Monday, March 25, 2013

20 Easter Rice Krispies Treats-So Cute! (Recipes & Instructions)

We've found more holiday treats using Rice Krispies....And for Easter there are a lot of fun things you can do.  Everyone loves Rice Krispies and chocolate...right? Yes!  And they are super easy to we've collected 10 different desserts that would be fun for Easter.  Enjoy!

   Love the faces on these Rice Krispies carrots. Click HERE to see this and other Rice Krispies treats

These cute Easter Rice Krispies treats are from Harry and David.....You could purchase them from them or make something similar yourself.  Love the bunny! SOURCE

Cute Easter bunny that you embellish with food and paper. Looks like it's just a ball. SOURCE

These Rice Krispies cake pops look yummy and easy for the kids to eat since there's a lollipop stick for them to hold onto.  No sticky hands   SOURCE

  Get all the directions for making these Easter Rice Krispies.  Rice Krispies Easter Eggs

Form up a Rice Krispies egg using this jello form. Easy!  Molded Rice Krispies

How about these Easter Rice Krispies Nests? SOURCE

I like how delicate this little Rice Krispie chick looks. easy to make-get the details  SOURCE

How cute is this Easter chick and Easter bunny?  Get a step-by step for the chick HERE

Make up Easter Rice Krispies in egg shapes and then decorate with frosting and fun things SOURCE

These Easter hatching chicks are super easy, mostly because they are made out of the packaged Rice Krispies treats.  Get the details HERE

 Rice Krispies and chocolate plus sprinkles? Could use different colors of the dipping chocolates to make them in pastel colors.  Get more details HERE

So cute! Rice Krispies carrots...Looks like orange chocolate on the top. Yum!  Get the recipe HERE

Here's another recipe that calls for the store bought Rice Krispies. Makes it super easy!  There's a secret ingredient too   SOURCE

Make your Easter bird's nest using Rice Krispies and chocolate!  Sweet   SOURCE

What a cute bunny....made of Rice Krispies and chocolate. The kids will love it!  SOURCE

This one is my favorite Easter Rice Krispies treat. This isn't made using the store bought Rice Krispies treats either.  Get all the fun details HERE

I just love the pink color of this Rice Krispies dessert. Super simple to make. Could use different pastel colors instead of just one. Would make a great presentation!   SOURCE


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