Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Book Marks and Tags for your little Readers! It's a Sugar-Free Gift

  By now you may all have out Valentine's Day book marks. Now we are sharing a fun way to package them or use them as an embellishment on a package of treats. Just wrap up the book marks in a Pretzel Bag, add one of our free tags ("You wrote the book on COOL") and you've made it an even more special Valentine's Day gift.

Click HERE to get these bookmarks

 Take it another step by using the wrapped book marks for the top of a wrapped package, whether it's a box of dollar candy or a box of chocolates or any other gift or even a large candy bar.

 Hot Tamales make a fun Valentine's Day treat. We wrapped up the box using cardstock, but you could use wrapping paper, newspaper or any other kind of paper.  Then cut out a piece of cardstock to use for the band that goes around the middle.  The dollar candy boxes are different sizes so just buy the candy you like and wrap it up accordingly. (We left the ends open)   Coordinate the paper you wrap the box, the band and the tag so you have a perfectly matching package. Then just attach the book mark to the top of the package. We used a 1.5" scallop punch for the tags. You could use up to 2" punch if you like.

We wrapped each book mark up individually but you could include 3 or 4 book marks within one package. Tie up with twine and then add the tag and finish with a bow.  You can get pretzel bags at any craft store (Where the chocolate molds and cake decorating things are sold)


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  1. You are seriously one of the coolest and most creative people I know! :)