Friday, February 5, 2016

Are Your Kids Drinking More Water? Put a Fun Label On the Bottle....Soda Sales go down-Bottled Water Sales Go Up

One afternoon as I was doing some reading on the internet I was thrilled when I read an article from the New York Times  about the fact that soda sales are going down.  People are turning more and more to bottled water instead of the sugary drink. In some cities, like Philadelphia, obesity rates have gone down too. (New York Times-Ruth Fremson)  There are some schools around the United States that have taken out the vending machines that sell soda, instead replacing them with machines that sell only water.  How thrilling!

"The drop in soda consumption represents the single largest change in the American diet in the last decade and is responsible for a substantial reduction in the number of daily calories consumed by the average American child." 
(New York Times Ruth Fremson)

Kids are choosing water over soda! 

With that good news in mind, and as you send water in the kid's lunchbox, why not send a positive message too.  Sometimes kids have rough days at school, whether it is because of school work or associations with their classmate or even their teacher.  Sometimes they just need a kind word.  You can take care of this need by sending  some positive messages in their lunch boxes. Wrap up their water bottles with these fun messages.  Just knowing that you are thinking about them and love them will really make their day. 

Personally I stopped drinking soda 13 years ago.  I haven't missed it!   The fact is I really haven't felt bad about my decision to stop drinking soda.  I have really learned to LOVE water.  And on top of that,  I'm not drinking my calories. I can drink as much water as I want, every day and not feel guilty about calories or sugar. 

CLICK HERE to get all 8 of our Fun Water Bottle Labels for your kids. 
 It will be so much fun!


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  2. I would love these for my family. Thanks so much for sharing them. My email is

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  4. Thanks so much! Trying to teach our kids healthy habits nowadays is so hard! Making it fun gives us a head start!, please!

  5. Thank you so much I have sent my daughter a lunch box note every day since she started Pre-K and she is now in 5th grade. This would be great addition to her water bottle I

  6. I would love these. Can use them to encourage others. Thank you so much.

  7. Those are adorable and what a great message to get out! Thanks, I would love a set!

  8. This is a fantastic idea. I can use these in so many ways. I look forward to using them.