Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Free Printable) Paper Dolls-The Perfect Bordom Chaser

I was so excited to see these darling paper dolls that you can download, print and make yourself.  Included is the girl cutout, a long dress and a short dress.  As with any paper craft, the kids can design their dresses anyway they want by adding any type of embellishments such as paper cutouts, glitter, gems and by using paper punches and paper edgers.  So darling!  Guaranteed to keep them busy for a good long time.  All you need is:

3 sheets of heavy cardstock
An assortment of patterned papers
Paper Glue
Double-Stick tape
Computer and printer

Thanks for Designer Laurie Cinotto from Fiskars, for these very cute Paper Dolls! Head on over to Fiskars to read more about this fun project for the girls. Didn't you make up clothes for your dolls when you were a little girl? I did and they weren't nearly as cute as these are. 

To make it an even more memorable afternoon---Make the most delicious, gooey, chocolate treat you can think of (you know, just something everyone would enjoy) to end the play day.  Now you've just created a wonderful memory.