Monday, September 10, 2012

(Part 1) Halloween Pumpkin Party Favor, School Treat and Trick or Treat Goodie

These cute little paper pumpkins are the perfect gift for a school party. Just the right amount of candy in each pumpkin.  Would also be great party favor for your own Halloween party.  It's also an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for the teacher too.  All the directions for making the pumpkin are below.  Use your favorite scrapbook paper and ribbon.

 Use any color of scrapbook paper you like. We used a scoring board for this project. Can be purchased at most craft store. Just be sure to take a  coupon with you and you could end up paying about 12.99 for it. They make all your folds look perfect and professional.  We purchased this Jack-o-Lantern paper punch at JoAnn's. Again, make sure you have a coupon when buying this EK Success punch.

You can use double sided tape or a glue stick for this step.

We bought this 3" plastic bag at JoAnn's. 50 bags for 2.99. The perfect size for this pumpkin.

If you like you can use a 3/4" round paper punch for the top and only have one hole for the ribbon or you could use the paper punch with two holes. I found that with two holes I could tie a prettier bow and it was easier than with one hole.

Here is your finished product. I've used a grosgrain ribbon here and a wider wire edged ribbon. Either one works.  Make your pumpkins out of the traditional orange or any of your favorite colors.   Scrapbook paper with a pattern works nice too.  There are many different shades or orange out there, grey or silver  would be great too.

All of the candies above would be yummy for the bag of candy inside the pumpkins. Even the Hershey candy kisses fit nicely inside. Have you ever had the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kiss? It's different but pretty good.  The white chocolate M&M's were one I hadn't tried before. It's good too. And of course there's always the traditional standby candy, the candy corn.  All of these candies are out and available now.

Hot off the press, as they say, are these Oreo Candy Corn cookies. Slowly becoming available everywhere but right now at Target. Harmon's grocery stores will be carrying them very soon also. (That's what the manager told me this morning.) Just wanted to point out two things.  The bag of  Candy Corn Oreos weighs 10.5 oz while the Halloween Oreos bags weigh 15.5 oz. The words "Limited Edition" is also printed on the package.  Are they any good? You be the judge....but two of the Oreo cookies, whether it be the Candy Corn Oreos or the Halloween Oreos, fit nicely in the 3" bags that we've put inside the pumpkins.

If you haven't spotted these Halloween Oreos at your favorite grocery store or even Target, they will be out very soon. Two Oreos is the pefect snack size for the kids, not too much, not too little.

To see more Fun ideas using this Jack-o-Lantern paper punch 

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