Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Tutorial} Fun Personalized Halloween Pumpkin Place Cards and Treat Bags ((Part 2 Tutorial)

 These pumpkin place cards are a little smaller than our pumpkin bags posted yesterday.  You use the same Jack-o-Lantern paper punch from EZ Success but add a color behind the pumpkin face.  The ribbon is gone and we've added the stem, tendril and name. See all the directions below. It's pretty simple. The two samples above are inked but you can skip that step if you choose to.

Any scrapbook paper can be used including lighter weight scrapbook paper with designs as shown above. A scoring board is a great help in this project. I got mine at JoAnn's on sale but you can use a 40% coupon and end up getting one for around $12.99. You'll definitely love having one.

 You could use a 1 1/2" circle for the name circle instead of a scallop punch if you prefer

 We chose a yellow paper for the background to make it look like the pumpkin is lighted from within, but any color will work.....Black, brown, green etc. Just use your imagination. Because after all, you know what you like!

 This is the step where you ink the paper. We used the cheapest Q-tips we could find (dollar store) There isn't as much cotton on the end of the tip as the name brand and they work more effectively. You could use a stencil brush or a make-up applicator. Be sure to ink the inside edges of the eyes, nose and mouth. Slice the edges through the ink pad.  Curl the stem by rolling it around a small crochet hook or knitting needle, something small in diameter.

Glue on the scalloped circle by matching it to the scallops on the paper.  I used vinyl for my names but markers or pens will work too.  Definitely use a contrasting color for the name circle. You could use all the same color or a different color for each one.

Use a glue stick or double-sided tape to put the box together. You're favorite treat is sure to fit inside the 3" bag. We purchased a package of 50 for $2.99 from JoAnn's.

Put the word "Thanks" on the scalloped circle and you've got  a fun "Thanks for coming" gift for your family and friends.

These place cards will definitely look great on your Halloween table. If you include a 3" clear bag of candy inside the pumpkin it doubles as a party favor or a "thanks for coming" gift...and it already has their name on the package. You can use scrapbook paper that is lighter weight with a Halloween design too.

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  1. Like the tutorial..I am going to try it along with my Gift Card envelopes..thanks for sharing.