Friday, February 24, 2012

Excellent Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

What to get the teacher this year to thank them for all their efforts in behalf of your child.....Must be something special.....I looked and looked for something clever and creative to put in this blog and I think I found some really fun things that you would be proud to give your child's teacher and that she would love. All of them include a tutorial and directions. I'm posting this early to give you a chance to decide what you want to make and then gather the supplies and get it made well before the end of the year.

You could give all these wonderful school supplies to your child's teacher in a box or a bag and I'm quite sure she would love them.....but why do that when you could give it to her in an amazing presentation! A gift like this at the end of the year means the teacher will already have some of her supplies purchased before the next school year.  Your child will for sure be the teacher's favorite!  Head on over to  "What's Scrapping" to get all the details

Here's a Teacher Appreciation gift for the teacher with a sweet tooth..... Hershey candy bar wraps-Each one has a special message for teacher. Click HERE

So many fun ways to use our flags, Hershey Nugget Wraps and cards for a fabulous Teacher Appreciation Gift. You'll receive a photo tutorial for everything shown.  Click HERE

Three different sizes and designed tags for Teacher Appreciation gifts.  Just add one of these tags to make your gift  to teacher extra special!  Click HERE

"To My Favorite Teacher"  Three different tags (Square and two sizes of round tags) Perfect final touch for your gift for the teacher.  Click HERE

Another great message for the teacher "Thanks it was a great year"  With a square tag and two different sized round tags you're sure to have the perfect one for your gift.  Click HERE

Same idea, just a different presentation-It is darling too. Head on over to see how Laura at "Come together kids" puts it together 

Give teacher a bouquet of their favorite children (Their class for the year)  She'll put it on her desk and enjoy it the whole year-Definitely a unique gift!  (Can also be used for Mother's Day with photos of the grankids-use their smallest school photos) Head on over to "It Will Change Your Life" to get more details for this wonderful idea. 

What a great way to tell teacher thanks!  They gave the children in this class each a letter and took a photo of them at the school. Spell out whatever you would like to say to your teacher.  Then give her the photo as a keepsake.  There's more to this darling Teacher Appreciation Gift. To read  more head on over to  Tutus and Turtles

This is a fun way to give the teacher an apple--make it a rice krispies apple. So clever! A basket lined with a red checked napkin, filled with these apples is sure to please!  Head on over to Gourmet Mom on the Go to get the recipe

I wanted to include this cute box idea for a teacher's gift. It's just a painted wooden box with the crayons glued around the outside and a ribbon. It's the perfect box to put teacher's treats or gifts.  You could even put a plant inside it. Head on over to Love Life and check it out

Speaking of bags of popcorn!  Here's a tag you could use for a larger bag of a sweet popcorn treat.  It's also a free download. Head on over to Domesticated Lady to get the link

Isn't this a great idea? Teacher's name at the top and a student's name on every leaf?  The school year is on the back of the plate. This is from an Etsy shop and while I didn't see any in there currently you could always contact the seller and see if she will make one up for you. Head on over to Aedriel Originals and get more information. 

(Do a search in her shop in the search box at the top of her page-Put in "Teacher Appreciation")

This cute bucket of paper daisies is in fact a Gift Card Bouquet.  The little brown envelopes are covered with a pretty green paper with the paper daisies attached to each one (You could use silk flowers)  So cute for Teacher. I did some research a few months back about what teacher's really want for gifts from their students and  Gift Cards was one of the most popular ones. Gift cards to Starbucks seemed to be number 1 followed by Office supply stores, craft stores etc. Restaurant gift cards were popular too.  Head on over to "Just Make Stuff" to see where she got all the supplies and make one for your favorite teacher!  (Weren't thinking of giving 5 or 6 gift cards this year? How about going in on the gift with another parent(s)? That will work) 

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