Friday, September 23, 2016

3D Stitched Halloween Pumpkin Treat Box-Fill With Your Favorite Halloween Treats

Our Stitched 3D Pumpkin treat boxes make such great party favors, Teacher Appreciation gifts, You've been Booed treats and classroom treat boxes....and don't forget about your trick or treaters at the house or for Trunk Or Treat.  Super simple to put together. Kit comes with everything you see and need. Fill with loose candies such as M&M's or chocolate kisses or the Mini or Fun Sized Halloween candy.  We have cute Halloween Nugget Wraps and Hershey Kiss Tags that would be a great filler!

The arrangement of different shades of orange paper make this pumpkins face light up. 

When your favorite trick or treaters come to the door make sure to give them this "Special" Halloween Treat!  The pumpkin pieces come already stitched for you.

Need a special treat to take to the office (or for your husband to take to the office)  Show off your craftiness with the fun Treat box!

Now isn't that a happy display!  Use them as a centerpiece for your Halloween Party! 

Click HERE to pick up some of these Halloween treat boxes


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

*Brand New* Ghostly Halloween Tag and Hershey Candy Bar Wraps Together! Pick Your Own Message

Our brand new design for a Halloween wrapped Hershey bar was so much fun to make. We wanted something that could be used for so many things at Halloween time! They are especially fun for a party favor, a "Thanks for coming" treat or any of the suggestions below. 

Party Favors
Trick or Treat
Classroom Treats
Game Prizes
Teacher Appreciation
Treats for school administration
Music Teachers
Newspaper and mail carriers
Your hair stylist
Classroom Birthday Treats
Visiting Teaching Ladies
Church Treats
You've Been Booed
Neighbor Gifts
Neighborhood children
and so much more! 

It's a kit that comes with everything you see, you will have all supplies to make these cute candy bar wraps.  We wrapped up a Hershey candy bar in a black wrap and added the cute tag on top of it.

 Slip one of the tags that's for Teacher in the bunch and you've got something great for Teachers. It's the perfect party favor for a October birthday party.  Friends will think you're so creative!

Select the tag or tags that you want in your kit. Use the same tag for all bars or pick multiple sayings. Select "You've been booed" for your neighbor gifts or just go with Happy Halloween! The decision is up to you. What theme would you like for your wraps?

Here's a close-up of the tag. Takes only a few minutes to assemble. Then place on the top of the wrapped Hershey candy bar. The perfect sweet treat!  

Just pick up some 1.55 oz Hershey chocolate bars. You can find a boxed set of 6 for around $3.00-$3.99 at Walmart or your favorite grocery store or even find individual bars on sale.

You can also create a Halloween centerpiece with the bars.

Included is this tag for the back where you can put a name

 Kits are available in sets of  6, 12, 18,  24 or however many you need. You're going to love these wraps and tag. They are definitely one of a kind! 

PICK up a SET or two HERE


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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweet Treat Tags for Halloween-Party Favors, Teacher Appreciation,Classroom Treats and More!

 It's definitely TREAT TIME!  We all give out treats this time of year and we all have kids and people that we want to give something extra special to and that's where these tags come in.  When those people come to your door on Halloween you can have a treat like this ready to give. You can put these tags on the front of a treat box or tied around a treat bag. 

They are great for PARTY FAVORS and CLASSROOM treats. The tags measure 3" long and 1.75" wide, just the right size. 

You could also use them for the famous "You've Been Booed" treats.  Just take any square container and cut some of your favorite Halloween themed scrapbook paper to put around it to make it more festive and fun. You could embellish it with stickers or buttons/badges too. Punch the hole in the top according to the size of your ribbon.  Small for twine and larger for ribbon. 

What a great idea for your Teacher's gift.

They look fun attached to a bag of treats, including one of our Halloween Hershey Nugget wraps.

The Sweets Treat Tags are available here

We've got some Halloween themed Hershey Kiss tags and Hershey Nugget Wraps that would be perfect for this treat. Click HERE


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Cutest Halloween or Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place Cards You've Ever Seen-TUTORIAL

We've designed some place cards that can be used for either Halloween or Thanksgiving, depending on what kind of scrapbook paper you use. The good news is you can make them look however you want by the paper you choose to make them. They can be cute or scary or vintage for Halloween or traditional for Thanksgiving.  They are super simple to make and very adorable. They will make your table look amazing. 

Here is the Halloween Version. So much fun to make!

The paper that we used is can be purchased at Joann's Craft and Fabric store. It's from the line called "Coredination" You can sand it, tear it emboss it and love it. This is a two-sided paper with orange on one side and black on the other. When we sanded it the orange started to show through. It is very easy to distress. But you don't have to distress the cards.  

We cut out 5 2.5" round circles and scored and folded down the middle of 4 of them.  We used the Martha Stewart scoring board. You can get it around $12 by using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or even Michaels craft stores.

We cut a 1/2" strip of the same cardstock  and folded each end in about ½".  Then we put glue on the folded ends and attached it to the inside of the card as shown. This will help the card to stand up but you may not need it, depending on what kind of cardstock you use.

Cut out 5 circles measuring 2.5" round. Score down the middle of 4 circles and fold with the orange polkadot paper/side being folded face to face. You will be gluing the back side of each circle together. 

 Glue all 4 circle pieces together leaving the last flaps on the back loose. We used a liquid glue so we could move it around to make sure the circles were lined up with each other. If you use a glue strip you don't have as much control over placement. Glue the 5th circle on the back of the pumpkin to hold it all together.

Tendrils measures ⅛" to ¼" wide x 4" long. Wrap around a knitting needle to get the spiral effect. 
Glue the tendrils on the back of the pumpkin first, followed by the stem and then the leaves. (design your own stem and leaves) 

 Card measures 3.5" wide x 8" long. Score and fold at 4"  Distress at this time if you like. We just used a small piece of sand paper to distress it. 

You can either glue the pumpkin directly to the card or attach using foam dots. Personally I like the 3D look the foam dots give.

 Banner measures 4" long x ¾" wide. We inked the banner with brown ink. Write the names
on the banner or print names on a paper and then cut out banner with the name on it.  

Attach the completed banner to the card using foam dots too. Now you've got a very cute place card for Halloween!   Email us if you have any questions about how to make up this place card. 

Here's a version that would be great for your Thanksgiving table. Just use scrapbook paper in fall colors for this card.  They would look great on both the kid's table and the adult table.

For this version we cut out six 2.5" rounds. We glued 5 of them together and then used the 6th circle to glue on the back of the pumpkin to stabilize it. Either version looks good though. 


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Sweet Halloween Matching Game with Hershey Kisses Game Pieces

Are you looking for a game for a school party? Or even a birthday party, of a family Halloween party? We've got just the thing. It's a Halloween themed matching game.  There are 21 different matches,  (42 pieces) some Halloween pictures and some Halloween sayings. Such a fun game!

Click HERE to get the matching game 
for your Halloween party. 

Just line up the Hershey Kisses and let the kids take turns turning over the playing pieces until they get a match....or just play by the regular matching game rules.  The difference here is that when the game is over they get to eat the playing pieces. We used the Halloween themed Hershey Kisses candy.  You could also use Rolos candy if you like.  Kids just love it!

All our Party Printables (including this one) are Instant Downloads, which means you can have them downloaded to your computer within minutes of your purchase.

There are 21 different matches included in the game. Halloween fun for all and definitely a unique game that no one has ever played before (When I say unique I mean that the tags are unique)

PERFECT PARTY GAME FOR home parties or classroom parties. Also a make a fun Halloween treat when packaged in a clear cello bag topped with a ribbon. What about the office? Set out a cute bowl of these Hershey Kisses and you'll be the hit of the office!

Click HERE to get the matching game 
for your Halloween party. 


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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More Halloween Gift Ideas For Our "No Tricks, Just Treats" Tags-Plus The Peppermint Place Suckers and More

We wanted to show you a second idea for using our  "No Tricks, Just Treats" tags---Just add them to the front of a sucker--how easy is that?  The tags come in a 2" size and a 2.5" size. Wouldn't they be a great party favor,  plus it doubles as a centerpiece.  

We bought these lollipops at The Peppermint Place in American Fork, Utah. They have all kinds of suckers and stick candies and candy canes plus more.  HERE's a YouTube Video that gives you a tour of the shop and takes you into the back where the candy is made. (their web site is  not The Peppermint Place) 

The tutorial for making these rosettes can be FOUND HERE.  They are very easy to make. Once you make one you will be on your way.  Some people call them medallions too. It's a easy way to dress up the party favor.  

We removed the clear bags that were around our suckers but you will want to leave them on if you are using them as a party treat.

We placed a piece of styrofoam inside this cute pumpkin tin and just put pushed the suckers down into it. You can buy the green styrofoam or a green floral foam brick at The Dollar Store.  Then just add some crinkle paper in the color of your choice. You can also get crinkle paper at The Dollar Store. 

Love how large these suckers are. Give one to a child and watch his eyes POP out of his head!  

Here are just a few of the Halloween suckers that we purchased last year at The Peppermint Place. (I took them out of the clear bags to get a better photo, but they do come wrapped up)  You should be able to pick up some of these same suckers and maybe some new designs this year. The Peppermint Place has been making candy in Utah since 1969.  It's just a fun place to go-The kids will LOVE it!   The Peppermint Place

HERE's the LINK for a Easy TUTORIAL for the paper Rosettes and more fun ways to use the tags for Halloween gifts.  Don't Miss it! 


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Monday, September 5, 2016

No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween Gift/Treat Tag--For Friends,Neighbors, Teachers-Cupcake Toppers

How to make a Halloween gift even more special:  Just add this cute tags! It's a tag that can be used for anyone and on any kind of gift. Great for Friends, Family, Neighbors, Teachers, Coaches etc.  Can even be used for cupcake toppers, cake toppers or any dessert, even placed on a Halloween sucker. 

When I saw these Aromatherapy products at Bath & Body Works I thought they would be great for a teacher (Or anyone for that matter) A Boost of ENERGY may be just what they need. The orange ginger body lotion smells so great and so does the hand soap. (I am not being compensated in any way from Bath & Body Works-just my own thoughts) 

I thought I would try my hand at making these medallions again. I think they just add so much to the tag.  They are super simple.  Once you make one you're good to go. TUTORIAL is below.  Backing the tag with a rosette is totally optional. You could just cut a round tag that is a little larger for the back too. 

It's fun to have a Halloween themed package of hand lotion in the bathroom during the month of October.  They just make everything more fun and festive. The orange bottle is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin gentle foaming hand soap and the green bottle is Spidery Citrus gentle foaming hand soap. They both smell delightful!

A ribbon and a tag is all you need. No gift wrapping here. 

CLICK HERE to get 2 different sized Halloween gift tags that
can also be used as cupcake toppers, cake toppers or for any dessert or any gift. 


The rosette made using the 1.5" wide strip of paper was perfect for the 2" tag.  For the 2.5" tag you could cut the strip of paper 2" wide. No matter how tall you cut it the procedure is the same. Play around with the sizes to get the one you like the best.


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