Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A DIY Slip n Slide (AMAZING) and a Fun DIY Sprinkler!

Don't you just feel so great when you can build something yourself, save money and enjoy yourself!! I know I do.  Here's two great projects where you can do just that. First the slip-n- slide 

 Make it yourself and make it the size you want! Excellent!
These supplies look relatively inexpensive-Swimming Noodles should be really cheap right now as stores are putting all their summer toys on sale.  Get the complete tutorial Here at   Excellent for summer play....what about using it for your end of the summer party!  Odds are that it will be the best party of the summer...

Now here's a DIY Sprinkler
All you need for this project is some PVC pipe, Elbows and PVC Cement!  
Find all supplies and instructions Here, at Home Spun Threads
Have the sprinkler at the little kids and the slip-n-slide for the bigger kids....that way everyone is having fun and no one is left out.


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