Monday, February 8, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Kisses for the Teacher, Hershey Chocolate Kisses

 Every year your kids get new teachers and every year you want to give their teachers something sweet, different and unique to thank them for all their hard work.  This is a simple but easy treat to give to teacher. It's not going to break the bank either! There are approximately 34 Hershey Kisses in a bag. You could make at least 2 and maybe 3 of these using just one bag.

All you do is package the Hershey Kisses, tie a bow around the bag and the tag, make a bow and you're done, and who doesn't like chocolate?  

7 different colors, plus black in the tag allows you a lot of choice for how you make up this package.  (Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and light blue)

TREAT CUPS:  We purchased a package of 6 treat cups at Zurchers for $1.83. They have all colors.You might already have a fun container you can use.

CELLOPHANE BAG: The bag we used measured  4.25" x 9.5" You can find cellophane bags at all craft stores or even paper stores.

RIBBON: We used a ¼" wide ribbon

TAGS: Instant Download tags comes 6 to a sheet (available HERE in our Etsy Shop)

HERSHEY KISSES:  Available everywhere. Right now you can get red, white and pink colors.

Put a little double sided tape, glue dots or glue from a glue gun in the bottom of the treat cup and then put the cellophane bag inside the cup down on the glue. That will keep the bag from coming out of the cup.

 The tag is available in our Etsy shop. There are 6 tags to a sheet so you may only need one copy.  We printed ours out on white cardstock.  You will need a paper punch to punch out the circle at the top of the tag.

TAGS are available HERE


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