Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{Gotta See}Clip It Up Storage Systems for Crafts, Scrapbook, Sewing etc.

 I'm in heaven!  Just found this amazing Craft Organizating System from Clip It Up!  Below you will see some fabulous ideas for craft storage from this company.  No matter what kind of craft supplies you use you will find a system for it. Whether you sew, scrapbook, craft or any kind of hobby you'll be able to organize everything nicely.  You can follow their FACEBOOK PAGE  or head on over to the STORE to purchase.

 What a lovely way to display and store your ribbon. It's a "Gotta Have"  system.  There's even a video showing you how to put it upon the wall.  There's even a tension rod in case you don't fill the entire well with ribbon.  Right now it is on sale for $25, regularly $60 with a value of $80.......Sweet VIDEO (purchase link here too)

Pompons, Paper, Material....whatever it is you'll find a system you like!

Love this multi-tier system. Everything in one spot and within reach.

Thread and sewing notions and even zippers are organized nicely here

It's a tabletop organizing system. Store all your patterns for sewing or craft patterns here.  See the ribbon system on the wall? Nice

This is the swing arm product. See, you can store anything using this Organizing System.

Buy as many clips as you need to complete your craft or sewing room. They can be purchased separately

This looks like it will fit nicely in a closet, out of site

Another unit for the closet-Doesn't that material look great organized in this way?


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