a friend or family member? We've got the perfect decoration for the party.  Whether it's for a boy or a girl we've got you covered.  Each banner has 8 different onesies. It's definitely fun!  Here are baby onesies 1-4 showing you how to attach the twine with two flowers in-between each one.

Here are baby onesies 5-8. It's a variety of pinks.

These cute baby onesies measure  5" tall and 4" wide  

Here's a closeup of the 1" mini clothespins and the twine and flowers.

All 8 of the onesies can be pre-made for you with all the embellishments already adhered or you could purchase the kit and do it yourself. 

People are sure to comment about your cute banner!  You could also lay it on your food (buffet) table amongst the trays and plates of food if you like. 

Let's not forget the boys!  We used a lot of different shades of blue for these onesies as well.  My personal favorite is the one with the little burlap bow tie!  Which one is yours?

Zig Zags, Polkadots, hearts, checks, plaids, stripes and solids were used. We loved them all.

Embellishments for onesies just stick right on. (If you get the kit but both of these banners can be purchased pre-made)   Then just string the flowers in-between each onesie and clip the twine to the onesie using the mini clothespins that are included. Told you it was easy! 

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CLICK HERE to get one for a baby girl or a baby boy pre-made or in a kit that you assemble yourself.


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Monday, February 18, 2019

Easter Candy Card-Sweet Easter Gifts-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers

Say Happy Easter with this cute "chick" design.  Everyone is doing Easter Bunnies so we are doing Easter Chicks!  These Candy Cards that are wrapped around a 1.55 oz (regular size) Hershey chocolate bar are the perfect "special" gift for Easter.  Whether you put them in the kid's Easter baskets, give to your employees, co-workers or teachers, they are sure to be a hit with everyone. 

Here's the pink version. The wraps are made from premium cardstock. The chick in the shell is pre-made and designed by us and pops off the wrap with a foam dot.  The bow is placed on the right corner and just finishes it. Super simple to assemble.

Here is the blue version. The milk chocolate bar that goes inside the wrap is a "Sweet" treat that everyone will love.  The recipients will think you have gone to a lot of work but with us gathering all the supplies and pre-making parts it will be a breeze! 

The bow is cut out of a cardstock that is textured and matches perfectly the pink in the wrap. Include these candy cars in your Easter Egg Hunt for a special surprise for the family and friends.

The bow for the blue version s also cut out of a cardstock that is textured and matches perfectly the blue stripe in the wrap.

This cute little chick's shell and bed of grass is also cut out of premium textured cardstock. We'll assemble it for you and all you do is adhere it to the wrap with a sticky foam dot. It's our design. We do have other kits that featured this cute chick in our Etsy shop. 

CLICK HERE to get more information and get some of these Easter candy cards 


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Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day-It's a Candy Card and a Sweet Hershey & KitKat Treat for your Special People!

Happy St.Patrick's Day to you! Here's a fun way to wish others a Happy St. Patrick's day and in a "sweet" way.  Don't just give a card this year.....Give something that is a card AND a treat to your favorite people.  Inside this decorated wrap is a Hershey chocolate bar. (regular size) and who doesn't like chocolate? We call it a "Candy Card"

They would be a "Sweet" party favor for your St. Patrick's Day celebration  and the kid's  classroom party favors/treats!

Our wraps come in two versions.  This one is the gingham version and below is the plaid version.  You can get an order in one version or you can get half and half-it's completely up to you.

Which version do you like the best? 

DEALS ON HERSHEY BARS:  You can buy a package of 36 Hershey bars (1.55 oz size) at Sam's Club for only $20. They are priced around that at Costco too. So the bars end up being about 58 cents a piece which is something that won't break the bank! 

 The "Happy St. Patrick's Day tag is adhered to the plaid piece using a foam dot and then the entire piece is just glued to the front of the wrap. Everything is cut out of premium cardstock. 

The leprechauns hat is designed, cut out and assembled by us. Even the shamrock with the brad center is included.  All you have to do is attach the hat to the wrap with the foam dot that is provided. How easy is that! Definitely a unique item your friends, co-workers, employees, teachers and family have never seen or received.

 I can just see the faces of your employees, co-workers, family and friends (and don't forget teachers) when they receive this fun St. Patrick's Day gift from you.  Be sure to order early!  If you wait you may have to spend more on shipping because now you now need  it sent by priority mail.  If you don't see the kit size you need just message us and we'll take care of it of you. 

And we couldn't leave out the KitKat candy bar lovers!  Same design, different candy bar. You can find both these "Candy Card" kits in our Etsy shop. Link below

•Employees Appreciation
Party Favors
•Family and friends
•Teacher Appreciation
•School Staff
•Office Staff
•Best friends and neighbors
and don't forget the kid's (perfect lunchbox treat) 

CLICK HERE to get these for the special people in your life


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Monday, January 21, 2019

Shabby Chic Valentine Hearts-Gift Card Holder for Valentine's Day Gifts

You'll love these Shabby Chic hearts that we put on our Valentine's Day gift card holders. No two hearts are alike. Here's what we did: Each heart has several pieces of Valentine themed cardstock with distressed edges.  The pink bow is made out of one of the pieces of cardstock that we used for the hearts. Then we backed each heart with one of the cardstock pieces used on the hearts (Vanilla color) and attached the two together with foam dots to give it dimension. They come already put together and ready to be adhered to the front of the gift card holder. Had so much fun doing it!

Check out this close-up to see how we aged and distressed some of the pieces of the heart.

Slip a fun gift card into the pocket on the back of the gift card holder and then put into the provided envelopes. The gift card holder is cut out of premium cardstock (black). I just love putting black, pink and red together for Valentine's Day!

So many different textures are included on each of these hearts. 

The perfect party favor for your guests. Perhaps a gift card to great restaurants around town, coffee stores, bakeries, Walmart, Amazon, Apple and more. It's so easy to pick up gift cards.

Like I said before, no two hearts are alike. Each gift card holder is as unique as the people you give them to. This design is a brand new one for this Valentine's Day.

Did I mention that they are so easy to assemble. All you do is glue the flaps on the on the holder, glue the finished heart and tag to the front of the holder and insert the gift cards.  SUPER easy but a special gift for special people!

CLICK HERE to get some of these to give away during the month of February.  People will think you are so creative!!!


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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BEE Mine - Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers-Sweet Hershey Candy Bar Treat for Everyone

Yes, Valentine's Day is on it's way and you want something really special to give the people in your life. We've got just the thing.  Our "BEE Mine" candy bar wrappers are made from Premium cardstock. We design it and cut out all the parts and neatly organize them in individual cellophane bags to make it sooooo easy to assemble. We always include easy instructions too. Even if you have never put together a kit like this "YOU CAN DO IT"  Both the bee and the beehive are pre-assembled for you. 

These are new to our shop. Just finished designing them today. The beehive is glued to the candy bar wrap. The tag, Bee Mine,  is adhered with foam dot and also the bumblebee. The wings are delicate, cut out of vellum and then there's a glitter heart on top of the wings.   Click on photo to get a close-up look of the wrap.

Here's the beehive we designed. We will pre-assemble it for you. All you do is glue it to the top of the candy bar wrappers. Then adhere the heart with a foam dot.

We are even including a cellophane bag, twine and a "from" tag so you can gift wrap it before giving it away. We only put "from" on the tag since most schools instruct the children to only write their name on the tag to make it easy to hand out their Valentines.

I find that being creative and crafting just make me happy. I have to be creating.  When you put something together and then look at what you've gives you a great feeling. Then you take that great creation and give it to your favorite people and see the smile on their faces.  You know what I'm taking about!

These would also make a sweet treat to take to the office for co-workers or employees. Your Teacher Appreciation gifts have just been taken care of too.  Be sure to order early to make sure you get what you want and it arrives in plenty of time before Valentine's Day!

CLICK HERE to get these for this Valentines' Day


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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Valentine Hershey Kiss Treat Box for Friends, Co-Workers-Employees and Classroom, Hershey Kisses

What a fun way to give treats this Valentine's Day. It's designed for Hershey Kisses but you can put any treats inside the box.  The perfect little package for handing out to your co-workers. employees and teachers. Send them with the kids on Valentine's Day for their classmates-much better than a plain paper valentine (and they will be remembered) 

Choose from 4 different messages
1  Be my Valentine
2. You Rock
4. Be Mine

The box measures 3.5" tall,2 ¼" across and1.75" deep. 

The hearts are cut out of the kraft paper with a red backer behind. Super easy to do! 

Add a small puffy heart on the front bow and a large puffy heart on the back to secure the box.  Who would you give these to this year? People at the Senior Center, The Retirement Center, the school administration and teachers? Endless possibilities.  Show people you care with a sweet treat.

CLICK HERE to get these sweet Valentine's day treat boxes for yourself


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