Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School with Gifts for Teacher-Lots of Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Ideas

Kids are going back to school and you want to give their teachers something nice but not expensive (after all you may have more than one child in school at a time)  We have printables for those who are crafty and kits for those of you who aren't as crafty.  Teacher will love anyone of these gifts.  And you will be making brownie points with the teacher!!! Click on the links below the photos to get more information about each one.

CLICK HERE  to see 55 different  Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

"You deserve a lot of hugs" Is an excellent message for teachers or anyone else that has does great things for you and your family.  Fill a container with Hershey Hugs and you've got a sweet gift. 

"You're a Lifesaver, thanks for all you do" would be the perfect gift/treat for teachers, family, friends, best friends and anyone who has helped you with something. CLICK HERE

Hershey "Kisses for the Teacher" is such a SWEET gift.  CLICK HERE

Make a Flower Bouquet for teacher filled with wrapped Hershey Nuggets and flags with great messages for teacher.  There's even a tutorial for bouquet.  CLICK HERE

Teachers LOVE gift cards. Why not give her one in a cute card that makes it even more fun!  It comes fully assembled and ready to go.  CLICK HERE

Fill this clear pillow box with crinkle paper AND a fun Gift Card for teacher.  Such a cute way to package a gift card. CLICK HERE


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