Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Perfect Gift: You Deserve A Lot of Hugs: Hershey Hugs for Teacher Appreciation, Neighbor Gifts, BBF Gifts Etc.

Have you ever needed something clever and fun to give to someone who has done something nice for you? A random act of kindness, a dinner brought over to the house, helping you take care of the kids or other situations where someone has done something nice for you?  Well now you have the answer.  A container of HERSHEY HUGS  will be such a great gift that you can give to anyone.

We used two different pieces of cardstock to back the label. This one has a decorative edge. You can use decorative scissors to achieve a unique look or leave it plain, it's up to you.  Use colors that compliment or match the color of the word "Hugs" for a great look

You can make the gift appropriate for a boy or a man by using navy blue and orange or navy blue and green cardstock. You can make it the perfect gift for a girl or a woman by using purple and green etc. The sky's the limit on what you can do.  

Give someone a container full of CHOCOLATE HERSHEY KISSES

The perfect "Thank-you" gift for anyone of the people listed above. You can purchase glass containers at Hobby Lobby for as little as a $2 (watch for when the glass containers go on 50% off sale)  A soda bottle will also work or a Mason jar. Even a box would work. You can also check out the thrift stores for unique containers at cheap prices.

You can purchase Hershey Hugs almost anywhere and in different flavors.

This is our second design for the label. We used green and red cardstock. The label measures 3" tall x 11" long.  You print the digital file on your own printer or take to Office Max/ Office Depot, Staples etc to have them print them for you.

Just adhere the label onto the backing cardstock and then onto the container.  If there is a gap on the back of the container between the two ends, just put another piece of cardstock there that is the same height as your backing piece and wide enough to cover the gap.

You could write who the gift is from on the white part of the label if you wish.  Anyone you give this Sweet gift to will love your thoughtfulness. Even a perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation, at the beginning of the year and/or the end of the year.  Music Teachers, Coaches, Scout Leaders or Primary leaders are a perfect candidate for this gift too. 


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