Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tips and Tricks-Bisquick Mix Recipe, Altering Jeans, Chipotle Guacamole Plus....

There's so many fun things out there on the Internet and we love to find fun things to share.  Some of these ideas will have you saying...Why didn't I think of that!  Some of these ideas will interest you and some your kids.  Enjoy what we've found below.  Hope you find something you'd like to try!

With the weather warming up (or will be soon) give your kids something to do outside. Make this Homemade Sidewalk Chalk, you only need a few ingredients. Feed the Picasso in your kids!  SOURCE

What a great idea--Walk down or slide down. It's in a real home, not a movie set or anything like that.  Read more about it here  SOURCE

Put a frame around your big screen television. Now it looks like art and that it belongs there 
(sorry no source sited) 

So cute and so easy to do. Get all the details HERE.  Fun art that only looks expensive! (use an old dictionary)

Brilliant idea to seal up this bag're recycling!  
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 Here's a cool experiment for your child and the science Fair  Science Experiment: Elephant Toothpaste   SOURCE

 This Garlic Cheesy bread looks amazing!  Over 44,000 visits says she must have something here!  That's white cheddar cheese inbetwee the slices of bread.  Check it out  SOURCE

A label that you can change as often as you change what's inside the jar. Chalkboard paint is the best!  SOURCE

Keep marshmallows inside the package of brown sugar to keep it from getting hard!  SOURCE

Here's a excellent crock pot dinner-Crock Pot Chicken for Tacos. Three ingredients. Throw them into the crock pot, cook on high for 4 to6 hours or low for 6 to 8 hours. Put it together in the morning and forget it. Then when it's time for dinner--It's magically ready!  SOURCE

 Get this CopyCat recipe for Chipotle Guacamole. Don't you love copycat recipes?  SOURCE

 Recipe for Homemade Bisquick mix.  Use it just as you would Bisquick but save a TON OF money by making it yourself etc.  SOURCE  If you need some Bisquick recipes click HERE 

 The easy way to alter jeans (shorter)  They'll look like they've never been altered SOURCE

I love the look of this ceiling decoration for parties/celebrations.  What did they use? Something super cheap and easy. To find out click HERE

  Isn't this a cute craft room for kids-Everything on the small scale yet everything they need to be creative and busy! The cups on the rod with the crayons and markers in are from IKEA. The rod below it is also from IKEA-in the kitchen showroom   SOURCE

 Need a wastebasket in your office or craft room but don't want a plain white plastic one?  Well then, buy a inexpensive plastic one like this and embellish and personalize it!  See the TUTORIAL HERE

 Talk about designing and organizing your drawers! Its called Drawer Decor. You've got to see this!  There's a Give-a-way going on right now. Cut the mat to fit your drawer and then add the dividers!  SOURCE

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  1. i love that slide in the house! i would totally use that.
    i love that party with the balloons. so clever!