Saturday, March 15, 2014

29 Different Spring and Easter Cupcake Ideas-So Yummy!

 29 Cupcakes for Easter and Spring:  Mark off "look for a new Easter Cupcake recipe" on your "To Do List" because we've just found 29 cupcakes to share with you that are so fun. You're sure to find one that you'd love to make for Easter or to welcome Spring. Most of them have the recipe and instructions too! (a couple just have photos, but you get a good idea of how to make them up) Enjoy.

Carrots in a pot-Click HERE
Chirpy chick Easter cupcakes-Click HERE
Jelly bean birds nest-Click HERE
Three blue birds in a nest-Click HERE
Daisy cupcakes-Click HERE
Carrot patch cupcake-Click HERE

Skinny coconut cupcake with chocolate eggs-Click HERE
Daffodil cupcake-Click HERE
Easter chick cupcakes-Click HERE
Bunny cupcakes-Click HERE

Coconut Easter chicks cupcakes-Click HERE
Bunny cupcake-Click HERE
Bunnies with carrots-Click HERE
Chick with bow cupcake-Click HERE

The Easter hatchery-Click HERE
Three chicks in a nest-Click HERE
Easter Bonnet cupcakes-Click HERE
Little chick cupcakes-Click HERE

White fondant bunny-Click HERE
Yellow Easter Chicks-Click HERE
Blue and Pink bunny cupcakes-Click HERE
Lamb cupcakes-Click HERE

Pink ears bunny cupcake-Click HERE
Hens and Chicks-Click HERE
M&M butterfly cupcakes-Click HERE
Daisy cupcake-Click HERE

Carrot garden cupcakes-Click HERE
Bunny with pink bow-Click HERE
Fluffy sheep cupcake-Click HERE


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