Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Halloween Treat Boxes All Dressed Up As A Candy Corn-Gotta See! Candy, Cookies, Chocolate and More

While working one day I looked over at these two popcorn boxes that I had stacked together to get them out of the way. One was yellow and one was orange. At that moment I said to myself..... "Hey, that looks like a candy corn"  And that was the beginning moment of this design. A candy corn treat box. (measures 3" wide x 3" deep x 4" tall)

What kind of treats do you need during the month of Halloween? Do you give special treats to your favorite trick or treaters?  How about your friends at work? Wouldn't your employees appreciate one of these? Are you hosting a Halloween party........Need a party favor? We can help! 

chocolate covered popcorn
candy corn
full sized candy bars
Halloween cookies
gift card and candy
Hershey kisses
Hershey nuggets
cinnamon bears
Halloween candy
peanut brittle
and most any kind of candy or treat

I love this saying because, quite frankly, I am a chocoholic and will always be.  Although I do like other candy but chocolate, nuts, and caramel is the best!  Have you ever tried the turtles or cavaliers from Mrs. Cavanaughs? They are absolutely the best. Now that would be a special treat for someone extra special. Imagine them in individual cellophane bags inside this cute treat box.  I would LOVE to receive that treat box.  

We've taken two medium sized popcorn boxes (3" wide x 3" deep x 4" tall) and nestled the together, partly to make it a stronger box but mostly to make the boxes look like a candy corn....but the result is a stronger box that is MORE festive. The tag is aged on the edges to give it that "aged" Halloween look. The candy corns are layered with premium cardstock to give it a 3D look. And finally you add your favorite treat/candy. It doesn't have to be a candy corn. You could put your favorite recipe for chocolate covered popcorn inside, your favorite full-sized candy bars or even your much sought after Halloween cookies. Use the crinkle paper to fill the box to the proper level for the treat you are going to put inside. A lot of crinkle paper means a smaller treat while a little crinkle paper allows for more treats. I guess it depends on who you are giving them to. A lot for the co-workers at your office and a little for the kids in your child's classroom? 

We gather the supplies you need to assemble each box. You only adhere the tags and candy corn cutouts and put your treat in the cellophane bag and you're done. Super Simple! Kit contains what you see above plus foam dots, and of course, easy-to-follow-instructions though with this all you need to do is look at the package photo. The crinkle paper isn't included but you can get a nice sized bag at The Dollar Store for $1.  We used white to make the 3 colors of the candy corn complete but you could use orange, black or yellow.  

You can get MORE details in our Etsy shop. Don't wait too long to purchase because we have a limited amount of popcorn boxes for the kits (no, really)  

CLICK HERE to go to our Etsy shop and see 64 Halloween kits and digitals plus this one here. You're bound to find something you just have to have for this Halloween! 


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