Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Oh Christmas Tree-Candy Card, Candy Bar Wrap Party Favors, Gifts and Treats

How fun is this new Candy Card for Christmas? Why just give a card 
to your favorite people when you could give a card with a TREAT inside? 
(A regular size, solid chocolate Hershey bar)
The Christmas plaid is so popular in decor so we decided
to include it in our Christmas designs this year.

The gifts under the tree are cut out of no-shed glitter cardstock. 
The pine tree is cut out of 2 different papers. The snowdrift under the
tree is a solid white paper. So easy to assemble.

The Christmas tree comes pre-assembled. All you add is the banner. 
Some things need glue and other things are attached
using sticky foam squares.

There are two different banners to choose from. You can get half of each 
message or all of one message. It's totally up to you.

Merry Christmas 
Make Merry

The perfect Party Favor for your Holiday parties. Great to hand out to
people in your life who have done things for you all year long…..
like your hair stylist, newspaper carrier, mail carrier 
and what about your kids bus driver, the janitor at the school,
their teacher and principal?

CLICK here to get these
Candy Cards for your favorite people


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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Perfect Party Favor for your Holiday Parties! Treat Boxes Full of Sweet Treats

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year......A time of goodwill, hope and love. 
Friends and families gather together at this time of year to celebrate the season. 
We LOVE Christmas and all it brings and designed this treat box for the 
holiday parties you are planning!

What kind of party are you having? With a choice of 3 messages we are sure to have 
designed one just for you.  Whether your theme will be 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or We Believe, we've got you covered.

White on white is just perfect for a winter treat box. But we wanted to add 
a little sparkle to the snow, he way fresh fallen snow looks as the snow shines upon it.
 So we cut the snow out of a beautiful grey glittered cardstock.

Here's a closeup of the snow and the wreath.  Both pop off the paper by using sticky foam dots. 

The treat box measures 4" tall x 2.5" wide and 2" deep. Without the crinkle paper 
(which is optional and not included) you can fit 14-15 Hershey Kisses inside.
You can get great deals on Kisses at Sam's Club and Sam's online.
Amazon might be a good source too.

Each treat box has glittered snow, a holly leaf and a 3D Banner and 3D Wreath
put together with only glue and foam dots.

Super simple to assemble. We recommend using 
double-sided tape or a tacky glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue 
to put the treat box together. Only takes a minute! 

CLICK HERE to pick up some for your party, family and friends 
and even those at the Office or School


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Friday, November 8, 2019

Oh What Fun! Gobble Till You Wobble Thanksgiving Place Card Holder and Treat Box-Turkey

Welcome to the month of THANKSGIVING!!! I love this month,  love Thanksgiving.  
We've got a way to make your Thanksgiving table more fun and special,
 but in a very easy way. 

Our Thanksgiving turkey place cards/ treat boxes can be for the kid's table 
and even the adult table.  They would also be great to take to the office
 for your co-workers and/or employees.
 You can personalize it with a name tag or leave it off. 
It's totally up to you.

It's a kit that includes everything you need to put these together. 
 Just fill with your favorite loose candy like M&M's, Hershey Kisses, 
Hershey Nuggets etc, or wrapped mini or snack size candy or even your
 favorite cookies.  Candy corns would be a great treat too.  I plan on using these
 for both the kid's and the adult tables.  Now's the time to start gathering
 the treats you want for them.  You could even put some crinkle paper
 in the bottom before adding treats if you like.  TIME to jazz up the table.

The box measures 4" tall x 2.5" wide and 2" deep
CLICK HERE to see the companion pieces to this treat box. 
We have 2 different Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers, utensil holders, 
Turkey Toes treat bag and more!

 Side view---The crinkle paper is an optional step but you can get a
 nice size bag at The Dollar Store for $1 and Zurchers 
has inexpensive crinkle paper in larger bags.

We have companion pieces to this treat box.   

CLICK HERE to See ALL our fun Thanksgiving kits and digitals!


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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Something Special for your Christmas Table - Merry Snowman Personalized Place Card Holders-How Festive and Fun!

Add a little something special to your Christmas dinner table!  
Our Snowman place card holders can be personalized 
with the names of all of your guests. 
 They are very FESTIVE and make things fun.

It's a kit that is super simple to assemble. 
Excellent instructions are included too.
If you can glue and adhere sticky foam dots then you've got this!

These are the Christmas dishes that we use every year 
(They are so pretty it's a shame they only get used during 
November and December)  My mom gave me these plates 
many many years ago and I've loved using them every year. 
 The place card makes them look even more special. 

Don't you love the matching glasses on in the background
 on the right side? The matching salt and pepper shaker is on the left.

We would love for you to have these place cards at your family and friends
Christmas dinner! You say you only need a few.....no problems.
You say you need a lot? No problem!   We've got you covered.

CLICK HERE to get more details


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

So Cute! Christmas Wreath Candy Bar Wrapper-Friend Gift, Party Favors and More

I don't know about you but wreath
have always been a big part of our
Christmas Decorations.
We put one up every year
inside or outside our home
and they are truly
a Christmas tradition for us.
So we wanted to put one on the front
of our candy bar wraps
so you could give a wreath to your
family, friends, co-workers, employees
so we did and it totally worked!
Turns out there are a lot of 
people out there who LOVE
Christmas wreaths too, are you one of them?

There are four different tags to choose from:
1) We Believe
2) It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
3) Merry Christmas to you
4) Thanks Teacher, You're the Greatest (teacher appreciation gift)

We couldn't decide whether to make it up in red or green
 so we decided to offer both! Lucky You.

Here's a close-up of the cute wreath-Pre-Made for you.

The perfect Thank-you to take to your co-workers or employees!

Every wreath come with red half pearl "berries" and a cute red bow. 
Turns out I'm also a BIG fan of Holly leaves and berries, how about you?

A 1.55 oz Hershey solid chocolate bar is inserted into the candy bar wrap.
 It's a SWEET treat for all your family and friends, neighbors and more.

Are you hosting a Christmas party? Of course you are!  
These would be perfect for your party favor, party treat or even a gift
 for all your party guests.  Who doesn't like chocolate?

CLICK HERE to get some for your Holiday parties.


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Candy Cards/Candy Bar Wrappers-Chocolate for Everyone!

I love the colors of fall and so we incorporated three of our favorite colors into these 
Thanksgiving candy bar wraps. Wouldn't these be so fun sitting in the middle 
of your Thanksgiving dinner plates or off to the side, or even in the 
middle of your dinner napkin? It's a very affordable treat 
as the candy bars are available at Costco and Sam's club
 at only around 55 cents each.

We decided Mr. Turkey was getting far too much attention so 
Miss Turkey is the focal point of this design along with my favorite.....polkadots.
 I'm not sure when I decided that was my favorite but it has stuck with me 
and you can see them sprinkled throughout our other designs. 

The color "mustard yellow" is so popular now with the farmhouse look that I 
definitely had to include this one. When I started designing it was for one 
candy bar wrap and as you see we ended
up being three different designs.

This is my new favorite orange, I call it "yam" orange. So rich in color, so earthy 
and the perfect color for a Thanksgiving design!

I'm also a huge fan of green....Lime Green, Grass Green, Cricket green,
but this one is an earthy green and had to be included too.

This is a kit where we gather everything to together so all you have to do is assemble.
 No shopping and trying to match colors to complete the design, 
no designing or cutting---just assembling and this one is super easy. 
Only 5 pieces for each wrap.

These candy bar wraps make it super easy for you to decorate your Thanksgiving table.
 You could even make up an arrangement of them and use as a centerpiece. 
But don't forget to let your dinner guests know that they 
need to take one home with them.

Miss Turkey pops off the page with a foam dot and so does the message tag.
  If you can glue and apply foam dots then you've got this one.
 So easy the kids could even help with the assembly.

These make great "Friend Gifts"

Who are you grateful for?

We supply everything you need in the kit for assembling 
these cute candy bar wrappers or as we call them,
"Candy Cards". All you supply is glue 
and the Hershey bars.

So yes, this is our newest design, Our Thanksgiving candy bar wrapper for 2019. 
It's a Must Have for your holiday table and dinner guest.

CLICK HERE to get these for the Thanksgiving Holiday

While you are there checking this out be sure to see our
other fun Thanksgiving Designs, They are companion pieces
to this wrapper.


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Boo Bowling! A Ghostly Halloween Party Game that's Fun for the kids

 Here's a fun game for the kids at your Halloween party. It's a nice safe game. We first saw this game  in the Taste of Home magazine. It's a great idea!

Our dollar store paper towels had a bit of a design but I'm sure if you prefer a plain paper towel you can find them. You want a very thin roll. We tried to use our Costco paper towels and the roll was over an 1" thicker. (as it should be)  Use a clear piece of tape to secure the starting edge of the paper towel. (The starting edge on the paper towels I used was still secured to the roll so I didn't have to use tape) We bought the foam pumpkin at Michaels for $6.99. Already had the 1" electrical tape and the googly eyes.

Set up the 6 paper towel rolls in a triangle on a flat surface and let the kids take a turn throwing the pumpkin (as if it were a bowling ball)  and see how many "pins" they can knock down. This is a game that can be played over and over, as many times as they want and for as long as it is fun!

Use an exacto knife to cut the three circles. Just make sure they are large enough for everyone's fingers. You can either use black paint or black marker to color the sides of the circles. The foam is a dark yellow color and not very "Halloweenie" (is that a word?)

When we put the googly eyes on the bowling pins (attached with foam tabs) we made each one a little different, but it's up to you how you style your ghosts.  So now you have another fun game to add to your Halloween tradition and best of all it's easy on the wallet...... Enjoy!


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Friday, October 25, 2019

18 of the Yummiest Halloween Treats Around! Appetizers Recipes

How cute are these marshmallow pumpkins? Get the details HERE

Ahhh, a Twinkie all dressed up like a Mummy!  Get the Details HERE

Dark chocolate cupcake filled with pumpkin dough and topped with pumpkin spice magic shell-So cute!  Bet it tastes yummy.  Click HERE

Cute witch hat cupcakes for a Monster Ball Halloween Party. Love the look!  Click HERE

If you like cake pops then you'll like these cute witch hat cake pops. Click HERE

Here's a Halloween treat that is (mostly) sugar free and so cute!  Click HERE

And now a special drink for your Halloween party.  Halloween Sherbet
  Click HERE for recipe

Mini Monster Cheese Balls would be a great appetizer for your party.....and so cute. Click HERE

Yikes!  Love the color of these candy apples.  Wonder how they taste?  Must find out! Click HERE

These candy corn cupcakes are so SWEET!  They are bound to be the hit of the party! 
Click HERE for the recipe.

And yet another yummy way to eat an Oreo. These looks amazing!  Click HERE

Gotta have this recipe for the pumpkin patch cupcake poppers. Click HERE

Make your own skeleton arms and bones to place in cupcakes and graveyard cakes. Super Simple and cheaper than buying the plastic ones.  Click HERE

More Marshmallow pops to make for Halloween-Get the recipe HERE

Are you a fan of Reeses AND cupcakes? Then this is for you!  Click HERE

Everybody loves a whoopie pie and these are especially for Halloween-Black Velvet Whoopie Pies, 
Click HERE for the recipe


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