Saturday, April 17, 2021

Excellent Gifts for Teachers, Office and School Support Staff-Candy Bar Wrappers

An apple for the teacher!  A glitter apple!
  All wrapped around a regular size 
Hershey chocolate bar.  The perfect way to 
tell teachers and
 other school staff THANK-YOU!

You can choose from two different banners. 
One is perfect for Teachers and
 the other banner is perfect for the
 Principal, Office Staff, Lunch Ladies,
 Librarians, Janitors, after school teachers and 
Bus drivers----Basically anyone
associated with the school.

It's a kit where everything is supplied except
 for the glue and the Hershey candy bar.
 You can get Hershey bars 1.5 oz size
 (regular size solid chocolate) bars from
 Costco, Amazon and Sam's Club for around
 50 cents each.A gift that won't break the bank! 
Super easy to assemble, 
you'll have them completed in no time
 at all. We even supply the foam dots 
that you use to adhere the apple
 and the banner.

CLICK HERE to get some to give away this year.  They will be impressed!


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