Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Gotta See} Fabulous Desserts and Treats For Easter Lunch or Dinner

For your Easter lunch or dinner you're going to want a FABULOUS dessert.  I've heard it said that people may not remember what you served them for dinner but they are definitely going to remember the dessert!  Make a wonderful memory then.  Below are some desserts that we hope you might try to make and enjoy.

One of the prettiest cakes, and cupcakes  I've ever seen. It's from One Sweet Girl. Check out her facebook page to see more beautiful creations.  SOURCE

 Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake in a cupcake liner is the perfect size after a big meal....but will taste so delicious!  SOURCE & RECIPE

These just scream SPRING and/or EASTER!  It's a key lime cupcake with a lime curd filling.  It's a MUST have for Spring and Easter. Source & Recipe

 Wouldn't these Bite-Size Banana Cream Pies be so pretty for your Easter Brunch, lunch or dinner? Or anytime really.  Easier than making a pie and just the right size for a party. SOURCE & RECIPE

Now that's a fabulous dessert for Easter or springtime!  Love the pastel ruffles.  Head on over to Bubble and Sweet to see more photos!  

This cake takes first prize!  Learn how to make it over at "My Cake School"  She is soooo talented! 

Oh, these two tarts are beautiful!-either one would make the perfect dessert. Strawberry Tart and Kiwi Tart

It's Strawberry Season again and this would be so easy to do! Use big strawberries and place in a rectangular tray and pour the chocolate over them)  Any other ideas on how to do this?  SOURCE  (I couldn't see this particular item on the web site provided)

Individual Fondue Cups using Puff Pastry-Perfect for an individual serving SOURCE

Strawberry Pie anyone?  You can't go wrong here. Be sure to pile on the whip cream! SOURCE & RECIPE   Or try this Martha Stewart Icebox Strawberry Pie RECIPE 

 Twinkie Pie? Here's one the kids might like.  Okay, let's see what it involves....  SOURCE & RECIPE

Chocolate Chip Cherry Cheesecake. This looks amazing! Who wouldn't love this one? SOURCE &RECIPE

 Cold and Creamy Banana Pudding--Who doesn't love it! SOURCE & RECIPE

Love the way the used strawberries in such a creative way atop this strawberry and cream cake-Beautiful. (no source)

Now for a lighter dessert.  You can get your kids/family to eat fruit if you make it fun and appealing. This yogurt dip is a great addition to a fruit plate.  Get the Recipe here SOURCE


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