Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(143 Recipes) The Fabulous Taste of Fall-Yummy, Seasonal Comfort Food Recipes, Especially for you!

What to do with that fabulous ZUCCHINI you grew in your own garden? The Answer: Coconut Lime Zucchini bread, Oh Yum! Bet you already have most of the ingredients, if not all, already in your pantry!     I'm off to make up this recipe....

Chicken pot pie is one of my favorites!  And so naturally this soup has become one of my favorites too. YUMMY comfort food that warms your belly!  Click HERE for the recipe

Potatoes seem to be the most "Popular" vegetable. Just the name of this soup "Loaded Potato Soup" makes your mouth water.  Surprise everyone with this yummy soup tonight!    Click HERE

Wow! Here's 27 different recipes for "COMFORT FOOD" Looks like some really yummy recipes are included. You may have just hit the recipe jackpot!  Click HERE

We've found a post featuring 50 Pumpkin recipes. One for every day from today through October and into November.  Some sweet, Some Savory.  Click HERE to see all

How about 15 more Comfort Food recipes? You know these recipes are favorites if they take the time to put them together for a blog post!  Did you see the homemade donuts? Yikes! Click HERE

Another Chicken Pot Pie recipe...this time it's in puff pastry! Sounds easy.  Click HERE to get the recipe

I used to eat Campbell's vegetable soup as a kid but this recipe looks even better. Click HERE to get the recipe

No round-up of Fall foods would be complete without some apple recipes.  I adore things made with fresh crisp apples!  Click HERE to see all the recipes

And let's not forget that wonderful veggie PUMPKIN.  Amazing how it tastes when you add just a little sugar (okay, a lot)  It's definitely pumpkin season!  Click HERE

Want to hear something funny? As I am putting together this post my husband brings lunch into me.....Guess what it is?  One of our favorite comfort food combos!  Tomato soup  and a grilled cheese sandwich. Love it!!!
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