Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Something Special for Mother's Day-Printables for Mom's Dessert, Breakfast in Bed and More

I know what you're thinking.....The men in my life are in charge of Mother's Day....We either go out to lunch or dinner or they do the cooking at home......So maybe this Mother's Day printable collection would be great to use  for your mom or mother-in-law.  On a day other than Mother's Day, maybe the Friday or Saturday before, you could throw a Mother's Day celebration for mom that would make her feel so special.  Get mom's favorite cupcakes and/or ice cream or other fabulous dessert and use the tags to dress them up.  She's guaranteed to love her mom look-a-like chocolates too! You're definitely going to make brownie points with your mom or mother-in-law.

We've redesigned and added more things to our Mother's Day Collection.  What's included: Large and small party circles, ice cream cone wraps, cupcake wraps and personalized candy wraps in both pink and green---all to make your Mother's Day celebration even more special. 

Choose from 50 different "Mom" images to place on a candy wrap.  Add mom's name to another candy wrap. Mom will appreciate all the thought you put into one of her Mother's Day gifts.  

Click HERE to get this fun gift for mom

We've also included in this Mother's Day Collection something to dress up dessert for mom.
Add a wrap and a party circle to your favorite cupcakes that says
"Happy Mother's Day"

Homemade ice cream would be so great for Mother's Day dessert, especially for the kids. Wrap the cone with our Mother's Day wraps and add a cute tag and you've got something unique and special.

Whether you want to use a 1.5" tag or a 2" tag to top your dessert we've got you covered!

Click HERE to get these fun Mother's Day Printables

What's included in this INSTANT DOWNLOAD digital file?

Cupcake wraps in pink
Cupcake wraps in green
2" party circles in pink
2" party circles in green
1.5" party circles in pink
1.5" party circles in green
Ice cream cone wraps in green
Ice cream cone wraps in pink

And in a separate digital file you get:
Nugget wrap designed with mom's name 
Nugget wrap designed with mom's look-a-like 
Nugget wrap designed with "Happy Mother's Day (Sheet of 18 all together) 

Click HERE to see ALL our Mother's Day  Printables

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

( Encore ) Have You Seen these Past Projects for Easter Treats, Crafts and Decorations?

We're sharing some projects out of our past Easter posts.  (Lots of fun things!) There may be some you haven't seen before. The link for each photo will take you to one of our Easter posts with more fun food and craft ideas.  Enjoy!

Cheesecake filled Easter Eggs   Click HERE
Rice Krispie Carrots  Click HERE
Happy Easter candy wraps for Hershey Nuggets  Click HERE

 Easter Pencil Bag  Click HERE
Easter Egg Tree  Click HERE
Easter Peeps Topiary  Click HERE

Easter Rice Krispie Chick   Click HERE
Easter Rice Krispie Chicks in Eggs   Click HERE
Spring Blossom Tree  Click HERE

 Bunny Veggie Dip Bowl  Click HERE
Easter Party in Orange   Click HERE
Easter Bunny  Click HERE

Easter Bunny Box  Click HERE
Easter/Spring Cake  Click HERE
Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies  Click HERE

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fun Easter Egg Hunting Ideas-Make it a Memorable Hunt this Year!

Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt every Easter? It's a fun tradition. Why not do something different this year? We've collected some ideas that could make this year's Easter Egg Hunt one the kids will always remember.  Happy hunting and Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Ears Hat   Click HERE
Easter Egg Crown  Click HERE
Easter Bunny  Click HERE

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs-Click HERE

Swimming Pool Photo via

 Sugar-Free Easter Ideas Click HERE
Easter Bunny jokes Click HERE

Easter Carrots Tutorial & Tags  Click HERE
Easter Candy Wraps   Click HERE
Easter Peeps Label & Tutorial  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Need Ideas for Easter Egg Dying, Coloring and Decorating?

Easter egg coloring and decorating is such a great tradition this time of the year, so we've scoured the internet looking for unique ways to decorate eggs and we think we've found some really great ones.  Start a new Easter egg decorating tradition this year by trying some of the fun ideas below! You're going to have such great fun!  Enjoy....

Easter Egg Dying 101-Martha Stewart  Click HERE

Chirping Chick Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Fabric Covered Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Kool-aid Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Easy Hipster Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Marbleized Eggs  Click HERE
Carrot Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Chenille-Stemed Easter Bunny  Click HERE
Washi Tape Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Flower Garden Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Twine Tied Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Mustache and Bunny Eggs Click HERE
Sharpie Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Don't forget to stop by our Etsy shop to see all our fun Easter Printables! Click HERE

Friday, April 4, 2014

An Amazing Round-Up of Easter Treats and Crafts including PEEPS!

We just could't help ourselves! There are so many fun and adorable Easter crafts and Easter treats out there that we just had to round up a bunch and share with you. You'll love the McCormick Easter egg dying tutorial below and all of the treats and crafts come from sites that show you how to do them. We would love for you to share this post with your friends, even your Pinterest followers! Enjoy and Happy Easter Crafting!

Bunny Ear Bags  Click HERE
Easter Egg Coloring guide Click HERE
Homemade Marshmallow Peeps  Click HERE

Planted Carrots Cupcake  Click HERE
Easter Marshmallow Bark  Click HERE
Peeps Candy Bouquet  Click HERE
Nutter Butter Chicks   Click HERE

Peeps Bunny Patch Cake  Click HERE
Peeps Pizza Cookie  Click HERE
Coconut Bunny Cake  Click HERE for tutorial
Peeps Kit Kat Cake  Click HERE

Easter Chick Bunnies Click HERE
Peeps Easter Basket Cake Click HERE
Easter Bunny Racers  Click HERE

Coffee Filter Carrots Click HERE
Bunny Pretzels Click HERE
Rice Krispies Easter Treat Click HERE

Little Lamb Cupcakes  Click HERE
Easter Bunny Napkins  Click HERE
Oreo Bunny Truffles  Click HERE
Easter Hand Dipped Strawberries   Click HERE

Soda Bunny Click HERE
Fluffy Bunny Bites  Click HERE
Paper Bunny Fruit Bags  Click HERE
Paper Easter Eggs   Click HERE

We've just released our 2014 Easter Printable collection---Lots of fun things for Easter. 
See all the photos and fun ideas HERE

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Are You Giving CASH to the Graduate or for Birthdays? Do it in a Crafty and Unique Way

I love this idea....such a fun way to give money (anyone can write a check!)  We've designed labels and gift tags for Graduation and Birthday and have included a complete photo tutorial so anyone can put these fun gifts together. It's a gift the recipient will remember long after the money is gone

Click HERE to get the Graduation printable 
and HERE to get the Birthday Printable

 Just use your favorite scrapbook paper, add our label and gift tag and you've got something special.

There are three different sized gift tags included for both "Happy Birthay" and "Congrats Graduate" 

Fill the soda bottle with cash, candy or other gifts. The secret to filling the bottle and putting together both gift labels are in the photo tutorial that is included with the printables.

 If you want to use the graduates school colors (2) with the label that's easy to do too (tutorial)

3 gift tags for the graduate and 3 gift tags for birthday are in the digital file. Use paper punch or cut out with scissors.

Four labels for the graduate gift and one for a birthday gift are included in the digital file.

Click HERE to get the Graduation printable and HERE to get the Birthday Printable.