Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Jenna Johnson-Finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Meet Jenna Johnson.....A beautiful dancer who is one of the top 8 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance this year (Season 10). It's so fun to watch the show when you personally know one of the contestants and we were especially excited when she named as one of the top 20 finalists and even more excited when she made it to the top 8.

Jenna started dancing  when she was 3 years old at Center Stage, Orem Utah. She is trained in Contemporary, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet.  She currently holds 4 national titles in Ballroom and 2 national titles in Jazz.  There are several ways that you can follow Jenna and find how what's going on during this season. Tweet her, leave a message on her Facebook page, see videos and lots of photos from SYTYCD!

Loved the remarks that Debbie Allen made last night;  "Jenna, I don't know what America sees, but what I see is one of America's most gifted dancers ever to take a breath and a step on a stage, a choregraphers dream, is who you are. .........You all danced with the power of, like, the ocean. Sometimes it crashes up against the beach and sometimes it comes in very gently.  You handled the execution of everything that was given you with mastery and I'm just proud, and bravo, thank-you"

And here's Nigel's comment: ""Jenna, in my opinion, you are probably one of the best all around dancers that has come on this show as a ballroom dancer and I want to congratulate you with that.  You have done brilliantly every single week"

And let's not for get Mary:  "Your movement together is just so perfect, it is just melting and blending everywhere......."

August 13, 2013: Jenna and  Season 3's Neil Haskell dance a  Contemporary routine choreographed by Mandy Moore on SYTYCD. (YouTube) Click HERE

Jenna and Alex Wong dance the Paso Doble on SYTYCD (YouTube)  Click HERE
         (Tucker was injured and was unable to dance with Jenna tonight)

Jenna and Tucker's fifth dance (Hip Hop) on SYTYCD (YouTube) Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker's fourth dance (Contemporary)  on SYTYCD  (YouTube)  Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker's  third dance (Hip Hop) on SYTYCD (YouTube)  Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker Interview (YouTube) after the ChaCha Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker's second dance (ChaCha)  on SYTYCD (YouTube) Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker's  first dance with on SYTYCD (YouTube) Click HERE

Jenna and Tucker's Interview on Fox Televison (After 3rd dance)  Click HERE  (About 48 min into show)

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Follow her on Twitter  @Dance10Jenna 
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Go to "So You Think You Can Dance" web page and see videos/photos. Click HERE
To see the SYTYCD Memphis Audition  Click HERE

I know Jenna would love to have your vote this Tuesday and every Tuesday during the competition!  Tune into the show (Fox on Tuesday nights) to see what a fabulous dancer she is.  
Vote for Jenna Johnson, she's amazing!


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