Monday, May 18, 2015

The Perfect Party Game-Go Fish with a Twist-Gotta See

Looking for a really FUN birthday party game......This one is the perfect game for a birthday party for either boys or girls. Each fish is made up using "Happy Birthday" premium scrapbook paper and a second color.  Ages 1 and up can play this's simple but yet fun.   

 Everything you need to make up these 6 fish are included in the it.  All you need is glue.

A white square of paper is included that you can glue onto the back of each fish. Then write a number that corresponds with the same number on a prize. If you have a large party then you could put the same number on multiple prizes and as the guests catch their fish you can just put it back into the pond for someone else to fish.

We purchased a piece of blue poster paper and shaped it to look like a pond. Then just put the fish on it and let the kids fish.  Can be played outside as shown or inside the house.  You can get dark blue, light blue, white or any color you want at Walmart, The Dollar Store (69 cents) paper supply stores, XPEDX, The Paper Store and More etc. You could even paint a water scene on white poster paper. 

The magnet and the twine is included in the kit. All you need get is a dowel from any craft store for about $1.00. Just attach the twine and magnet as shown in this photo.  (You could use a twig from the yard too) 

Lime green

Lemon yellow

Apple red

Fabulous purple

Delicious Orange

Sea Blue

 You can purchase fun games at The Dollar Store or even Oriental Trading to give out to the party guests when they get their fish!

Click HERE to get this game for boys and/or girls birthday parties-Put it away after the party so you can play it again at future parties! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier-Check out the iPhone Tips

More fun Tips and Tricks to make your life easier and/or happier. I love to find these things and try and incorporate the ideas into the tasks I must do. Knowledge is power!   I especially liked the iPhone tips below.  Enjoy!

I just finished reading all 20 of these iPhone tips & Tricks and there are a lot that I didn't know but I am REALLY glad I do now. I bet you will find a great tip that will make using your iPhone easier.   Click HERE to see all 20 tips

I don't know about you but I can never finish a whole bag of lemons without some of them spoiling, so I was very interested in this tip.  Click HERE

I have tried this tip too and it really works.....certainly beats cutting up each chicken breast individually. It's a good time saver.  Click HERE to go to the story.

What a great tip about garlic that we found HERE

If you have kids this is an excellent way to prevent a spill and it looks fun too Click HERE

Another good tip for kids. It's super simple and quick to cut up a pancake using a pizza cutter....and if you have a picky eater they may just love that they are all square and the same size.  Click HERE

It's so nice to have a resource for getting stains out of your clothes.  When you click on the link to the Clorox site be sure to look at the right hand side of the page for other stain treatments. Click HERE

Do you have some crystalized honey in your pantry right now? I do and I'm tempted to just throw it out but I am going to try this tip so I don't waste a jar of honey.  Click HERE

Click HERE to get more information on how to make your mascara last longer-I tried this trick and found it DID work......You may have to try it too.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Baby Shower Party Games Your Guests Will LOVE....So DARLING!

We've got everything you need to entertain your guests at your next baby shower. They're not your average games you've played for years but something a little different.

An Adorable AND fun Baby Shower Game your guests will love!

Wouldn't it be fun to give the "mom to be" some suggestions for the baby's name? Write down your favorite name, nickname and middle name. Who just might like your suggestion.  It's a great way to break the ice for guests that don't know each other and a great way to spend the time while you wait for everyone to arrive.  Get it in pink or blue.  It's a kit where we supply everything you need. All you do is assemble-Super Simple!

Have the Mom-to-be keep their name selection a secret from party guests

Have a sweet prize for the person who guesses the name the parents have chosen

Suggest a first name, a middle name and a nickname and then sign it so it can become a keepsake and a remembrance for mom, dad and baby.

I love these paper bows-so delicate and pretty

Need another color? Just contact us

To see ALL our Baby Shower games and kits CLICK HERE

We've redesigned our onesies with the flower, using a darling polkadot paper

We've redesigned our baby onesie game with the flowers AND bow tie. (kit)  Each party guests writes down their advice for the new mom (and dad)  How much fun will these be to read after the party. They definitely come become a family keepsake and remembrance of the party and everyone who attended. Every first time mom needs advice!  Both games are sure to be a hit at the party.

Love the heart as the center of the flower

 Close-up of the blue version (heart flower center) 

 You can also get it in yellow or purple. Super easy to assemble. 

Close-up of the yellow version (heart flower center) 

Close-up of the purple version (heart flower center) 

We've also redesigned our onesies with bows using  this darling polkadot paper

If you prefer a bow to a flower, we've got you covered too. We've changed the paper we use for the bow tie to a polkadot paper for both front and back of the bow tie....I just love this paper. It has a nice texture and dimension to it.  Photo above shows our blue and pink versions. All you do is assemble the bow and adhere to the onesie. Super Easy!

Close-up of the pink bow version

Close-up of the blue bow version (3 pieces)

Wouldn't this black version be darling for a "little man" baby shower? 

You can also get a black bow version

Also available in yellow or purple

Closeup of the yellow bow version

Closeup of of the purple version (Bow is very easy to assemble)

Our baby onesie banner will definitely add something fun to your baby shower. It's a kit that has everything you need to make this cute banner. Easy to assemble

 You can hang this banner on the wall above your dessert table, or on the edge of a table or over your fireplace mantel.....just about anywhere you want. 

Use the cute mini clothespins to attach each onesie. We will have a version for boys very soon. Check out our Etsy shop to see all the fun things shown above. CLICK HERE to see our Banner

Everything above is available in a kit. Let us gather everything together so all you do is assemble. Super Simple to do and your guests will absolutely love your party, PROMISE!

To see ALL our Baby Shower games and kits CLICK HERE

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ideas for Graduation Parties, Personalized Party Favors, Candy Wraps Hershey

Do you have someone graduating from kindergarten, elementary school, high school or college?  Here's something to make the party you're giving for your graduate even more fun and festive!  Wrap up a Hershey Nugget chocolate candy in a personalized candy wrap and place in these colorful and fun boxes. Add the perfect colored crinkled paper and a "Congrats" flag and it will look like you went all out!  (only you and I will know it was so simple to put together)

Click HERE to get these for your GRADUATE!

Our candy wraps come in 7 different colors. If you want to add the second school colors do it with the crinkled paper or the box. If your second school color is white then you're good to go! Put the graduates name on one, the graduation year on the second one and a graduation cap on the third wrap.

Let's personalize it exclusively for your grads. Just tell us the name you want and the year and we'll design them especially for you.  Won't they be surprised!

There perfect for a kindergarten graduate, an elementary school graduate, high school or even college. The supplies are relatively inexpensive

 Everyone gets to go home with a box of chocolates. They're sure to smile about that!

They would make a fun centerpiece on your dining table too.

Even if you've got graduates from two different schools, with different school colors, we've got you covered. With 7 different colors we're sure to have the color you need. 

We have our Graduation party favor in a DIY Kit too. See all kits in our Etsy shop. (Everything is included to make the party favors) 

Click HERE to get these for your GRADUATE! 

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