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You've been BOOed Halloween Printable + 8 Treat Tags and Photo Tutorial

You've been BOOed!  Such a fun Halloween tradition. Do you do it every year? We've designed a "You've Been Booed" sign for you to take to your friends and neighbors.  You know the the cover of night you sneak up your neighbor's sidewalk and leave a goody on their front porch and then run like the devil after ringing the door bell.....Lots of fun!   

Click HERE to get these Halloween Tags and You've been booed printables

Here are the 8 different tags that you punch out using a 2.5" round paper punch or a 3" scallop or round paper punch. We also put a black scrapbook circle on the back that measures 3.25" round.  Then attach them to the treat holder below, as shown or attach to bags of candy, a candy bar, popcorn ball or any treat. You could even give a "Special treat" to some of your trick-or-treaters     Below is a fun way to package the treats you're taking to the neighbors....It's a Halloween Candy Cone. The tutorial is below. Yeah, you've got this! 

Makes a great Teacher Appreciation gift too!

Fun Treat for Halloween Neighbor Gifts

Form the cone from a 12" x 12"  piece of double sided cardstock. (Halloween themed paper) Apply glue (glue stick) to one paper edge and gently roll full sheet into large cone. Trim top edge even. Hold cone together for several minutes until dry. Glue two small circles, one on each side of the cone. Punch a hole in each circle. Use an 18" piece of wire and bend into handle shape. Insert wire ends through holes and bend to secure.

After cutting out the three  1 1/2" x 12" strips and inking the edges, overlap and adhere ends together to create one long strip.  Fold  the strip to create the ruffle look and staple and/or glue pleated strip around top of cone. You can either leave the ruffles sticking out as shown above, or lay them flat on the cone.

Here is your finished product. Choose one tag from the 8 that we have designed. Ink the edges and attach to the cone using a foam tab(s)   The measurement from the top of the wire handle to the bottom of the cone is 19"  Your neighbors will be thrilled!

The good thing about the wire handle is that you can slip it over any door knob, or in this case, where there was no door knob, we put it over the top of the latch. Don't forget to include the "You've been booed" sign and instruction sheet. Just roll them up and slip them into the cone too.  (you might want to print off more than one copy so they can easily "Boo" someone else)

We filled the bottom inside of the cone with paper since all our candy fit in the top. If you want to fill the entire cone,  leave out the filler and just add crinkled paper in the top.

 Fill  your Halloween cone with your favorite homemade or store bought sweets. (Pkg of cookies, brownies, muffins, caramel popcorn, nuts, granola bars, caramels....or whatever your family and friends are always begging you to make for them, you know, your very special treats.

Click HERE to get these cute Halloween Tags and "You've been BOOed" Printables.

You can also make a smaller version of this cute Halloween treat cone.  We cut a 8" x 8" piece of scrapbook paper to make the cone. Then we cut out 2 pieces of 1" x 12" strips and folded like a ruffle as shown above. For the tag we used a 2.5" round paper punch which cut off the stripe paper. Instead of using a foam dot to adhere to the cone we just glued the entire piece to the cone.

Our Hershey Kiss tags in a Halloween design are available HERE

We had some darling Halloween ribbon that we were dying to use on this treat container instead of the wire.  We used kraft crinkle paper to fill the cone.  You  could use less crinkle paper so the candy sits down inside the cone, but it's up to you. The ribbon is actually more sturdy than the ribbon. You could even put the cone inside a clear cellophane bag if you've got a lot of goodies inside.

Check out our Brand New "Halloween Candy Bar Wraps" for Hershey chocolate bars.  They would make a fun "You've Been Booed" treat for your neighbors and friends. Fill the fun container above with Hershey candy bars wrapped with these Halloween wraps!

CLICK HERE to get a set of these 6 wraps. Print as many as you need for personal use. Then you can use them next year too.  

Thanks to Crafts 'n things craft magazine for our inspiration.  October 2012 edition.


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