Thursday, February 18, 2016

Craft Room Organization: Store 33 Rolls of Twine In a Small Space...Now That's Nice!

Another fabulous tip for your craft room organizing is this cone rack, meant for cones of sewing thread.  It is the perfect size for your rolls of twine, either Divine Twine as show above or even Twinery twine.  Even full rolls fit nicely next to each other.  I love having them all in one place and being able to store them this way.

The rack is only 7" deep  and 16" wide which means it won't take up too much of your desk space.

You can fit 33 different twine rolls on this rack. I bought mine at JoAnns Fabric and Craft store with a coupon and it was just under $8.00. It's definitely worth the investment to be able to see all 33 rolls at once and be able to grab the one you want without searching for it.  If you have multiples of each color you could store them behind the rack as shown above. 

When I first saw they had come out with solid colored twine I was thrilled. I like the solid colors more than the multi-colored thread, as you can tell from the photo above.

You can find these racks at most craft stores. or even   The one pictured alternates between 5 and 6 peg rows starting at the top with 5 and ending at the bottom with 6.

Oh wow....I've got 6 empty spots....Got my coat on and I'm off to buy 6 more rolls of twine! 

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