Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loads of Halloween Wood Decor-I'm not Kidding!

Stumbled upon this amazing site  The Wood Connection with all this unique and whimsical wood designs. I love the Halloween ones so I am showing them here.  But first let's acknowledge the fall season with this cute one!

Love each and every color in this set! Love the paper they've put on the letters and the touch of paint.

Witches and cats and polka dots!  So cute!

Love the addition of the witch hat and the "i" with the skeleton on it.  There's a spider web on the "e"

This "boo" is watching you! Perfect for your home?

This is the first one that caught my "eye"    Get it? Ha!

You've just got to have bats on Halloween-These one will stay put, right?

 My sentiments exctly!  It's a Must-Have!

Do you think the witch that belongs to these shoes wants them back?

And here's her hat with a spider dangling from it. 

Look out for the spider, monster eye and the green fuzzies-Love the details

And let's not forget the black cat! Everyone needs a black cat for Halloween

The Wood Connection is located here: 
Here is a link to their Blog 
Here is a link to their Facebook page  
 ( Where you'll find all the important information)

Here's their Telephone number (801)265-2255
 I'm not sure if they deliver but maybe if they get enough inquiries they may.  Give them a call and tell them how absolutely darling their designs are!

We'll leave you with a Halloween countdown 

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  1. I LOVE the Wood Connection! Every time we go up to Salt Lake, I have to go there!