Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Favorite Super Bowl Food Recipes, Fruits and Vegetables, Kabobs, Nachos and Parfaits? Yeah, It's All Good!

We wanted to share some food with you that would been fabulous for your Super Bowl party but aren't necessarily fried or greasy?  If you arrange fruits and vegetables in a great way  you are apt to get more takers!  So let's have some "good for you" food along with our Super Bowl Favorites.  Enjoy!

What a great way to present veggies! It's so pretty that maybe you an get family and friends to eat them!  There are five different examples of designs using the same vegetables.  Which one is your favorite?  Click HERE

How about a little Fresh Fruit salad with a honey lime dressing? Looks refreshing!  Click HERE

Here's another fruit salad that is so delicious and a perfect companion to the salty and maybe fried foods you will be having on Super Bowl Sunday. You could add in some whipped cream if you like.  Check out the recipe HERE

Here's Fruit to Go! This works! Some of your guests will be unable to leave the couch during the football game, and you know who they are!. This bag makes fruit easy to eat!  (good for kids too)  Click HERE

Fruit kabobs are an excellent party food.  They're mobile and easy to eat without a plate.  Click HERE

Nacho's but in a (healthier) way.  Can they still be delicious?  Check it out HERE

Another food to go (or to couch) recipe!  This Yogurt Parfait looks delicious. Love yogurt, fruit and granola.  Have them already made up for your guests. They'll make an impressive display too. Click HERE


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  1. What are the little daisy-like flowers in the vegetable tray? Everything looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing these.