Sunday, March 16, 2014

Got a Picky Eater? 35 Fun Foods to Make for the Kids that they'll LOVE!

Fun Fun for the kids lunches!  I believe you can get your kids to eat things they wouldn't normally choose if you make them fun. Who knows.....they may even begin to like vegetables. A lot of these creations are made using cookie cutters and I know you've got 1 or 2 of those sitting around. Take a look at all of them.....which ones are your favorite?  Don't they look like fun!   Yeah, you've got this!

Ladybug B.L.T. sandwich--Click HERE
Rabbit tuna sandwich--Click HERE
Easter Brunch bunny--Click HERE
Baa, baa, baa sheep-Click HERE

Sandwich on a stick--Click HERE
Easter Bunny Egg Click HERE
Funny Bunny pears Click HERE
Chickie Egg Mama-Click HERE

Barbie lunch-Click HERE
Baby Chick sandwich--Click HERE
Football sandwich-Click HERE 
Easter Bunny lunch--Click HERE
Mater-Click HERE

Hungry caterpillar fruit snack-Click HERE
FunShine lunch--Click HERE
One minute bunny lunch-Click HERE
Peanut butter bunny--Click HERE
Melon Kebabs--Click HERE

Crab sandwich--Click HERE
Fruit fish-Click HERE
Owl sandwich-Click HERE
Fish in water--Click HERE
Carrot Sandwiches  Click HERE

Bunny & Chick Eggs-Click HERE
Cupcake sandwich-Click HERE
Crown sandwich-Click HERE
What does the fox say Sandwich Click HERE

Birdie Kix Snack--Click HERE
Fun little froggy-Click HERE
Cheese and cracker chicks--Click HERE
Chickie-egg sandwich Click HERE
Bunny Hop nibble tray--Click HERE


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