Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 NEW Tips & Tricks-How to keep chocolate warm for DIPPING, Dollar Store tip, 50 Fudge recipes and more

Are you craving the Hostess Ding Dong treats? Well here's  recipe so you can make them yourself.....and I've got to think that they would be better for you than the "real" thing.  Click HERE

And don't they make this look easy.  You'll want to get the recipe and more info about these delicious looking rolls. 
Click HERE

What an excellent idea!  Whether your dipping pretzels, molding chocolate, drizzling chocolate over Rice Krispies, popcorn or other treats, this tip will help keep the chocolate the right consistency until you are done with your project.  I love the idea of a crock pot full of chocolate.  Click HERE to get more information about this fun idea!

Have you ever made a Fruit Trifle? Just the name elevates fruit to something more appealing. Click HERE to get the recipe.....Could be your new favorite fruit recipe!

Here's a different way to celebrate birthdays--all you need is their favorite soda and candy bar.  It's unique!  Click HERE to see how they put it together.

Are you a great fan of FUDGE? Well this is your lucky day.....50 Fudge Recipes. Oh my! There's some yummy recipes here. Click HERE

Here's a post about what NOT to buy at the DOLLAR Store. Some things are a deal and some things really aren't even worth $1.00 so be selective with what you buy and click HERE to see all the things that you shouldn't buy there.

Give up buying dryer sheets or fabric softener to make your clothes smell clean and get ride of static cling.  There's a great DIY option that "Really Works"  according to this blog and you can use it for 40 to 50 loads of clothing. Click HERE to get the details.

Ever thought of using an apple slicer to cut up raw  and cooked potatoes?  It's a great idea. Click HERE

It's a Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.....Or a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. This will definitely impress the people!  Gimme Some Oven  

This blogger swears by this homemade dishwasher soap. The ingredients are all great things. You'll want to see the difference between using this detergent and a store bought one. I'm definitely going to try this one!  Cupcake Apotheacary

Store hair elastics on a shower curtain ring or a carabiner.  Very Clever idea. Head over to  Power Home Solutions to see 15 ways to stay organized in the bathroom!

Do you have this ugly buildup on your kitchen faucet or is your shower head plugged up? What about the tray on the front of your refrigerator that catches the excess water? Want to know how to remove these hard water stains using something non-toxic and cheap?  It's really cheap and  it really works.  Head over to The Thrifty Home to see what she used.


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  1. Thanks for linking up my dollar store post! I had no idea people would feel so strongly about shopping at the dollar store. Guess everyone wants to make sure they make their $1 count!

  2. I made the yeast rolls on Wednesday of this week and Oh My God they were the best things ever. So easy and my husband said they were the best I had ever made....Thank you so much for posting that recipe.