Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift-Hershey Nuggets Wrapped with Sweet Messages-Hershey Candy

We've just finished designing something SWEET for Teacher Appreciation.  Hershey Nugget's wrapped up with a sweet message for teacher is super simple gift to put together.  There are 12 different designs in 4 different colors. You can mix and match sentiments with school-themed pictures or have all pictures or all sentiments---the sky is the limit. You can include 4, 5 or 6 nuggets in each plastic sleeve. (pretzel bag) 

Click HERE to pick up the printables

We've also included a cute little tag that looks like a piece of writing paper. 
 Just attach it as your final touch to this treat. 

 We've included 3 of the sheets shown above and a sheet of 16 gift tags in this printable package.

Hershey Nuggets come in milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds and toffee bits and they are so delicious!  They come wrapped up in silver or gold paper.

 Here's your "Super Simple" directions for putting these nugget trays together.  You can pick up the pretzel bags at any craft store. I love my scoring board....make everything looks so professional. This is a Martha Stewart scoring board and it can be found at most craft stores too.

 Cut the nugget papers and tags. Use double sided tape when adhering the paper to the Hershey Nuggets. Put a strip of tape on one end and put that on the nugget and then put another strip of tape on the other end and secure it to the nugget.

 If you choose to put in more than four nuggets then cut your paper accordingly.  5" long for 5 nuggets, 6" long for 6 nuggets. It will be the same width as shown above for any size length tray.  After you've created the tray just put the nuggets inside. The sides hold them in place. Then slip into a pretzel bag, tie a ribbon around and finish with the tag and you're done!

Your teacher is going to love this SWEET but SIMPLE Teacher Appreciation Gift!

Click HERE to pick up the printables

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