Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giving Gift Cards to Family, Friends and Employees this Christmas? Here's the Perfect Gift Card Holder!

Everyone loves a gift card and it makes a fun and easy gift for Christmas.  What's their favorite store, their favorite hobby or interest? Once you know that, the gift card buying is simple!  We designed a gift card holder that looks like a present to put the gift cards in.  It's a present that looks like a present!!!  

What a great way to give the gift cards you're planning on giving to your employees this year!  We can do large quantities too! Especially fun to use for the company Christmas party gifts. 

I was shopping at Target yesterday and in the check-out stand I found this adorable Christmas gift card.  I had to buy the Santa gift card for my Christmas gift card giving. Who wouldn't LOVE a gift card from Cinemark, and you can personalize their gift cards. A favorite restaurant or even fast food joint is a good choice for gift cards. Personally I would love a gift card from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michaels Craft.  Do you know someone like that? 

This gift card holder comes in a kit where we gathered everything together that you need. It's super simple to assemble and you'll be pleased with how it looks. A gift envelope is also included. Gift cards shown are not included.

Here's what comes in the kit. How much fun is this going to be?  We've made the gift card holder sturdy by doubling the cardstock.  You'll be pleased. 

Whoever you give one of these to they will remember the gift card holder AND the gift card inside!  Head on over to our Etsy shop to get these for your family, friends, employees, the paper boy, your hair stylist etc.  Each one comes with their own white envelope. 


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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Sides & Desserts-Ready for a Change?

We all have fabulous Thanksgiving traditions including food traditions but sometimes we feel like we need to make some changes. So okay! We've found some yummy things below that you might like to try for this upcoming holiday.  Rule is: Never make a new recipe up on the day of the event. Try it before...unless you are confidant of the turn-out.  Happy Eating Everyone!

Now this is going to make your Thanksgiving dinner much much easier. It's mashed potatoes that you can make up to 2 days in advance. I don't know about you but that's the hardest part of the dinner for me. Making sure the timing is right so they are hot when everything else is done.....and we make so many that we've got this giant pot on the stove (just kidding, not giant)  so I am definitely making my potatoes like this for my Thanksgiving dinner.  Head over to Jamie Cooks It Up to get the recipe and instructions.

Or if you don't want to have mashed potatoes but still want potatoes here's a yummy cheesy potato casserole that can be made the day before and popped into the oven before the turkey gets done. There's no potatoes to peel as you use frozen hash browns potatoes. Click HERE to get the recipe.

Imagine the surprise of the kids when they bite into this carrot and find it a little sweet.  You may have just gotten them to eat a carrot. Click HERE to get the recipe.

Have you ever made a gratin? They are very good. Basically they are a white sauce with cheese and spices/herbs over your favorite vegetable, in this case a cauliflower. Click HERE for this recipe--It's pretty simple and a nice change from plain veggies. Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa makes a really good cauliflower gratin and there's even a How-To Video that you can watch. Click HERE for that recipe and video. If you haven't watched Ina before....she's a fabulous cook but one of the few shows that actually teaches you while she cooks. I'm a fan!

Can't you just smell these sweet apples baking in the oven? It's a amazing but simple dessert for your family and easy to do.  Click HERE to get the recipe

And yes, you can have carrot cake for Thanksgiving. This one looks so yummy and moist. A few extra steps than your store bought cake mix but so worth it. IT's got coconut, pineapple and that's why it's so moist, and you can't beat cream cheese frosting. Another one that would put a smile on your family's faces!  Click HERE for the recipe.

For those of you who love cheesecake here's one a yummy one for Thanksgiving....Pumpkin cheesecake with a marshmallow topping. Now don't be afraid of making a cheesecake because it sounds too hard. It really isn't. Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and in this case pumpkin are the basic ingredients. (this one has more ingredients because of the pumpkin)  Mix all together in your mixer and put into pan. Yeah, it's that easy. You'll be so proud of yourself!  Click HERE to get the recipe.

For those of you who are intimidated by a coconut cream pie but want one for Thanksgiving, I've found the solution. It's a Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie Bar. Same taste (only kicked up a notch by the chocolate) but in a easier format ( 9 x 13 pan)  You'll want to read what "Mel" has to say about this fabulous recipe so head over to Mel's Kitchen Cafe to get the recipe.  I am making this one for our Thanksgiving dinner too!

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So Many Thanksgiving Activities for the Kids-Gotta See Them All!!

Thanksgiving vacation can be so much fun this year! We've got a lot of activities for the kids, some they can do on their own and some they need assistance. Either way it's going to be a Thanksgiving to remember. Click on the titles of each item to go to the original site. 

This is a game the kids will want to play and play, of course they could even keep score. Front and back of circles have graphics. 16 matches. Just cut out and glue together. FUN FUN FUN

New This Year. Available in games of 10, 15, 20 or 25. Each card unique. Excellent Fun! 

The kids will get a laugh out of these cards!

This game is a little easier for the little ones.

When the kids are reading over their Thanksgiving vacation they'll need some new book marks!

Brand new this year are these Thankful cards. Newly designed. For kids AND adults

Kids love getting notes in their lunchbox and what's more perfect during November than Thanksgiving themed notes! 

Personalize each binder with a name on front and side panel. Add coloring and activity sheets inside for a fun time. Inside you put coloring pages and activities like crossword puzzles etc. We have over 50 Links for coloring and activity games in our blog

These plastic bags hold 10 crayons, add our Turkey bag topper and you've got an individual crayon bag for each child.  They'll need them when they start to color the pictures in their coloring and activity book.

Fill a bag with candy corns (turkey toes) and add our bag topper for a fun treat

Let the kids fill out their "I'm Thankful for" cards...Choose from 2 sizes

Wrap up some chocolates with these Thanksgiving themed candy wraps

Such a fun activity for the family, especially if there's a prize for the winner!

Make a paper pumpkin and fill with sweet wrapped treats. Kids can help too! Good crafty activity for boys and girls 

May this THANKSGIVING holiday be the BEST ever!!!!


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Friday, November 4, 2016

Check Out These Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Utensil Holders-The Kids Will LOVE Them!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful time of year with the fall colors, the cooler weather, the football games and more. We've cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year for as long as I can remember. Love the turkey and the stuffing and all the sides, but what I really love is decorating the Thanksgiving table AND especially the kid's table. We designed this cute utensil holder with the kid's in mind but you could also use them for the adult table.

Here's what the back looks like.  The boy turkey is on the plaid holder and the girl turkey is on the polkadot holder. After I got done designing this I realized I was influenced by a very old felt picture that we had when I was growing up. It was a picture of a  man and a woman made entirely of felt and dressed in clothing from the 30's. The woman had a scalloped collar around her neck and that's where the idea of the scalloped trim piece came from. The picture reminds me of the Thanksgiving season and I really liked it. Funny how you are influenced by things that you don't even realize.

You could also put our Thanksgiving Turkey Toes treat at the place setting. Its such a fun treat for everyone, especially the kids. CLICK HERE to get our Turkey Toes in a kit and instant download

For this kit you can order however many boy turkeys or girl turkeys holders that you need, even all boys or all girls. We gather together all the supplies you need to make these Thanksgiving utensil holders.  All you add is the silverware.  We bought these sturdy, reusable, cream colored forks, spoons and knives at Zurchers Party Store.

CLICK HERE to get the kit that's the perfect size for your Thanksgiving table.


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Friday, October 21, 2016

EyeBall Halloween Door Decoration-Super Simple and So FUN!!!

And now we are fully decorated and ready for Halloween.  The Haunted Mansion sign out front is up every year! The vinyl is available in our Etsy shop so you can make one too. Click here to see our blog post that tells how we made the sign.  The door decoration is new as of today. It was so much fun to do and we didn't have to buy anything……already had all the supplies.

We used a 3", 2", 1.5", ¾" and ½" round paper punch to make the different sized eyeballs.  You can use whatever size punch you have.  We added in the Halloween messages using lime green scrapbook paper. I was going to use black butcher paper, which I would have had to go out and buy, but my daughter said, "Why don't you use a black plastic tablecloth"  I already had one in my Halloween box unopened and ready to use. YEA!!! 

The black plastic tablecloth was perfect!  It clung to the door immediately and made it so easy to place and cut to size. It measured 108" long and 54" wide.  I glued the eyes on the eyeballs with a glue stick and then used double-sided tape on the back of the eyes.  The tape did a great job of keeping the eyes on the tablecloth but we could still take them off and move them around when we were designing it. We used the double-sided tape to put the lettering on too. Super Simple! 

Whatever size eyeballs you use will be perfect. Use your imagination and make the design truly yours.  We used white and black cardstock for the eyes and lime green for the lettering. .You could even use google eyes if you like. They come in all different sizes from very small to large. 

Cutting out the hole for the door nob was kind of tricky and we had to stabilize the area round the door knob so we used black electrical tape for that area and to stick it to the sides of the door.  We used 60 sets of eyes for the door. Use less or more if you like.

We love putting these signs we made out in the flower garden every Halloween-Next year I think I'll change the messages on each one!

We love putting these signs out in the flowerbeds for Halloween-They are just fun!  

Our Halloween door looks great from the street and it will look great at your house too!!

White cardstock
Black cardstock
Lime green cardstock
Round paper punches of various sizes
Glue stick
Black plastic tablecloth
Double-Sided tape
Tape for attaching the tablecloth to your door

Here's the inspiration for this cute Halloween Door Decoration


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's Make some FUN and YUMMY Halloween Treats using Donuts-Easy to Make!

Donuts are a very big part of the Halloween celebration so we thought we might find some really great donuts for you to make for your parties.  Below each photo is the link to the original source sp be sure to click on the links.  They all look like so much fun!  Bet you can't chose just one! 

I'm sure you will have fun making any of these recipes. I especially like the acorn donuts, the pumpkin donuts and candy corn donuts. They all look pretty simple.  Grab yourself an amazing Apple Cider in a mug and ENJOY!!! (I suggest you buy a gallon of Apple Cider from Allreds Orchards-They are on University Avenue in Provo-Can't miss the red barn just north-west of the BYU Stadium) 

CHECK OUT ALL OUR HALLOWEEN POSTS in our BLOG-So many wonderful and spooky thing-Recipes, Crafts, Indoor and Outdoor Decorations and more!   CLICK HERE to see ALL


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Monday, October 17, 2016

This Thanksgiving Matching Game Will Keep Your Kids Busy While You Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays!!!  A holiday that includes great food, activities/games and friends and family. What could be better than that?  We've got a great game for the kids. It's a game they can play without supervision. It's a game that all ages can play, especially the little ones since all they do is match the pictures. It's a fun thing for them to do while you are preparing your delicious Thanksgiving meal. 

This matching game has a front piece and a back piece. Just glue the two together and you've got a really nice game that you can play every year. And even if some of the circles are damaged, you've got the digital file on your computer so you can print it every year, if you need to.

The graphics on the game are so cute and the kids are going to love it! You just download the file and print out. Use a 2 ¼" round punch to cut them out. (You can get the punches at Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Michaels....don't forget your 40% off coupon)

This really is a Thanksgiving game that is perfect for kids of all ages.

CLICK HERE to get the game for your kids!


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