Monday, January 2, 2012

4 Valentines Day Mailboxes (holders) for Kids Valentines

I love the idea of making a cute mailbox to put your children's special Valentines and or sweet treats in on the morning of Valentines Day.  Darling Idea!  Just wanted to share this one with you early so you have time to make them. Wouldn't one of these be cute to give to your children's teacher? Then all the children could deposit their Valentine to the teacher in this mailbox!  It's definitely a DIY Project that you can do.

To find out how to make these darling mailboxes just click HERE  and get all the info!  Use the chipboard lettering  for their initial or put their names on it or....... embellish it however you like. 

This Valentine holder is the perfect size to take to school, even has a handle.  It's deep enough to hold Valentine's with treats attached and large enough that you can cut a good sized opening.  There's a great tutorial for this box and a complete supply's made out of Cereal Boxes, which is something you're sure to have if you have kids in the house!  SOURCE

 Another fun idea for a Valentine card holder!  Isn't this purse so cute.  You use a half gallon ice cream carton!  You could even use a small hat box.  Get all the info including a tutorial here

 This Valentine box would also work nicely for the kid's Valentine Card Holder. Using a open box like this makes it easy to put the Valentine's inside.  Again, embellish it in your style and something your child will love to take to school.  See the tutorial HERE

 What a cute idea for your Valentine's Day Table decor.  These hearts look just like the conversation hearts.  Read all about it HERE

 What a cute gift the Teacher for Valentine's Day.  Make this cute gift box to put hand soap or sanitizer in. (It's all in the presentation) The tutorial makes it very easy. Yeah, you've got this!  HERE


  1. LOVE this idea!! Definitely going to do this!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. glad you like! thanks for sharing!

  3. i just sent the idea to my son's kindergarten teacher about the cereal box mailboxes.