Monday, January 2, 2012

Organize Your Craft Supplies &Craft Rooms-Great Ideas

We all work more efficiently when organized, especially when it comes to our crafts and craft rooms.  We've gathered some great ideas to keep your supplies right at your fingertips but at the same time up and organized.  Check out all the ideas below!

Repurpose a pill container for your very small embellishments-Find them at any pharmacy for as little as $1.99. Then just glue one on the lid to make it easy to find as they have done here  SOURCE

What a great way to store all your punches. I believe they got the rods at IKEA and they are very inexpensive.  Do you have a narrow vertical space?  Perfect place for these punches. (I would love to have this many punches!)   Get more Info HERE

Behind all the boxes and file folders are great craft ideas and supplies but at the same time it adds to the decor of your room. These things are also available at IKEA. Martha Stewart also has these cube organizers at Home Depot along with the canvas bins in many different colors.   SOURCE

Stash your large quantity of ribbon in clear jars, it's pretty but also well organized. Could use quart canning jars too.  SOURCE

 This spinner rack, from Walmart, holds a ton of Craft supplies. SOURCE

If you have a lot of buttons this is an excellent way to store them. You can get these "spice jars" at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $1. Separate out all the different colors in each jar. SOURCE

This storage system is great for small things, especially embroidery thread or any small items. You'll find this excellent storage system at the Hardware store. SOURCE

Peg board and buckets are a great way to use your walls as storage. Are these the $1 buckets from Target? That's a cheap way to organize!  SOURCE

Here's another peg board idea. You can purchase the peg board at any home building store (Home Depot, Lowes)  A place for everything and everything in its place.  SOURCE

I love the idea of being able to "hide" your crafting items, including the sewing machine. These pull out drawers are excellent! SOURCE

Here's a good idea for a mobile organizer. You could take it with you if you want to craft AND watch a movie,  for example.  SOURCE

What about the kids? A canvas apron made for gardening tools is the perfect storing unit for the kids crayons, pencils etc. SOURCE

Another great idea for the kids-You can buy white oblong trays in different sizes at IKEA, Tai Pan Trading etc. SOURCE

Don't throw away all your empty cans from potato chips and coffee. Wrap them in pretty paper and use them to store small crafting items, such as buttons, pins and needles, bobbins, and embellishments. SOURCE

You'll always have your supplies at hand with this transformed bath tote. It is perfect for keeping supplies tidy and ready to move.SOURCE

 Organize with a Wine Rack.  An under-the-shelf wine and stemware rack blends style and function and utilizes otherwise overlooked space. Glass cylinder hold pencils, markers, pens, and brushes, while ink pads can be stashed on the stemware rack. SOURCE

A hanging canvas shoe organizer, suspended from clip-on curtain rings, functions as a window treatment and art supply storage. The pocket depth is perfect for pens and pencils, paintbrushes, and notepads of various sizes.  SOURCE

 It's a cupcake holder that is doubling as a craft station! Brilliant!  Find it HERE

 A coffee mug tree that can be used to hold all your sewing or craft scissors? I love it. Find it HERE

And this smaller coffee mug tree can be used for your ribbon.  Clever ideas. Find them HERE

 What a great idea for storing paper. Just close the door and they are out of site, but within reach. Excellent!  Find out where to get this system and how it was installed HERE

Another way to be organized, whether it be in your Craft Room or Kitchen, is a chalkboard message center. Put your Shopping List for crafts on it (you know, when you run out of things) and reminders to yourself.  This one isn't actually on the wall---Find out how to do it HERE   The tutorial makes this project easy!

 This is an idea from "The Container" store. They have everything shown here on their web site. They have something for every room in your home.  Click HERE to see what they suggest for your Craft Room. 

 Isn't this pretty? Hang as many board as you like...just get a bigger or a smaller bar to hang them from.  Pockets and pins! SOURCE

And last but not least, the most important organizational tip for your craft room and home is to GET a Label maker.  The one show above is a P-Touch from Brother but any type will do as long as you get one.  There will be no mystery boxes, no opening every box until you find what you want.

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