Saturday, October 27, 2018

Thanksgiving Coloring Book and Activities for kids-Put It All In a Personalized Binder

We've come up with a Thanksgiving activity the kids actually like and spend "happy time" doing.  We have made up these coloring and activity books for our grandkids for the past 2 years and they definitely work their magic!  Just pick out their favorite movie and book characters from the list below, print them out and insert into this binder. Great fun for the Kid's Table!

No more fighting over crayons!  Give everyone their own special bag of crayons with our cute bag topper and you'll be soooooo organized! The 4" wide bag holds 10 crayons.  There are four different tag toppers. You can get the 4" wide  x 6" tall  bags at any craft store.

Write the kids name on the Thanksgiving binder cover printable. There is also a vertical label that you glue to the side of the binder that you can write their name on.  

Adhere the side piece to the binder and write the kid's names.  The side label makes it easy for the kids to grab their own book when they are stored on the shelf.  We bought these 1" binders at Costco and they were just over $1 for each binder (set of 6) You can find them at any office supply store too. 

Copy and put the kid's favorite coloring pages inside the book.  They are going to have Sooooo much fun with it!

I can tell you from experience that as the adults are hustling around, getting the Thanksgiving meal together, it was great to see all the kids sitting around a table talking to each other, coloring, interacting and genuinely having fun with each other.  No iPads, computers or cell phones needed. They were really having fun. 

CLICK HERE to get these printables for the kids

Below find over 60 links for coloring pages and games to put inside the Thanksgiving Coloring Book-just click on the one you want to be taken to the original site to download.  Hundred of free printable coloring pages to put in your Thanksgiving Coloring/Activity Book! Put as many or as little coloring pages in your children's books.




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