Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking for Cute Baby Shower Decorations? See Our Onesies Banners for Both Boys and Girls!

Do you have a baby shower in your future?  One for yourself or one you're hosting for a friend or family member? We've got the perfect decoration for the party.  Whether it's for a boy or a girl we've got you covered.  Each banner has 8 different onesies. Thread the cute flowers onto the twine and clip the onesies to the twine with the mini clothespins.  It's definitely fun! 

Since there are so many shades of pink along with greens and black they are sure to match what color theme you're planning.  

All the embellishments on the onesies are included in the kit. Super simple to put together.

People are sure to comment about your cute banner!

Let's not forget the boys!  We used a lot of different shades of blue for these onesies as well.  My personal favorite is the one with the little burlap bow tie!  Which one is yours?

Zig Zags, Polkadots, hearts, checks, plaids, stripes and solids were used. We loved them all.

Embellishments for onesies just stick right on. Then just string the flowers in-between each onesie and clip the twine to the onesie using the mini clothespins that are included. Told you it was easy! 

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CLICK HERE to get one for a baby girl or a baby boy.


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