Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun for the Kids Lunch at Home or School-15 Tags for Bottled Water--Make Drinking Water Fun!

We've designed 15 different tags to put on the water bottles for the kids school lunch or at home.  If you're trying to encourage them to drink less soda and fruit drinks and more water then this will help in your endeavors. The tag will make the water bottle FUN! They work in the same way as our lunchbox notes. Each tag is showing love and/or encouragement for your child.  They will definitely put a smile on their faces.

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It's a simple thing you can do for your kids. 

We buy our bottled water at Costco. You can get 70 bottles for just $6.99....that's about 10 cents a bottle. I don't know of any other drink that you can get for that price and is as good for the kids as water.  The 8 oz bottle is the perfect size for the lunchbox too. We just use the box the water comes in to store them in our pantry.

All you do is download the digital file, print and cut them out and adhere to the bottle. I just use scotch tape.   Print off enough for at least a month. You could let the kids select the bottle they want on a particular day or surprise them with a bottle you've chosen. The "Good luck on your test" is a great one for test day.

Click HERE to go to our Etsy Shop and purchase these Water Bottle Tags. 

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