Thursday, January 23, 2014

12 Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wraps-For Regular, XL and Giant Chocolate Hershey Bars-Teacher Appreciation Gift

Don't just give a candy bar for Valentine's Day......give one that's wrapped up in a Valentine message. It takes little effort to get this together. Just download, print, cut out and wrap around a Hershey Regular chocolate bar, a Hershey XL chocolate bar or a Hershey GIANT chocolate bar.  All three sizes are included for a total of 12 wraps.
 You can find the regular Hershey bars in a package of 6 for about $3.50. The XL and GIANT bars are also available almost everywhere.

Give a sweet treat to family and friends, even the teacher, paper boy/girl, hair stylist, mailman, and neighbors.  Now that's a SUPER SIMPLE Valentine's Day Gift!

CLICK HERE to get a set for yourself!
It's an Instant Download digital file


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