Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts-Hershey Candy Bar Wraps-Excellent Gift for 1st Day of School!

We've designed some candy bar wraps to give to the teacher when the new school year starts. Each candy bar has a message of appreciation for the teacher. You can give the teacher one or all five small candy bars or giant candy bars. We've tied up the small ones with a green ribbon. Such a sweet treat for teacher!  (You can find a set of 6 smaller candy bars for $3.50 to $3.99 at your local grocery store. The giant Hershey bars are at grocery stores too.

You get: 5 wraps that fit on the small candy bars (milk chocolate 1.55 oz bars)
5 wraps that fit on the Giant candy bars ( 7 oz milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, Symphony creamy milk chocolate, Symphony milk chocolate with almonds and toffee and the dark chocolate bars) 

Shown above are the other three Giant Hershey candy bar wraps. After you make this purchase this is what will happen next:

1) You will receive an email from Etsy with the download link
2) Always download the file to your computer
3) Print at home or load file onto flash drive and take to Office Depot, Kinko's, Staples or any place that uses a laser printer. You'll love the bright, crisp colors.
4) Then cut out by hand or use paper cutter. I use the Scotch Brand Satin Finish tape to adhere the wraps onto the candy bars. You can use double sided tape too.

You can always find your Etsy purchases on your own page. Just click on "Your Account" on the right top of your Etsy page. Your purchase page will come up. Just look for our name and click. The download link will be there too.

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