Friday, February 7, 2014

12 Amazing Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About? Making Life Easier a Tip at a Time!

Here are some Tips and Tricks that are very useful! Some will have you saying "Why didn't I think of that" or "that's a great idea"  and some you'll want to try right away! Enjoy!

It's wintertime and your skin (and body) are really suffering. What to do? Everyone of the topics will help you to "Winterize" your skin! So easy! Click HERE

224 different stain problems and how you can't get rid of those stains! Have you ever seen such a chart?  It's definitely one you want to pin so you can't refer to it whenever you have a STAIN problem.  From the University of Illinois Extension Services. Click HERE

Here's a really easy way to remove stickers from things and who doesn't HATE trying to get those dumb tags off. Try this!  Click HERE

Find out how to use salt to clean your iron and make it look soooooooo GREAT!  Click HERE

Here's some information about pillows that you probably didn't know (I didn't either)  Instead of throwing out your pillows do this!  Click HERE

Cleaning the stove burners is not a fun job so if we could find an easier way to do it then we surely should pursue it! Right?  Click HERE

If you hate scrapping the grill after you barbecue chicken or beef then this is the tip that will make you smile!  Click HERE to get the details

Do you have a cast iron skillet that looks like the picture at the top? Have no can make it look brand new with this method!  Click HERE

Cloudy glasses? No more! and you won't believe how easy this tip is! You can't buy large containers of vinegar at Costco at really great prices!  Click HERE

Oh no! Your beautiful wood floors have an artistic addition........permanent marker need not be permanent on your hardwood floors. Click HERE

Okay, you've got one child who is sick and has touched all the toys in the house.....and you don't want everyone else to get sick. What do you do? Well here's a fun and easy tip to clean the plastic toys you've got.  Click HERE

Who doesn't love a cleaning bargain? This IS a cleaning bargain plus it REALLY Works!  You can buy a HUGE bag of baking soda at Costco for about $4.00 that will last a really long time.  This is information is from the Arm and Hammer web site. Click HERE

Cleaning solutions include options for:
The garage
Personal hygiene
Kids activities
General household
Carpets and floors
and Outside!   Click HERE

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