Friday, February 1, 2013

Bite Size Desserts-Chocolate Cream pie, Chocolate French Silk pie and More

These "bite-sized" dessert are the perfect dessert for your party (or any party for that matter)   Just the right amount of sweet without being too filling. Your family and friends can pop one of these sweet treats without having a sugar crash.  There's really something great about a bite-sized dessert!  Enjoy!

If you're a fan of Banana Cream pie (I know I am) then this bite-sized recipe will make you smile! The recipe calls for using either a boxed pudding or a homemade pudding.  Click HERE for the recipe   

You use Dark Chocolate Dove Promises in the recipe for this 3 Bite Chocolate French Silk pie. It looks very moist and delicious! You can also use an Oreo cookie for the base. Click HERE for the recipe

This bite-sized Chocolate Cream pie also calls for Dark Chocolate Dove Promises. Yum!  There is also a recipe for stabilized whipping cream.  Click HERE for the recipe.

                  Change up this bite-sized Chocolate Cream pie by adding toasted coconut on top

These Bite-Sized Coconut Cream pies are certain to be a hit at any gathering. Click HERE for the recipe

Chocolate, cake and fruit!  This Mini Strawberry Chocolate Party Cake would be perfect for any occasion, especially Valentine's day.  Click HERE to get the recipe

This by no means is a Bit-Sized Dessert but I just had to share.  It's a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Wedding cake but you could make it a one layer cake. So rich!  People would definitely talk about this dessert AND your party!   Click HERE


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