Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a New Year-Let's Get Organized with Fun Tips!

I love organizational tips for the home... because that means, when I reorganize I am freeing up extra space.  I've heard this said "I don't have any more room in my home"  I find that just isn't true.  If you take a closet, for example, and re-organized it you would definitely find more room.  Things just have a way of getting stuck back in a space instead of being put there neatly and that is where you lose your space. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to redo and reorganize some of your spaces!

Here's a really great video from HGTV that shows you some really easy tips for getting back control of your pantry-You'll be amazed how much extra space you have when you reorganize your pantry.  Find the short  video HERE

Here's another great video that will give you tips for organizing all your cleaning products. Find this short video HERE

Now for the all important Organization Tips for your Kitchen Cabinets!  Find this short video HERE

And last but not least, let's organize the kids PLAYROOM!  This video makes it seem easy.  Find this short video HERE


  1. I would love to watch these videos but when I click on them, I am stopped by the Google blogger thing that says I don't have access. Any suggestions on how to view them more easily?
    Many thanks!

  2. Try it again-The link was wrong and it is fixed now! Thanks for letting me know

  3. Thanks! I was able to watch them. and thanks for responding so quickly.