Thursday, September 1, 2011

TIPS & TRICKS! Computer Plug Organization, Homemade Mod Podge and MORE

We'll call this post  TIPS & TRICKS  It's where you find all kinds of great ideas that will save you time, make life easier, or just make you smile!

 When attached to the underside of a desk, a kitchen basket is perfect for corralling cords. So nice to have it up off the floor, easily accessible but out of sight. See my post where rain gutters were used to hide your computer cords and plugs. It's down near the end of the post. Click Here

 Use a 2 liter bottle to make a drip catch for drink spouts Source 

 Cheap, but smart way to label your computer plugs. Put one at each end of the plug.  Source

Make your own stamps using a marker, lid and 3d Paint!  This one will save you a lot of money if your a scrapbook lover!  Source

 Make your own Mod Podge?  Yes you can!  Click Here to find out out!

 Sometime before your party scoop ice cream into a paper-lined muffin tin. Then when it's time to serve the ice cream you just pop it out of the liner and onto the dessert. There's no waiting for the ice cream to get a little softer only to realize you've let it get too soft and the presentation is better with a nice frozen scoop of ice cream!  Source

Make sugar cookie bowls by putting the cookie dough on the outside of the pan!  Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the baked bowl and some hot fudge and you've got a very impressive, but easy dessert!   Click Here  for the Recipe and instructions

This would make life so much easier for you if you have little ones....who can't reach the water in the sink.....and so can't wash their hand by themselves. With this they can.  Find it Here

 Shutter organizing?  What a great idea. You can buy these at Home Depot etc. I love it!   Find this idea Here

 PVC Curling Iron Holder I know you think this is a good idea, that is if you're a lady who uses a curling iron.   You've got to check this out. Click Here


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  1. Well thank you for the shout out on our homemade decoupage goop! Great collection of easy tips too, nicely done!