Sunday, August 21, 2016

Halloween Kids Hershey Nugget Wraps-Party Favors-Classroom Treats-Snacks and More

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and my Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Can you already feel Fall is in the air? I LOVE it!  We are having so much fun getting our Halloween printables and kits ready for you all to see. We are working on a bunch of fun things. 

I love Hershey Nuggets and so it is a no-brainer that we design these for Halloween. These nugget wraps are just perfect for a party favor at home or even in the kids classroom. Three Hershey Nuggets are the perfect amount of chocolate. A package of Hershey Nuggets contains about 34 individual pieces so you could make 11 sets using only one bag. You could even give them to your FAVORITE trick or treaters.

Putting this treat together is super easy. If you want to package 3 nuggets you cut the tray 3" long. If you want 4 nuggets cut the tray 4" long and so forth. Use a pretzel bag to package them. You can buy pretzel bags at any craft store for cheap. (It actually says Pretzel Bag on the package…they are for the long, stick pretzels)  Finish off the package by tying it up using either twine or ribbon.

We have this design in Orange AND black. (black design is below)  Great treats to give to Teacher for Halloween too.

Here's the design in black. 

Mix and match the wraps however you like. Use them for neighbor gifts/You've Been Booed 

These Hershey Nuggets would be fun to take to the office for your co-workers. Just place them in your favorite Halloween container and watch them disappear.

CLICK HERE to get both the orange and the black nugget wraps for your Halloween parties.


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