Thursday, September 25, 2014

Halloween Treat-Candy Wraps for Teacher Appreciation, Party Favor and More

Need a special Halloween gift for teacher, family, friends, neighbors or for a classroom treat?  There are 16 nugget wraps in this kit, plus everything you need to make what you see in the photo.  Check out the orange, light orange and black wraps. 

 The chocolate candy comes wrapped in silver or gold paper. The wraps look good in either paper. (Hershey Nugget chocolate candies)

We've gathered together all the fun supplies so you don't have to! 

The trays are made out of this double-sided paper, Orange for the inside of the tray and the white with spiders on the back of the tray. (trays come pre scored)  Wrap a bag with the twine and then put through the hole in the pumpkin tag and tie a bow, but first write who they are from on the card.  Bags, twine, tray, candy wraps and tags are all a part of this kit-everything you need without shopping around for the perfect paper and other supplies
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Halloween Candy Wraps

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Go Fish Game-Fun for Classroom Parties, Home, Church, Block Parties or School Carnivals

We designed this Go FISH game (kit) in a Halloween theme by using our favorite Halloween colors.  It's such a fun party game for the kids.  You could write a number on the back of each fish that corresponds to a treat, toy or prize to give the kids, if you like.

*Classroom Parties
*Church Parties
*Home Parties
*Neighborhood Parties
*School Carnivals
*Block Parties

 There are 6 different fish, each in a Halloween color. We designed the fish so there are two chances for the kids to catch them.  The eye is magnetic and so is the paper clip at the mouth.

The paper clip will attract the magnet, but there's a second way to get the fish. The eye is magnetic too.  There will be no way the kids can't catch a fish! Success all around!

As stated above, everything you need for this fun Halloween game is included in the kit except the wooden dowel.  You can buy them at any craft store but they may be about half the price if you go to Home Depot or other home improvement places.

Now doesn't this game look like something the kids would really enjoy! It may be the game they remember above all at the Halloween party!  You could use this game year after year.

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to get this fun Halloween Party Game

Friday, September 19, 2014

18 of the Yummiest Halloween Treats Around! Recipes Included

How cute are these marshmallow pumpkins? Get the details HERE

Ahhh, a Twinkie all dressed up like a Mummy!  Get the Details HERE

Dark chocolate cupcake filled with pumpkin dough and topped with pumpkin spice magic shell-So cute!  Bet it tastes yummy.  Click HERE

Cute witch hat cupcakes for a Monster Ball Halloween Party. Love the look!  Click HERE

If you like cake pops then you'll like these cute witch hat cake pops. Click HERE

Here's a Halloween treat that is (mostly) sugar free and so cute!  Click HERE

And now a special drink for your Halloween part.  Halloween Sherbet
  Click HERE for recipe

How cute is this fondant Halloween cake? Would love to have this at my Halloween party. 
 Click HERE for the original source

Mini Monster Cheese Balls would be a great appetizer for your party.....and so cute. Click HERE

Yikes!  Love the color of these candy apples.  Wonder how they taste?  Must find out! Click HERE

These candy corn cupcakes are so SWEET!  They are bound to be the hit of the party! 
Click HERE for the recipe.

And yet another yummy way to eat an Oreo. These looks amazing!  Click HERE

These cute Halloween treat is SUPER EASY and quick. Click HERE for more Info

Gotta have this recipe for the pumpkin patch cupcake poppers. Click HERE

Make your own skeleton arms and bones to place in cupcakes and graveyard cakes. Super Simple and cheaper than buying the plastic ones.  Click HERE

More Marshmallow pops to make for Halloween-Get the recipe HERE

Are you a fan of Reeses AND cupcakes? Then this is for you!  Click HERE

Everybody loves a whoopie pie and these are especially for Halloween-Black Velvet Whoopie Pies, 
Click HERE for the recipe

Halloween Themed Gift Card Holder For Teacher Appreciation, Family & Friends-So Fun!

We've designed a Halloween themed gift card holder that I'm sure whoever the recipient is, the will love it!  There are 3 different messages with one appropriate for a Halloween Teacher Appreciation gift.  But they would also be a perfect gift for:

Postal Carrier
Newspaper delivery (boy or girl)
Hair Stylist
Teacher's Aide
Special Trick or Treaters

Side view shows you it has scallops on both sides.

The card fits nicely inside while the foam dots hold it inside until it is opened.

Even the back of this gift card holder is nice!

We guarantee you won't find this design anywhere else as it is our own. What does that mean? It means that you aren't giving something that has been seen before-It's one of a kind! Made with premium paper. You'll love the quality.

Click HERE to get these for the special people in your life.

Creative Ideas on Pumpkins Decorating, Carving and No-Carve Pumpkins!

Tired of doing your Halloween pumpkins the same way every year? Let's mix it up!  Below are some fun ways to do a pumpkin in a different way.  My favorite is Hop On Pop!  Instructions are included plus some have instructional videos and downloads.  Take a look and Enjoy!

I got a good laugh with this one--It's called Hop on Pop  Click HERE

 Stack-o'-Lantern  What a fun display for your front yard.  I would also call it a pumpkin totem pole  Click HERE for instructions

 Veggie Head is a creative approach to decorating a pumpkin  Click HERE

 Binky Babies would be one the kids might appreciate.  Click HERE

 Junk Foodies is so clever- Cheese Puffs and Black licorice?  Click HERE

 Masked Pumpkins means no carving whatsoever. Click HERE

 Good Old Frankenstein. Love this one!  Click HERE

 These pumpkin mummies are Tightly Wound!  Click HERE

And finally.....let's not forget the Witch Pumpkin--Love her Hair  Click HERE

This is such a clever idea and there's even a full  easy-to-follow tutorial with great pictures. Is there a pumpkin archway in your future? Click HERE