Friday, January 17, 2014

A Valentine's Day Bingo Game for Kids and School Parties! Plus Cute Tags

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day game for school this is the one!  It was made up as a standard Bingo game using numbers 1-75. We've included the number calling sheets too.  We always suggest using candy as markers for the game, especially Hershey Kisses, Rolo's or Reeses peanut butter cup....all of which will or are available in Valentine colors.  But you can also punch out some circles or  hearts to use.

We've got three different Bingo for 7 kids, one for 14 kids and one for 28 kids!!!

This printable is for 7 unique sheets but we will have some with lots of Bingo sheets in our Etsy shop very soon as we know that many of you will want play this game at your school Valentine's Day parties!  Kids just love this game and it's sure to be a hit and something they'll remember.  (Just download and print on white card stock. We take ours to Office Depot and print it on 110 lb card stock)
  It's a 8.5x11 sheet.

We've also made up some tags so you can pre-package your Bingo markers, whether it be paper circles, paper hearts or candy.  Each tag fits a standard 4" wide x 6" tall  bag that you can find at any craft store. Usually 100 for $1.99.  That way you can just hand out the bags of markers with the Bingo sheets!  

Our Valentine's Day Bingo game and the Marker bag tags are available separately in our Etsy shop.

Use your favorite candy for markers. Then the players get to eat them when the games is over! 

Click HERE to get our
 Valentine's Day Bingo Game and Tags


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