Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{Tutorials} DIY Cake/Cupcake Stands-Cute & Inexpensive to Make

We've found some very easy and inexpensive Cake and Cupcake Stands that you can make. Some use plastic, others wood. You could even use glass, ceramic, stone, mirrors or melamine plates. Most supplies can be found at The Dollar Store or thrift stores. Some we have shared on our facebook page before but I wanted to have all these great ideas in a blog post so you could refer back to it when you're ready to design. You don't have to buy expensive serving dishes....just check out what everyone else is making theirs out of and make one, or some, for yourself.

 When making your own cake or cupcake stands, the sky's the limit on what you put together and what color you paint them.  Find out more info HERE

Yes, you can use mirrors for cake stands. Get more info HERE

 These cupcake stands are made from things found at the Dollar Store too-So colorful....and best of all you can create them in the perfect colors for your next party.  Find out more HERE 

 Another Cupcake stand with supplies bought from the dollar store! Nice. Just add your favorite scrapbook paper. Find out more HERE

Simple but easy cake or cupcake stand.  It's all Plastic!  Find out more HERE

Here's one made out of a glass plate and a glass candle holder. You can get the glass candle holders at the dollar store.  This could possibly only cost you $2.00.  Now compare that to something from a department store.  Find out more HERE

 These are made using the glass candleholders and a Melamine plate from Dollar Store. See more HERE

How about this one made out of records? Get more Info HERE

 Would you ever think to use a Chandelier as a Cake and Cupcake Holder?  Get all the details HERE

 Here's a cake stand that is doubling as a place for jewelry-Love the look of the plates. See more Cake Plates and get all the info HERE

These cute ones will take a few more steps to complete, but aren't they cute!  Find out more HERE

 Here's a very sunny and bright square one--Get all the details HERE

 Here's one made out of a terra cotta pot and saucer, how Clever.  See how it's done HERE

And one final DIY Cake Stand---This one is very rustic and is actually made out of a tree trunk or limb. I love it!  Get more info HERE

Love this cute flower made out of pipe cleaners. And while it is a ring wouldn't this make a cute embellishment for your Cupcake/Cake Stands.....you know, inbetween the treats or at the base of the stand?  Find out more HERE

So now you've had a chance to see so many variations of the Cupcake/Cake Stand that you can make yourself....which one will you make? 

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  1. I love your variety. I have a video segment describing how I created mine. http://www.decorellaknox.com/2012/09/easy-diy-glass-cake-stand.html