Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Excellent Uses for Rain Gutters-Ribbon and Plants

If you liked the Rain Gutters for Bookshelves  (earlier post of ours) then you're really going to love this fun idea for the Rain Gutters. Store your ribbon in them!   The best news about this storage system is that you can make them as long horizontally or you can have several shelves vertically. You will never run out of storage for your ribbon again! Yea!!!  And if you really wanted to coordinate the rain gutters to your craft room you might take them out and spray paint them a lovely color! (They're going to look so great in your craft room)


All your ribbon all in one place! Very Cool!

Now you can go out and buy all the ribbon you want (?) But don't tell your husband I said that!

FOUND: another good use for the Rain Gutters!

Find out how to grow your vegetables in Rain Gutters here {Tutorial} I have an outdoor patio just like this one and I am definitely trying this next year. Nothing's better than going out into your backyard to get fresh produce and organic at that. Here's another Tutorial for Rain Gutter Planters
 But if you don't have something to hang then on then do what these people have done....Put them on the side of your home that gets the most sun. The lettuce is even safe from the bunnies!


  1. For the tutorial, where do you go once you get to the linked page?

  2. Here's another tutorial for the rain gutter planters

  3. If you plant wave petunias in a section of rain gutter, they will train down to create a "flower wall!"

  4. These two ideas are amazing. Here’s another tip: you can also recycle your old gutters and turn them into tool racks in your garage. That way, you’ll have a more organized way of keeping all your tools in place, making it easier for you to find them. I’ve done that, and it has actually made repairs much easier to do!

  5. Nice idea! Now I know what to do with my old rain gutters. We just started putting up a garden up on the rooftop, and I’m sure my old gutters will be a great addition to the garden. Thank you for this idea. =)