Monday, June 7, 2021

Sweet Ideas for Father's Day Gifts-Gotta See! Gifts For Your Dad

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? This wrapped Hershey chocolate bar is the perfect gift for him. 
Fill a container with a mixture of each design. Is Dad a fisherman, a 
sportsman and a business man?  Fill a container with all designs or 
select the one that reflects Dad the best.

Here's a fun design for the Dad that is all business.  The heart pinned to the twine
 says "I love you Dad"  It's a kit that comes with everything all cut out and ready to
 assemble.  If you can glue and use foam dots then you've got it.  

The outdoor sportsman will appreciate this one with the fishing pole an fish on it.
 "My Dad is awesome"  We think the navy blue cardstock and the green cardstock
 really compliment each other and are very masculine. 

It's football all the way for your Dad and so this is perfect for him. The football
 and "My Dad" are popping off the paper by using foam dots.

These candy bar wraps even come with a cellophane bag and twine to tie it up 
so you've now got a gift wrapped present for Dad.  It's a unique design. 

CLICK HERE to get these for your Dad


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