Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Halloween Games and Decorations, Inside and Outside, Pin the Eye on the Monster and More!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and so I love gathering fun things to make and display for the month of October. Below we've found games, food, crafts, decorations and party favors. Enjoy! 

Excellent game for Halloween.  Pin the EYE on the Monster. Get all the details over at Amanda's Parties

This would be perfect for your Halloween table-Would be nice put up at the first of October so you could enjoy it for a longer time. Make up some spiders to add to this orange runnerSOURCE

Spray paint some dollar store fangs to make this cute place card holder (from Potterybarn 2008) 

Start looking for candle holders at the thrift shops so you can spray them black for your Halloween decor. (from Potterybarn 2008)

These may look like wooden letters but they are paper mache.  Pick them up at your favorite craft store. Get all the directions for putting this great Halloween centerpiece to gether over at Crafts by Friends

Red Monster Door Passion Parties
Mummy Door Serene and Lily

For a larger area this would certainly fill in the space. The next time you prune the trees (or your neighbor does) save them for this fabulous Halloween Tree  Better Homes and Gardens

These silver pumpkins are so Great for Halloween. You can actually spray them any color you want, black would be good too. I couldn't find the original source for the top photo (if it is yours please let me know.  The bottom photos is the tutorial for painting pumpkins (any color) Could use fake pumpkins too.  Find it over at  Baby Center

Another fun Halloween themed party game is this "Pin the Heart on the Skeleton" game.  The free pattern and instructions can be found over at  Honest to Nod  Make it out of paper, felt or material.

Found a great source for Halloween decorations including tombstones of all kinds, cemetery gates and other accessories including costumes and here's some good information for how to set up your cemetery and tombstones in your yard  from Halloween

But if you want to make your own tombstones, take a look at this fabulous tutorial for making tombstones out of foam.  They will look like stone when you are done with them!  SOURCE

Check out this great idea for easy and cheap lighting of our outdoor Halloween decor-Super Easy and inexpensive but very effective.  Celtic Mommy

This is my favorite "Halloween Cemetery" cake.  I made one last year and though it didn't look exactly like this it was fun to make. (didn't want to eat it after decorating it)  Find all the directions and supply list for this cake at Country Living  (don't you love the platter?)

A cake in a jar is great but with the chocolate spider web on top you've got a Special Treat!  Get the directions and recipe HERE

While this cake is similar to the one above it looks like it would be easier to make.  Find this one over at Family Circle (use crushed chocolate cookies for the dirt and Pepperidge Farm's Milano and Bordeaux cookies for the tombstones)

Glitter, glue and wax paper are the tools you need to make this spider web. Very cool for your Halloween decor and especially for your buffet.  REDBOOK

Love the look of these Halloween broom sticks. Super simple to make and a great tasty snack (not full of sugar either)  The web site is in Spanish  SOURCE

What a cute party favor!  Buy these take out containers at your local craft or party store. The embellished suckers, using the same tag, is very cute too.  Get the free printable tag and directions at Better Homes and Gardens  Party box and Sucker


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