Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Halloween Decor, Which one is your Favorite?

Do you have your Halloween Decorations all figured out? Do you know what you want for inside and outside? If not here are some photos that may give you the inspiration you need.  Enjoy!

This one really has an eerie feel with the cheesecloth draped over the chandeliers. Curious Sofa

Love using only black and white for Halloween decorations  Just a Girl

Add in a little green to your decor and don't forget the GIANT Spider Web! Source

These are amazing looking!  I like the banner across the top "Happy Haunting"  Both pieces are designed by Rhonna Farrer and you can find them Here

Here's a more simple display. Gather small branches and insert in a pumpkin, add bats and you've got a nice Halloween Tree.  From Goodhousekeeping

These cute pumpkins could go inside or outside. The green ribbon just finished them. Source

And finally to this unique display for the fireplace mantle. A little cheesecloth, dollar store birds and shutters. I love it!  See more photos at "Show and Tell"


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