Monday, July 11, 2022

Summer Drinks-Watermelon Lemonade & The Only Way To Cut a Watermelon!

It's time to eat watermelon……a lot of watermelon. You will never cut 
watermelon any other way after learning how we cut this one-PROMISE!!! 
 It makes it sooooo easy to eat, especially for the little ones. No messy wedges here. 
Now you just made eating watermelon fun to eat!!!

Cut a watermelon in half and then place the melon cut side down and
 slice 1" to 1.5" wide.  Then turn the water melon 90 degrees  and slice again. 
Super Simple but it makes the watermelon just all that more fun and easy to eat. 
Loved the look of it too. 

Now with the second half of your watermelon make a fabulously delicious Watermelon Drink or Slushy.  We made this for the Camping themed birthday party for my son-in-law. It was absolutely delicious and refreshing and simple to make!

Put a watermelon wedge in the drink along with a mint leaf for color. 
People will be impressed!

 HERE are some of the steps in the recipe.

Slice up your watermelon into chunks. You'll need 8 cups.

 Juice lemons to get 1 cup of lemon juice. 

 Blend up half the watermelon chunks with 1 cup of water. 
Then blend up the other half with another cup of water.

Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer and discard the pulp.

CLICK HERE for complete RECIPE-Super Easy and SUPER DELICIOUS!!!

The perfect drink for summer parties and celebrations! 
We used this drink for our camping themed birthday party-So many pieces, so much fun!

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