Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Part 1} Yummy Pumpkin Recipes! Bon Appetit

{Part 1} Check out all these delicious things you can make with the seasonal favorite "PUMPKIN" But beware...they are all sweets with the exception of the Pumpkin French Toast and the Pumpkin Pancakes....but they do have syrup drizzled all over the top of them.  Which one is your favorite? There's a lot of time between now and Thanksgiving so why not try all of them? (just kidding) Invite over friends to help you eat them....they'll love you for it! (I've typed the word "pumpkin" so many times that it is starting to look a little strange)






Yes, this post is now a permanent part of our blog so come back often to select another recipe to make up...Bon Appetit! 

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