Wednesday, February 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Treat Box and Party Favor-Plus a DIY Cupcake Stand

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's day? What kind of traditions do you have? We are Callahans and so should be having a huge celebration. For holidays I usually decorate the table with treat boxes like the one shown above. I will be adding the St. Patrick's Day shamrock garland that I made this year. (shown in photo above) Green plates and white plates plus green polkadot napkins will be making an appearance this year.  I have a lovely green glass pitcher that I could use too. I think I'll put this treat box in the center of your dinner plate or up on the left side of the plate. Either way it will make everything seem a little more festive! 

Just fill the cellophane bag with your favorite green treats....M&M's, Hershey Kisses and Nuggets....any small treat will do.  We really filled out bags full but you can leave it less full. 

We used two different scrapbook papers to construct the box.....medium white polkadot, small green stripe, small white polkadot and green and white stripes. We've also put a clear plastic piece up against the cutout shamrock.  When adhered to the back of the front piece it helps protect the cutout and keeps the bag of treat inside.  It also makes it a more sturdy package. 

Another view of the St. Patrick's banner.  We actually cut it up into smaller lengths so we could use it to decorate instead of hanging upon the wall. 

All the supplies shown above are included in the kit. Everything you need is need not buy a thing.  Super simple to put together. Easy instructions will be included. Once you make one you will have it down. 

I love how the treat box looks in this cupcake stand. The cupcake stands are 5" tall and will add height to your table decor.  We made these cupcake stands from supplies bought at The Dollar Store. The bottom piece is a candle stand and the top piece is the candle holder.  They have different versions of the holders. They are in the candle section of the store.  We glued the two pieces together using E-6000 glue. At first it was kind of stinky but eventually the scent went away. I think they turned out so cute and super easy.   

Here's a better view of the cupcake stand. So easy to make and inexpensive! They measures 5" tall. 

Our St. Patrick's Day Treat Boxes can be found HERE

Our St. Patrick's Day Banner can be found HERE


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